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Fiance's Dead Friend

May 10, 2021
By junoscorner SILVER, Northbrook, Illinois
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junoscorner SILVER, Northbrook, Illinois
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"No one's gonna catch us now."
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Damian peered at Angelica with a loving gaze. Her eyes shone brighter than the sun. He took her by the hand and pulled her close. They didn’t have to say a word to each other, they understood each other perfectly. She knew that she would love him forever. She examined their hands, which fit perfectly together. They began to sway to the sound of soft jazz in the distance. He twirled her, eyeing her passionately. And as they swayed he was certain he would do anything to replay this moment over and over again. Second by second, minute by minute, they slipped into a loving trance. With his sparkling ocean blue eyes he took in one last breath before he said, “Angelica, look down!” Angelica looked down. There was something in his hand. A shimmering, powerful blood-red light traveling up his arm and across to his heart. Suddenly Damian’s gaze felt cold and stiff. His eyes began to water as he exclaimed three last words. “I loved you.” He reached out his hand with longing. But it was too late. A loud bang came out from the distance and his hands fell limp. Angelica shrieked, weeping and falling to the ground. The cool marble floor felt like it was sinking beneath her and her head began to spin. “Why loved?” she thought.

She woke up sweating profusely. Her mind was racing but she knew that she could not get Damian back. She found love in a woman. After all, it had been 7 years since the death of Damian. The man she thought was the love of her life. The man who will forever be the only one for her.

“Sweetie, let’s go out to breakfast today. And we’ll talk about what we have planned for later. You know he was my best friend too and I am dying to find the person who is responsible for...look I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything.” Ella sighed deeply, longing to see Damian’s face again. She would never see her best friend again.

“It’s fine let me get dressed first.” Angelica slipped out of bed and stalked toward the pink fluffy carpet which matched her robe perfectly. She looked back at the woman she loved so dearly and said, “Ella, do you remember when you proposed to me?”

“Of course I remember. The pale sun had shone on the weeping willow tree we were sitting under. I looked you in the eye and whispered softly into your ear. Your red hair was flowing with the wind and. Your emerald green eyes shined brighter than a million diamonds.You smiled, a smile that has been forever engraved into my brain. And that’s the moment I knew I could never be without you. I took a leap of faith and popped the question. That was the happiest day of my life.”

Angelica ran to her, not thinking about anything but her and wrapped her arms around her. They embraced. The type of embrace that feels like an eternity and makes you feel like you are floating. Her head dropped onto Ella’s shoulder, her eyes peering curiously up at her. Ella smiled, the biggest smile imaginable. Her hands reached for Angelica’s and they stood there. She pulled Angelica in by her waist but just as she was about to kiss her, she patted her on the shoulder and scurried away to get ready. She seemed to fall back for a moment, remembering the way Damian used to hold her, grab her by the waist, make her feel like the only woman in the world. 

“Come on, we have to go to discuss our plans over breakfast.” she said. She scurried off to get dressed and slammed the door behind her. Ella leered at the door with sadness. She sat contemplating what went wrong when she heard a knock at the door. 

“Hi Ella, it’s me Briar.” Angelica’s son exclaimed with deep hatred. His voice was crackling with hints of despair. “Grandma Patricia took me to the ice cream parlor today and I got mom some ice cream may I come in?” the moody pre-teen pushed his way into the house and moved Ella aside. Ella took a deep breath and sighed. She sat down on the white leather couch in the living room with his head down. Ella suddenly had a change of heart. Her past flashed before her eyes. Her father’s death, Damian being killed, the childhood no one would ever wish for.

“No you cannot push me like that!” exclaimed Ella with a fierce look in her eyes. The pain in her heart lit on fire and burned with the passion of a million suns. Briar stared into his  future stepmother’s eyes, with a deep questioning. He was used to getting whatever he wanted, he no longer remembered what pain felt like- he always blocked it out. A million questions flew into his head. Just then, Angelica walked in with tears in her eyes. “You do not talk to my son like that! I agree that he was wrong but you shouldn’t have raised your voice at him.” Ella glanced at Angelica to Briar and back to Angelica. She rolled his eyes internally and decided this conversation was not worth fighting for. She grabbed Angelica by the hand and kissed her forehead.  Angelica jumped for a moment, collecting herself, feeling the worry wash away. Her worries melted away momentarily as they walked hand in hand to the door. Just then Patricia burst in through the door. She placed her old, worn black suede purse on the white leather couch. She was wearing a white dress with blooming blue flowers on it. Her jet-black shoulder length hair flowed over her shoulders. Only the wrinkles on her forehead gave away her age. She scowled and her face scrunched 2 sizes smaller. She raised her eyebrows at Angelica and smirked. 

“Where do you think you are going without your son? What a terrible mother you are for letting your fiance yell at your child and then leave your child all alone!”

Angelica looked at her mother in law with tears in her eyes. She felt as though she was never going to get her trust back. Ever since Damian passed, she was always the one to blame. 

“I understand how hard it was for you to lose Damian, it was hard for all of us, but please cut me some slack. I am trying to make things better.” Sobbing, Angelica dragged Ella out of the room. Images of Damian’s curly brown hair and icy blue eyes flashed through her mind. His smile, his laugh, everything that carried on to Briar. The way that he would blast his music when he was stressed, played his guitar with such intensity. The way he would look at her without questions. Just pure love. The way he walked backwards when he was excited and pointed at everything around him, sent her messages every morning even though they lived together so she would wake up while he was at work and think of his face. The way he would hold their son in his arms and stroke her hair. What a happy family they were before. She could see Patricia smirking out of the corner of her eye. Pulling out the next new present for Briar. She couldn’t take it any longer. She dropped onto the floor sobbing, pulling her legs towards her chest. Her hair trailed behind her like a vail. Her lip quivered and her head spun like she was on a roller coaster at the county fair. She could hear Ella’s voice in the background, her words soft and spinny, her face blurred behind Angelica’s tears. The room seemed to pause, time stood still. Suddenly there was a call on her phone, the buzzing was soft at first then increased in intensity, shocking Angelica back to her senses. She heaved, trying to regain her breath. Ella grabbed her hand and picked her up. Angelica tried ignoring the phone call, clinging onto Ella, looking into her hazel eyes, like a reminder of safety in a pool of snakes. The buzzing stopped and for a second Angelica could regain her strength. Her eyes darted back and forth, searching for her cellphone. She grabbed it and saw the missed call, a familiar phone number popped out, causing her to question. Where had she seen it? Who could it be? Why didn’t they leave a message? 

Soon enough Angelica received a text message. Her phone pinged, she jumped in instinct. Ever since Damian passed any small noise could trigger panic. Seemingly from this same number that had called her moments before. She bit her lip, her mouth filling with the taste of iron. She wiped her bleeding lip on her sleeve and peered at her phone. 

Hey Angelica, it’s me…

Umm hello who is this?

Don’t play dumb you know who it is, it’s been so long. I’ve missed you.

I have no idea who this is, the number is familiar, where do I know you from?

There was a slight pause this time.

Is your hair still that brilliant shade of red? 

I’m sorry, do I know you?

Silence. Complete silence. Angelica was puzzled, who could this be and why do they know what she looks like?

Yes, you do. I need to talk to you. Can you meet me at Oak Park?

Can I bring my fiance?

Angelica watched the three dots flutter on the screen, appearing and disappearing as though the text was deleted, filling Angelica with dread.

Yes, you can. I’m sure Ella will be happy to see me. Ella, right? I heard about you two.

Angelica began to hyperventilate, she ran to Ella and showed her the messages. Ella began to type.

Sure thing, see you there in 5 minutes. We will both be wearing blue blouses. Ella will be wearing a baseball cap. 

A thumbs up appeared on the screen. Ella began to put her shoes on, yelling to Angelica that they have to go. Before she could object, Ella pulled her out the door by her arm. 

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