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The killed Twins

June 28, 2021
By helenamkk, Sao Paulo, Other
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helenamkk, Sao Paulo, Other
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Author's note:

This piece has the common theme of vengeance. It tries to convey to the reader that being aggressive and violent is never the right way. 

The sky was dark and gloomy, like a somber veil over London. Lights flickered around the city, obscured by the thick mist, swallowing everything in its path. Detective Elizabeth Right sat in her comfortable armchair, flicking through the daily newspaper whilst drinking a strong cup of coffee. She heard the raindrops crash against the glass windows and smelt the humid scent of the wet air. She lived with her close friend, Rebecca Hanover, who was an inactive member of the military. She had fought in several wars and knew how to handle difficult situations. One might call the relationship between Elizabeth and Rebecca very peculiar for neither of them interacted much throughout the day or demonstrated concern with one another. However, they believed friendship was about giving one space and assisting them when they most need it. 

Suddenly, the sound of a knock came to Elizabeth’s ear. She took a deep breath and directed her steps towards the door. There was another knock, followed by the sound of the door bell ringing. This lady must have an urgent matter to discuss with me, thought Right. How she knew it was a woman at the door remains a mystery.

The door groaned and behind it was the face of a pale woman. Her under eyes had the vivid colour of blood while her hair resembled the darkness of space. She wore an emerald green leather jacket and held a small book against her chest. 

“Hello. I am Charlotte Small. I would like to speak to Detective Elizabeth Right.”

“You have her right in front of you. Please step in Ms Small. Would you like some coffee? Tea?”

“Thank you. But I will be brief.”

“Please, indulge my curiosity with your enlightening words.”

“I really do hope you can help me. I am desperate.”

“I see you are a widow. And have two sons I presume.”

“Yes, yes! How did you know?”

“Well, firstly you didn’t intervene when I called you Ms but still are wearing a wedding ring. I see the pictures of your sons in the small book you hold.”

“Yes. These are my beautiful sons. I miss them with all my heart. They are exactly why I have come to you today. You see, about a week ago, I left Daniel and Luke at school like I always do. They come home walking most of the days as I am busy working at the hospital as a general doctor. However, on that particular Wednesday, they didn’t come home. I called the school and asked if they knew where my boys were but they had no idea. Here is a picture of both of them.”

She pulled the book from her chest, displaying the image of two identical twins. 

“They are twins?” inquired Elizabeth.


An eerie air fell upon the room and an unbreakable silence took over both of them. 

Finally, Elizabeth answered her client.

“Don’t worry Ms Small. We’ll find them.”

“But what should I do now?” asked Ms Small.

“Ms Small, I advise you to stay at home. This matter is more dangerous than it seems.”

“What do you mean? You think they could be in danger.”

“I don’t yet know but I will inform you if we make any further advancements.”

She was heading to the door when Elizabeth jumped up as if she had just been hit with lightning. 

“Ms. Small. What did your husband do?”

“He worked for a space department in Nasa. He always wanted kids. Unfortunately, he died in a space mission just when I found out I was pregnant.”

“In which hospital did you give birth?”

“General Safety Hospital”

“That is all, thank you.”

She left without another word.

Rebecca stepped into the living room with a tired countenance, filling the room with her noisy yawn.

“Who was that lady Right?” she asked.

“A client.”

“I heard a little of what she said. Her kids went missing huh?”

“Yes indeed.”

“They probably just went to a friend’s house or something. I am sure they will appear in no time.”

“I am not so sure about that. To me, something really strange has happened. The kids have been gone for one week!”

“Well I know I gave my parents a hard time. I would flee all the time. Be gone for like two weeks.”

“Rebecca. If you are not immersed in some more interesting activity, I would love for you to join me. 

“I have nothing better to do. “

Both women left the house on that dismal evening, wrapped in several layers of thick clothing. Elizabeth carried with her a small notebook and a pen while Rebecca strolled through the streets in the most perfect harmony. They walked for some time, Rebecca closely following Elizabeth, reluctant to ask where they were going. Finally, Elizabeth made a turn and Rebecca knew they had reached their destination.  

“General Safety Hospital,” said Rebecca, quite bewildered.

“Correct,” replied Elizabeth.

“What are we doing here, may I ask?”

Elizabeth began to move again, one step at a time like a hunting animal. 

“Something does not appear right to me. I have to find out more about those two kids.”

 They made their way to the front office and impatiently waited.

“Detective Elizabeth Right. I am here investigating the case of two missing children. I need all your information on Daniel and Luke Small.”

“I am sorry but I cannot give you that information,” solemnly replied the attendant.

“This is an urgent matter Ms. I need this information.”

The attendant remained silent. 

Elizabeth stomped her fist on the table, crashing against it like a meteor against Earth. 

“I am not asking. I am demanding.”

The attendant looked more frightened than ever and finally surrendered. 

“Turn left and follow the pathway to the labour and delivery section. There are two nurses that can help you there. I will just call to inform them of your coming.”

“Thank you.”

Rebecca and Elizabeth left the attendant and followed her instructions carefully.

“Do you really think that was necessary?” said Rebecca, with a motherly tone.

“Rebecca, you don’t understand. I really think there is something wrong and I want to get to the bottom of it.”

“Excuse me,” said Elizabeth, when they had reached the end of the corridor. 

“I am here in search of information regarding the birth of Daniel and Luke Small. The attendant in the front office said two nurses could help me.”

“Yes,” replied a thin and tall woman, wearing a nurse uniform and putting on a worried expression.

“Me and my colleague were the ones who observed the boys right after birth. Come with me to a more private room and I will tell you everything.”

The ladies obeyed and made their way through the crowded hospital to a reserved area. 

“I am Marianne. This is my colleague Sara. We both assisted in the birth of the boys.”

Sara looked very similar to Marianne, almost as if they were sisters. Her serious manner covered her like a cloak, repelling any other social interaction.

“Firstly, thank you very much. You will certainly be of great help in this case,” said Elizabeth.

“So, what would you like to know?” asked Sara.

“All information is useful.”

“Well, it all started when the mother came into the hospital. She was quite frazzled and petrified but we were able to bring her to a delivery room,” said Sara. 

“The birth was done smoothly and all was fine until a few hours after,” said Marianne.

“We came into the room to check on the babies and both weren’t breathing. No pulse. No heartbeat. We believed them to be dead so we went to inform the doctor,” continued Sara.

“But when we returned, both babies were perfectly fine. Their heart rate was normal and they were breathing perfectly.”

“What we don’t understand however is how they survived. They weren’t breathing for over two minutes. I have never seen anything like it.”

“No cerebral damage?” asked Right.

“None,” answered Marianne.

“Thank you very much. This was of great help to us.”

Rebecca and Elizabeth left the building, their mouths wide open and sweat dripping down their foreheads. 

“How is this possible?” asked Rebecca.

“I don’t know. But it is evident that this matter is much more serious than I first imagined it to be.”

It was getting darker and both ladies decided to go back home and work on this the next day. Elizabeth spent the night in her usual armchair, drinking yet another cup of coffee and reading countless books during the night. It was many times hard for Rebecca to comprehend her friend’s actions for they changed regularly and always surprised her in some way. That night, however, Elizabeth was as calm as a flying bird, ideas swarming inside her head and speculations growing like trees in soil. 

The following day, Elizabeth took her notebook again and asked Rebecca to accompany her to Ms Small’s home. When they arrived, Elizabeth knocked on the door and Ms Small was quick to answer. 

“Hi Detective. Is there any news on the case?” she asked.

“Unfortunately not much Ms Small. However, there is something I would like to ask you,” said Elizabeth in a cunning voice. 

“Yes, anything. Please come in.”

Both of them stepped into the house. They were immediately surrounded by an avalanche of furniture and a pungent smell of spicy food hit their noses. 

“I am sorry for the smell. I am cooking some spicy food today,” said Ms Small, slightly embarrassed.

“That is alright. I will be quick.”

“Go on.”

“Ms Small, I have to know, did your husband have an office or an old workspace?”

“Yes he did. It’s on the basement floor. The last room in the house. I haven’t gone there in years. But why the sudden inquiry?”

“I have to know if you would allow me to go in there. I believe there could be something to help me solve this problem.”

“I think that is alright even though I don't believe there is anything down there that could help. It's been abandoned for almost a decade.”

Ms Small took them through a long and dusty corridor. On the walls were various portraits with pictures of the family. 

“Here it is,” said Ms Small.

The door shrieked as it slowly opened. Rebecca and Elizabeth stepped inside. They could feel the small dust particles as they rubbed their hands against the wall. The spacious desk was crowded with layers of paper and a chair gradually spun in front of them. 

“When have you last been here Ms Small,” asked Elizabeth. 

“I would say I came here about five years ago,” said Ms Small. 

“Someone’s been here though. That chair is moving and there are no windows in this room.”

“But who would…”

CRASH! CRASH! A loud banging sound could be heard from the wardrobe in the far corner. 

It rumbled and shivered like a terrified child calling their mother for help. Rebecca drew out a gun from her side pocket the three women hid against one of the walls. 

“Ms. Small, I need you to get out of the house right now,” said Elizabeth.

“Wait! What is happening…”

“Ms. Small! OUT!” 

Ms Small ran out of the room, dashing up the stairs. 

“Rebecca, I don’t know what is in there. But there is one thing I am sure of: it is certainly not human.”

“We have to find a way to capture it before it escapes,” said Rebecca. 

“I know, try and find something in those drawers…”

But it was too late. The wardrobe doors flew open and a shiny figure came floating out of it. It was a mixture of a human and a ghost yet its eyes resembled those of a dark vampire. It floated like a light feather and moved about as fast as a spaceship. 

The creature released a type of toxin that blocked their vision for a few seconds, giving it time to quickly escape.

“Where has it gone?” said Elizabeth, shaking the mist off her eyes.

“I don’t know! it was right here,” said Rebecca.

“Find something to trap it. I will try and chase it down.” 

Elizabeth dashed towards the door, running and turning at each corner and eyeing the figure with a menacing expression. Through the deserted streets she sprinted, the figure becoming more and more visible due to the contrast of the dark evening sky. I will get you, she thought to herself. 

Elizabeth gasped for breath, trying to continue. The creature wouldn’t stop for one single second, becoming faster and faster by the minute. She knew she couldn’t reach him on foot so she violently grabbed the closest bike she could see, jumping on top and rushing forwards. Her legs burned like a soaring fire and her neck felt wet with the sweat collecting around it. 

At the end of the street the ghost had nowhere to go. He was trapped. Elizabeth felt a sense of relief until she saw him flying through the fence. 

“You have got to be kidding me!” she screamed in annoyance. 

Leaving her bike on the ground, she took a step back and jumped, grabbing the fence with her fierce hands and crossing over to the other side. She continued to run at full speed, getting closer and closer to her target. 

Reaching a towering tree, the creature looked behind him with a desperate look. 

“It’s over,” said Elizabeth. 

She continued to stare at it, hatred in her eyes. There were still many questions to be answered but she knew she had caught the culprit. He was to blame for all that had happened. 

However, the agile figure had not given up. He attempted one last move, flying over Right’s head, releasing the blinding toxin once more. As he turned his face back in the correct direction, he saw Rebecca with a large glass held open in her hands. He was sucked in like a vacuum cleaner, his last scream almost inaudible to the ear. 

“Thanks Rebecca.”

“Always my pleasure.”

Both Rebecca and Elizabeth woke up early the next morning. The creature had been taken to the police station and they were both heading there. 

When they got to the police station, an officer directed them to one of the cells where the  bright figure lay, still trapped in the jar. 

“Come to say goodbye before you kill me,” it said. 

“We have no intention of that. We just need you to tell us what happened,” said Elizabeth. 

“I have nothing to tell you.”

It’s answer was delivered in the most monotonous of voices and both ladies looked at each other in a serious manner.

“Where are the boys?”

“I see you aren’t on top of things detective.”

“What do you mean?”

“There are no boys. I killed them.”

“When and how?”

“I will tell you just because I am sick of not receiving credit for my virtuous deeds. I really should be more known for what I do.”

“I don’t care what you think. Just tell me everything,” said Elizabeth, slightly taken aback by it’s audacious comments. 

“Well, when both boys were born I came through the window to complete my task. It was quite simple for no one was watching them and they were left in the room all alone.”

His tone made Rebecca clench her fist tightly. 

“I killed them easily with a poison which they inhaled as they breathed. Complete satisfaction I must say. Never felt so accomplished. To ruin my plans though, two of those annoying nurses had to come back in. I had no choice but to live in their bodies and take their form.”

“But why both? Why didn’t you just take the form of one.”

“Twins usually die together or don’t die at all so it would look very suspicious if one of them died and the other didn’t. Plus, two deaths hurt more than one don’t they.”

“What was your reason for all this wrath? What could a woman like Ms Small possibly have done to you?” inquired Rebecca.

“I never said Ms Small did anything to me. If it wasn’t for her husband, both her kids would still be standing here. You see, the good benefactor who worked for Nasa and was doing good for mankind was actually a complete fraud. His real mission was to exterminate my kind. My people. I can’t even count how many of my family members he killed. I had to take revenge and what better way to do that than to hurt his own family. What I didn’t know was that he had died in one of his missions and wouldn't live to see me destroy his family. Still, it was all worth it just to hurt that little wife of his. Her face when her kids were gone was a priceless moment.”

Its manner was so dark and threatening that Elizabeth couldn’t take it anymore and dashed out of the room. Instead of demonstrating sorrow for what happened to his family, the creature was completely fueled by hatred and evil. His motive was very simple: vengeance. Vengeance. A familiar word to many and that is known for being no good.

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