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murder mystery

June 9, 2022
By flimauro, Clinton Ct, Connecticut
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flimauro, Clinton Ct, Connecticut
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Author's note:

This writing was done in my 9th grade English class.

Sirens from the distance headed to the house, red and blue lights flashing down through the driveway. pulling up to the house, the car door slam shut and police officers voices yelling commands. The family walks out with their hands up, one going in handcuffs three leaving to go home. blood on the floors and a body in a bag headed out the door. broken glass and a broken table. no one will forget what has just happened. they're terrified, hoping to never have to hear from that person again and missing the one they have just lost. It started back June 4th when the Browns have been on vacation for about 3 days. Emma, 13 ,wasn't excited about this vacation due to the fact that her dad made her break up with her so-called soulmate, kevin. Gavin, 14, wasn't really looking forward to the trip after his dad ripped out his gaming devices from his room. Grace, the mother who had had an argument with William, the father before leaving for the trip. Then there was Uncle Sam who was offered to join the trip because they had an extra room. Uncle Sam never really thought of William as his favorite brother, but he never said his reasons why.

June 4th
Emma thinks her dad is very wrong and that she's very ready to have a boyfriend. Emma likes school and learning and is ready for a summer with her boyfriend. Emma is very excited they get to spend every day with Kevin all day. Emma's dad doesn't agree with that very much. William tells Emma that she needs to break up with Kevin. William claims that Kevin is not the best and that she's too young to be dating. Emma thinks her dad is very wrong and that she's ready to have a boyfriend. When William told Emma she had clench her fists, rolled her eyes, and walked away. Emma felt her summer plans were over now.

Gavin hates school and loves to play his video games. Emma and Gavin had different ideas of what they were planning to do this summer. Gavin's summer plans were off to a great start. Gavin was up all the time playing video games with his friends and not having to do work. This was kinda like Gavin's dream summer. He could lay in bed all day and do what he loves. Until his dad calls it quits. Gavin's dad says Gavin should get outside and do something with his life. Gavin slams his door yelling to his father not to tell him how to live his life. William smashes through the door, rips the device's plugs right out the wall and puts the games far away for the whole summer. Gavin's jaw tenses and he leaves the house for a walk.

This situation causes Grace and William to get into an argument.

Grace says, “You should have told him to take some time off the video games and spend a little time with us. You also should have taken the video games out nicely, you could have broken the games.”

“He never would have listened; he is addicted to those things,” William said.

Grace believes that William should have told Gavin that he needs to get off video games for the summer and enjoy family time. Grace also says William should have nicely taken out the video games and put them away. Grace is frustrated with the fact that William could have broken the very expensive gaming devices. The two argue for a while, and then at dinner time they agree it is time for a family vacation.

The family puts in a bunch of summer vacation ideas into a hat and mixes it up. They have the youngest pick which is Emma. Emma reaches into the hat and pulls out a little piece of paper. Emma unfolds the piece of paper and reads what it says aloud.
She announces to everyone that they are going to the family cabin. The family cabin is the cabin by the water in New Jersey that has been owned by the Browns family for generations. This cabin has a nice yard, it has 5 bedrooms and 2 baths and is a great place for a family vacation. The brown family didn't mind taking a trip to the cabin. They have only done it once before and thought it was fun.

The Browns do some thinking and since they have an extra room they decide to invite the kids favorite uncle, Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is William's brother and when he comes over the two kids and him have a great time. William didn't mind much since it was his brother.

The Brown family leaves tomorrow for the trip and they don't know what's headed their way.

It's the next day and the kids are on their way to get Uncle Sam and to get on the airplane. While on the flight Grace lets the children have their phone since it's a long flight, because once they reach the cabin the phones are away for the week. The children and everyone else enjoys their time on their phones. Playing games and texting friends.

The family arrives at the cabin, and the cell phones are stored away. They all place their things in their room and while doing this Emma looks around the cabin. She sees all these great hiding spots where something could never be found. Emma found these spots and she kept them to herself just in case she needed them for something very important.

It's about 4:00 pm and the family decides to eat dinner then play a game. The family had mashed potatoes and chicken for dinner and everyone enjoyed it. The family plays jenga which gets crazy with the game always falling over. They kept playing jenga for a while longer. While playing the game the pieces keep falling over on Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam slams his fist on the table making the jenga fall over again. They end that game right there and find a different game to enjoy together. Then the family plays some uno which brings them to 9:00 when everyone is tired.

It's the next day and everybody's still not too happy about not having their phones or still upset with what their dad did. But they have no other choice but to enjoy spending time together. For today the family decides to do some fun activities together. They plan to swim in the pool, make some s'mores later and watch a movie. Family has pancakes together bright and early in the morning with fresh fruits on the side. All trying their best to have a good week together.

12 o’clock arrives and the family go for a swim in the big pool in the back. The family plays games, splashes each other, Uncle Sam throws the kids in the pool, and they swim for a few hours. When it gets dark and windy, it's time for them to go inside. The family heads inside and makes s'mores together. After making them, they put them on a plate and get ready to watch a movie. Since they all see that it is dark and windy they decided to put a comedy movie on to lighten things up. After the hour-long movie everybody heads to bed. During the night Uncle Sam gets a snack, when he is downstairs he runs into William. William asks Uncle Sam what he is doing down here so late making all this noise. Uncle Sam responds that he is getting a snack and that he is hungry.

Williams says ¨There's no need for all this noise, get your snack and then get out¨.

Things were not the best between them. No one knows why but hopefully it doesn't ruin the trip.

It's the next morning and everybody's having breakfast, eggs and sausage. Uncle Sam really didn't like this kind of breakfast so he didn't eat it which kind of upset William. William's anger in his voice wonders why Uncle Sam is not eating the food. Is it because he doesn't like it? Is he mad what happened during the night, what could it be? William asked Uncle Sam what's up with him.

Uncle Sam says ¨Eggs and sausage aren't really my favorite thing to eat and I'll just make something else¨.

William responds with ¨ I thought was your favorite thing when you were a kid¨

“I stopped eating it about three years ago; it doesn't agree with my stomach anymore ,” says Uncle Sam.”

William says ¨fine, do whatever you want I don't care.¨

This was not a good way to start the morning. Hopefully they could fix it throughout the day. Gavin is kind of struggling without his video game. He didn't know how many more days he can take without the games and his friends. He's still very upset with his dad and hopes that his father didn't break the games. Gavin tried his best to push that anger back and enjoy the trip but it doesn't seem to go that way. Emma wasn't so thrilled to be here without her so-called soulmate. Emma was disappointed that her father didn't like the boy that she had chosen . Emma thinks William should have given her boyfriend a chance and to not let the age matter. but it didn't matter because William would not change his mind. Then you have Grace, still upset about what William had done and really hopes she doesn't have to pay more money to get the game fixed. Even though William says he knows he didn't break it they'll never know until they go home. This left them worried. The day continues with the family just relaxing on their vacation. You can tell the family is bored without their cell phones and computers and electronics to get them through the day. but it's only a week right? The family watches movies throughout the day so not very much talking goes on. William was not the favorite right now after all everybody had a reason to be mad at him. hopefully it wouldn't last long otherwise things would not go well. hours go by as the family watches movies after movies until they reach bedtime. They all head to bed and William lets everybody know to get a snack before bed.

It's the next morning and you can tell everybody sick of each other. Everybody wants to go back on their phones and get away from each other. they wish that the trip would just end already. Little did they know it would be over before they knew it. no one's happy right now you can tell others are upset. Uncle Sam sat in his room all day ignoring mostly his brother. but his brother seems to bother him and keeps coming up to bother him which makes Uncle Sam very angry. Uncle Sam threatens William if he doesn't leave them alone, this wasn't the best decision. William leaves Uncle Sam to be mad at him in his room where the rest of the family tries to enjoy the day and be happy. The Family plays some board games And then later they go for a bike ride that Uncle Sam doesn't go on. They then come home and once again watch another movie and then William goes and checks on Uncle Sam. William walks up the stairs to uncle sam's room and knocks on the door to let uncle sam know dinner is done. Uncle sam shouts from behind the door that he has already eaten. William heads back downstairs to enjoy dinner with his family. After dinner the family watches one of their favorite movies to end the night. William walks up the stairs, knocks on Uncle Sam's door, Uncle Sam has the door locked and tells him to hang on.

William asked Uncle Sam ¨what are you doing in their?¨

Uncle Sam tells William he is just laying in bed not doing anything. But that didn't seem to be the case here. Uncle Sam was definitely up to something, but William didn't know what. Uncle Sam pokes his head out the door to ask what William needs. Williams says that they're watching a movie and he's welcome to come watch it. He says no thank you and closes the door. William paused and thought for a moment and then returned to the living room.

It's the next day and Gavin, Emma ,Grace, and William arrive at the breakfast table. something is up with Uncle Sam but they decide to leave him alone. they think it's for the best to give him the space. Today the Browns play outside together. They tried to cheer everybody up but that doesn't seem to be happening. Then they have a water balloon fight. Maybe this will help their anger. They threw water balloons at each other for about an hour tossing back and forth every last ball. They were all soaked but it felt good since it was hot out. Then they headed inside to get dressed and get some sandwiches and take a break . After the break the family remembers that they brought some tie-dye stuff to do. They head over to the table to make some tie-dye shirts. They put tons of colors on their shirts, making a huge mess in the room. But it won't be the biggest mess today.Everything seems to be okay besides the fact Uncle Sam is still in his bedroom. Later, the family decides to sit in the kitchen and just William heads upstairs once again to check on Uncle Sam. Instead of knocking this time William burst through the door to Uncle Sam's bedroom. The door flies open and William is shocked at what he has just seen. William sees his brother has a plan to kill him. His plan was to take William out into the woods where there is a lake. He was gonna kill him and throw his body in the lake. He would tell the rest of the family that maybe William left. Even though they would eventually know William was missing he thought he could get away with it.

William Rushes out the room pulling the door tightly behind him. William runs down the stairs to the rest of the family. Trying to warn them.

This whole time Uncle Sam was out to get him it was just a matter of time. Uncle Sam chases William around the house trying to get to him, William throwing chairs and tables just to get away. William is screaming for his life, as tears run down his face. William begs for his life but Uncle Sam doesn't care.

William screams “Why me”.

Uncle Sam responds with ¨you have the best life and I want it. You have the best wife, the most amazing children and everything I've always wanted.¨

This whole time Uncle Sam was jealous of his brother. Uncle Sam is ready to get his revenge for his brother stealing his perfect life; he chases him around the house some more, scaring William to death. Tables and chairs fly in the air and crash to the floor and break. Uncle Sam reaches across the counter and grabs a knife. William begging and Uncle Sam ignoring him. Uncle Sam stabs William in the stomach ; he pulls the knife in and out about 5 more times until William is on the floor dead. As this is going on the rest of the family is running upstairs to hide behind the bathroom door. It's not like the family can call anybody, the phones are locked in the car. three of them upstairs are terrified for their life knowing that they won't make it out alive. Uncle Sam now leaves the knife in William's body. blood stains on the carpet and on the floor chairs and tables broken the house is a wreck. Uncle Sam heads upstairs to let the other three know that he wasn't out to harm them and that he would like them to come with him.

as Uncle Sam is talking Emma and Grace try to keep distracting him while Gavin jumps out the window to get a phone from the car. Emma and Grace aren't sure how long they can distract Uncle Sam but they try their best. It takes Gavin 10 minutes to get out the window to get to the car. It was a very risky move, it took very long and it was hard for them to distract Uncle Sam but they managed. Gavin reaches into the car and grabs out the first one he sees. He dial 911 tells him where he is and what has just happened. The police say they're on their way and the three of them hope Uncle Sam doesn't change his mind in time. Gavin stays outside and waits for the police while Emma and Grace ask why Uncle Sam has done what he has done. Uncle Sam explains how William stole his life. Emma and Grace let him keep telling the story as Sirens approach. Emma and Grace let out a sigh of relief knowing that they're going to be okay. The police officers barge through the doors and up the stairs till they see Uncle Sam. They tell him to freeze and they put him in handcuffs and take them out. The officer lets them know that it is safe for them to come out. and the two of them leave the bathroom and head downstairs. what the two of them saw was not a pretty sight and it was definitely traumatizing. They leave the house as police officers do their work. broken glass and a broken table. no one will forget what has just happened they're terrified hoping to never have to hear from uncle sam again and missing the incredible father they had just lost.

The end

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