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A November Haunt

December 14, 2010
By marissa159ilovetexas BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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marissa159ilovetexas BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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"The past can't see you but the future is listening"- T.G.

Author's note: I was in my english class when we read "Where is here?" The teacher asked us to write a story from one of the characters point of view. I chose the dad. Also, I took an idea from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Not too much to spoil it. Comment and rate please.

The author's comments:
A flashback of a murder that forever scarred the house that the new family is moving into.

“Good Evening; I am Audrey Wyatt. It is now a little after seven this stormy Thanksgiving night here in Wisconsin, and we received some shocking news that has taken a different toll on a day that should be about the gathering for happiness. Just in, we had an anonymous call at least ten minutes ago about a convicted felon, Jackie Gein. She has been arrested multiple times for possession of illegal drugs and for prostitution. Jackie Gein is being reported to federal state prison for the convicted murders of her son Ed Gein and husband James. Police say there were photos of the child soaked and drenched in blood. It was only a matter of time before something occurred and sadly, it did. Police also believe that it has been a horrifying life from the beginning for Ed Gein. They also mention that the husband James was Jackie’s accomplice this whole time. Right before he was brutally murdered, he helped her plan many assaults on their son Ed Gein.”
“I feel like this was a relief; that it was my duty… this was the final stage!” Jackie confessed her reasons for such a brutal crime. “It was best for them. Their lives are never more.” She had begun laughing in a strange matter. As cops were putting her into the car, Jackie continued saying things out of the ordinary.
“We will be back with further updates of this heartbreaking, distraught situation. I’m Audrey Wyatt; FOX News.”

My wife Evelyn and I found a stunning house just a few days ago along the banks of the Mississippi river here in Wisconsin. We received a great offer for this house. Though it was not your typical family and neighborhood environment, the children did not seem to mind. It is similar to that of a cabin being that it is in the middle of a wooded area and no sights of houses or stores for miles. It is incredible how great life is at the moment and how blessed we have become. The weird thing about it is that a few days from now would be Thanksgiving; which would be our first big dinner at our new home as a family. All was well and everything felt right.

The author's comments:
The sudden mystery begins to reveal itself. This helps us understand or have an idea of whats to come. The father knows it and soon will the whole family.

The next day was passing by quickly. We all were almost finished with unpacking and settling in. We soon decided to stroll through the woods and down to the Mississippi River.
As we were walking it almost felt as if we weren’t the only ones out there. I had a peculiar feeling as if someone placed their hand on my shoulder. The only problem was no one was behind me. Evelyn was walking along side with me, and the kids were racing each other towards the water. Although I was certain that my wife was not touching my shoulder, I became hesitant and assured myself that it was her. From then on I ignored what happened and just enjoyed my time with the family. As the sun began going down we started to head back home. Things started to take a turn for me though.
I was positive that our home was safe; we were safe and that no one was invading our property. “Hey honey, take the kids back in and start dinner why don’t you?” I asked her before observing the outside perimeters of the house. “I’m just going to look around out here for a moment.”
She looked at me concerned as if she wanted to ask what it was that I was looking for. Instead she headed inside and started cooking dinner.
While looking around there was a horrible stench coming from the side of the house. It was stronger than that of a skunk. I followed the stench to the side of the house which led me to the basement. I saw what appeared to be someone’s teeth lying on the ground. It did not match up with the blood nor the scratch marks I saw surrounding the basement door. With caution and slowly stepping backwards no longer acknowledging the strong odor which had smelled like a decaying body, my son had nearly scared me to death. He tapped my arm. It was a laugh because my pants almost were soiled and he was almost as startled.
“Dad mom needs help with dinner,” son said. I looked at him still shaken from the scare. “She asked if you could hurry.”
As we headed back inside the house, there was a sound of sticks being stepped on. My body came to a halt. I turned to observe the trees and my surroundings. My son grabbed my hand telling me to hurry. Taking my time to walk up the stairs to the front door of the house, I looked once more. After seeing that there was nothing in sight, I made my way back inside to assist my wife, Evelyn.

The author's comments:
The stranger comes to visit. All of a sudden, the father realizes that the dream he recently had is true.

It was around seven in the morning when this dream had wakened me. I explained to Evelyn how bizarre my dream was, “There were two parents. One of them was drunk and abusive; the other was neglectful and assertive. They were having an argument when the husband threw a coffee at the wife and it splashed onto the wall leaving a stain. The father turned only to see a quivering little boy, his son. He then scolded their son to get back down to the basement.” I paused because the dream reflected pieces of our new home which has shown me horrifying things. “Last thing I remember was the boy’s body found buried in the basement.”

My wife look concerned, “Are you sure that you have not had too much to drink? Maybe you are just exhausted from this week, that’s all” Evelyn tried comforting me, but the feeling that the dream resembled our new residence had frightened me.

After calming down from the weird events that were taking place, I got out of bed and started my daily routine. After a few minutes of doing that, I soon realized it was Thanksgiving. The kids were still sleeping. As I walked into the family room I could clearly see Evelyn in the kitchen starting to cook our lovely feast. The calm weather outside had us thinking that today would have no worries, but it did not take long for that to come to an end.

Around seven evening time, everyone was gathering around the table. We all said our grace and begun stuffing our faces with this tasty extensive meal. “This food is delicious honey,” I said to Evelyn admiring how professional the dinner looked.
“Yes, of course it is,” she said with a sarcastic smile. “After all, I am the chef in the family.” The kids started to laugh as they saw their mother make a harmless joke. I had no combat for that.
As we all continued to eat our dinner, I completely spaced out. I was able to hear a faint whisper, but it was not clear enough to decipher. Instantly, there was an intense eerie feeling in the kitchen. I suddenly received chills and became hesitant. It was to the point I snuck away from the table, grabbed a knife, and went to look out the living room window. There was nothing there. Then again it was hard to tell because it was storming outside.
Walking back to the table, I could not let go of this strange sense. While in deep thought, there was a knock on the door. Reluctantly, I slowly paced my way out of the kitchen to the front door. As I opened it, there was a man standing there clueless.
“May I help you?” I questioned him, wanting to know why he was at our home.
“I was sent here. Who are you and why are you at my home?” the stranger looked a bit irritated. He kept insisting this was his home
I explained to him this was my family’s house and not his. He then apologized and we shook hands.
Starting over, he asked if he could look around outside the house for memories from when he grew up. I gave him the okay, and the stranger went looking around. I then paused for a moment wondering why I couldn’t feel his hand. I ignored it and went back in.
When I came back inside, Evelyn was standing right by the door complaining, “What is wrong with you? Do you even know that man? He could be a murderer for all we know!”
“Sweetheart let’s just go back and finish eating with the kids. I’m sure he means no harm” I told her. She insisted on me telling him to leave. “Tell you what, I will keep a close eye on him okay?” She still looked a little worried.
A few minutes later, I went to see if the man was alright. Somehow he was in our restroom washing his hands. I was too confused to even ask how that happened. As I turned to leave and give him privacy, out the corner of my eye I noticed the stranger had no reflection; as if he did not even exist. My heart was beginning to pound rapidly.
So unsure of what happened, I went and talked to Evelyn, “okay honey stay with the kids because something bizarre just happened.”
As I went to demand the stranger to leave, he was nowhere to be found. I walked into the living room and the stranger became transparent immediately. I began seeing the stain on the wall from a dream I recently had. I was able to smell heavy liquor and saw sharp broken glass on the floor. Then I saw the strange man and said, “excuse me sir, I am going to need you to leave now. You have over stayed your uninvited welcome.”
In a stagnant strange voice the stranger told me, “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
I gave him one last chance, and he left. I watched him just vanish thinking I would never see him again. Then my whole family started seeing the same images that included this man. The visions were that from my dream.
As we all were coming to, the spirit man was right in front of me. He possessed my body. While I was captive, unable to gain consciousness and control of my body, I somehow was able to hear the controlling ghost say:

“You bought this house already you feel the shame; the one that lurks has come back to claim
What’s mine and what I set out to do; I spend searching for my imprisonment body I’m bruised
That one Thanksgiving Day will never be the same; Wipe the slandering smirk off your face
My mother and father would tell me; but I want to see my body and revenge I seek
Reminisced plans that have come alive; I’m so badly scarred in the basement is where I’d cry
Just losing my life to these slave holders; But now I have the power I will provoke them
Ha ha ha I laugh this away; And who are you people trespassing wait
I remember now, no this can’t be; I remember the horrible events even the last one the pain no longer hurts me
My blood and the coffee stain on the wall; for this was my home I revenge on you all!!!”

For a quick minute, everyone including me saw all the tragedies and events that happened some time before we bought the house. It did not take long for me to realize that the bizarre dream I recently had actually was real. It brought me into more panic.
Evelyn stood with her mouth open when she told our children to go in their room. She hurried back to where I was trying to wake me from the possession I was in. “Babe? Hey wake up please wake up!” She screamed.
Our daughter came out crying, “Daddy daddy! Mommy, why is daddy looking like that?” Though I was still possessed, I still could barely make out all that happened.
My wife looked clueless unable to give her a reasonable response. “I don’t know baby.”
Evelyn ran to get the phone. She called the police and stated that I was being possessed by a spirit. I could feel the spirit releasing me. My kids sauntered around the house crying, and Evelyn started screaming once my eyes rolled back and forth. I could see their mouths moving, but the words became sluggish.
The cops arrived along with paramedics rushing into our house. One ran towards me to check on me and that is the last I remember from that night.

I awoke from such a crazy night, lying in a fuzzy bed of white. On my right I could see this beautiful angel like person with light glowing behind her. “Wow, you look amazing,” I stated. I then noticed it was my wife, Evelyn. “Evelyn?”

“Yes I am here,” she said with a sweet smile. “The doctors are going to make sure that everything is still normal with you. Don’t worry about the kids. They are in the children’s area in good hands.”

I looked at the doctor that also was in the room, “thank you for this doctor. I love my family too much to have something just take me away and overpower me.”

Evelyn explained how I was unconscious from around seven to almost seven thirty last night. She then told me about her conversation with the officers, “After talking with police officers, I found out about the murders and assaults that were in the house. The husband and wife were abusive, assertive, drunks, and they allegedly beat their son on numerous occasions. The wife, Jackie and husband, James planned out how they were going to kill their son, Ed Gein.” Evelyn was shaking because she did not understand what made parents want to behave this way towards a child. “They killed Ed, and he came back for revenge. Honey, I think we should move out of that house. Just the thought of all that has happened is devastating to hear and know.”

I stared at her wondering if there was another way, but Evelyn did not want another way. Soon as we all arrived back home, the police were still there investigating. Everyone begin packing quickly.

Once we left, all the weird and eerie feelings were begging to disappear. We then went to stay with relatives until we were able to afford a new home. I looked back at the place we had thought was right and asked rhetorically, “How could the house we all thought was perfect have such a devastating story behind it?”

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Every end is a new beginning;
What a caterpillar calls an end the rest of the world calls a butterfly;
There never was a good war, or a bad peace.;
“People will believe anything if you whisper it.”
“Where words fail, Music speaks”

God you are really talented! i just love your writting!! i mean the story is so awesome about the ghost in the house and i love your use of dates!! awesome job!! if you like you can also read my book that i wrote,and write your veiw points about it!!...