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December 11, 2010
By singinggirl122, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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singinggirl122, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Author's note: I have always been writing since i was a kid and i never thought i would be able to write a novel! I thought of the idea after i wrote a short story like this in the creative writing class that i took in high school.

Chapter 1

Nobody wanted to believe it. They never thought it could be true. It was completely shocking and changed people’s lives, especially after that tragic day in the city of Austin, Texas. This area of Austin was always a nice neighborhood full of mostly caring people. Everything changed after one couple was found murdered in their home, along with a friend who had been missing. They were newlyweds, only married for about six months. Their names were David and Melissa Stevens, who had only lived in their new home for a few months. Both of them were very happy people, very friendly and made friends fast. The police have no evidence so far of who killed them and don’t have a murder weapon. The police were everywhere, followed with the very upset neighbors. No one knows why someone would do something like this. They were completely innocent, seemingly lovely people. Melissa was found stabbed to death and David was shot. According to the police, this hasn’t been the first time a murder like this has been committed. There have been five murders in five different towns, and they were all found the same way. No suspects, no witnesses, nothing at all. This was one smart killer. This case has been open for five years, since the first murder happened. Everyone hopes that the killer will be caught and that it will all stop. Until that day comes, no one is really safe.

Chapter 2

Two months have passed. It was Dallas, Texas, only 181 miles away from the tragedy. The friend who was missing still hasn’t been found. The police have basically given up on the case. They don’t have any evidence and no hope of finding these people. Everyone knew about it in Dallas. It was all over the news and in the newspaper. The people there were afraid. They haven’t caught the killer and the killer could strike again anytime soon. Everyone just thought that this was a Texas serial killer just like the Texas chainsaw massacre. There was one certain family that was different, in the town of Allen, just outside the suburbs of Dallas. It was known to be a wealthy and quiet town. They were the new family in town, the Saunders family. It was Jim Saunders, his wife Bettye, and there 15 year old daughter, Allison. They came from California and were forced to move to Dallas after Jim’s job relocated. Allison was not too happy about it. It was the beginning of her summer vacation.
“This sucks, dad!” Why did your job have to move?” Allison was unloading some boxes out of the moving truck.
“Sweetie, it’s not my fault that we weren’t making any progress, and I wasn’t going to turn down a promotion. Your Mom and I were planning on moving anyway, we didn’t like living there.”
“How can you guys not like living there? Los Angeles was the best place on earth! Also, not to mention when it was going to be my junior year in high school, I was hoping to graduate from that school. What about all my friends?”
“Allison, you will make new friends. You are a very likable person, and you can keep in touch.” Jim responded.
“I don’t know how I am going to keep in touch when we are halfway across the country.” Allison just sighed and went inside.
“Just give her time, she will come around.” Bettye said.
“I hope so.” Jim said.
Everything was unloaded. It was a nice two story house they bought, that was a nice beige color with white shutters, roof, and a white door. The house needed a little paint job but that was not a problem for them. It had a nice porch with beautiful hardwood floors inside and a small porch on the second story, and a big backyard with a swing and a lot of privacy. Allen was heard to being the best and quietest neighborhood in town. Nothing has been heard about the killer for two months. People went on with their lives without care, after all most people do not obsess about a murderer on the loose.
It was dinnertime for the Saunders. Bettye was setting the table when the doorbell rang.
“I got it!” Jim headed to the door. He opened it and saw a man with a mustache and dark hair, an even taller man who was very muscular, and a tall brunette woman with a smile holding a basket of treats.
“Hello, can I help you?” Jim asked.
“Hi, I see that you guys just moved in and I thought I would give you this as a housewarming gift to welcome you. I’m one of your neighbors. I live next door.” The woman said.
“Well, thanks so much! Please come in.” said Jim.
“My name is Beth Jansen. This is my husband, Charles, and this big man here is his best friend, Mike. They have been friends since high school. I hope that you enjoy these wonderful treats that I made myself. I just love to bake!” Jim takes the basket and puts it on the coffee table.
“Well it’s very nice to meet all of you. You folks are the first ones to give us something today. Thanks so much.”
“You’re very welcome!” said Beth, with a big smile. Bettye hears them from the other room and comes running in.
“Who is it, honey?” she asked.
“It’s some of our neighbors who live next door.”
“Hello, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m Beth and this is my husband Charles and his friend Mike.”
“It’s nice to meet all of you.” I’m Bettye, and thanks so much for this. Hold on a moment…
“Allison!” she yells.
“What?!” she yells back.
“Come down for dinner!”
“I will be right there!”
“So, would you guys like to stay for dinner?” Bettye asked.
“I’m sorry, we can’t. We have some plans tonight. Maybe we can get together some other time.” Beth said.
“Sure, how about you guys come over for lunch on Saturday?”
“Sure. We’d love to!” We will see you then.” Beth said.
“Okay, nice to meet you all!”
“It was nice to meet you all too! Bye!” Beth answers as the three of them leave.
“They seem nice.” Jim said.
“Yeah, it will be nice to have them around.” Bettye said. They sit down at the dinner table.
Allison finally comes downstairs.
“You finally came down.” Bettye said.
“Sorry, but I was busy.” Allison sits down at the table and grabs herself a plate. She glances at the coffee table and sees the basket of treats.
“Where did you get that from?” she asked.
“Oh, we had some nice neighbors stop by and they gave us that as a welcome to the neighborhood.” Bettye said.
“Cool, can I have some?” Allison gets up and goes to try to sneak a treat.
“Not until after you eat!”
“Come on, mom!” Allison just complains.
“No! Now come eat your dinner.”
“Fine.” Allison goes and sits back down. There was silence for a few minutes. Jim speaks.
“We invited our neighbors over for lunch on Saturday, and you are going to be here with us.”
“I had plans on Saturday!” Allison just complained some more.
“You can go after lunch.” Jim said.
“Yes, honey, you’re going to eat with us, we want you to meet them.”
“Okay, whatever.” Allison agreed to stay but she didn’t like it. She takes a bite of her food.

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I like it, theres only one problem though. What happens next? What is she eating? What job is her dad working for? What kinds of treats are in the basket? Make sure you have TONS of details in your story. :)