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The Spy Who Fell At My Doorstep...Could It Be Love?

January 1, 2011
By FashionDesignWriter23 BRONZE, Port St. Lucie, Florida
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FashionDesignWriter23 BRONZE, Port St. Lucie, Florida
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"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Author's note: I was inspired by different TV shows. A lot of shows I began watching tended to have covert agents, spies, and many misssions. This got me hooked and eventually I wanted to write a book.

Chapter 1 Before I even think about venturing to the night that my life changed completely let me tell you about myself… my name is Alessandra….it means ‘Defending Mankind’ in Italian, I was born in Spain, but I am half Portuguese and Italian. I’m 5’10, my apparent style is “emo”, I play soccer and basketball, and the most dangerous of my life is the fact that I am an agent, I’m also only 17. Your probably wondering why a 17 year old is a spy…well let’s just say that spy genes where passed down through generations. Now back to that night that effectively changed my life forever… I was just reviewing the security cameras one more time before I went to bed when I noticed a movement in the bottom right hand corner of one of the screens. I decided to check it out. I walked out of my house and glanced to the left and right of my house….as I walked closer to the gate that separated some of my driveway…I noticed a pungent smell…that’s when I saw the body….. Present: Alessandra’s POV: I ran up to the body in a slight crouch observing everything around me just in case there was danger near. It was a male, laying facedown on the middle of my driveway, he had cuts on his back, and looked between 18-20. I struggled to pick him up and I managed to drag him into my living room. I carefully settled him on my couch and ran to my bathroom to get my first aid kit. I sat down in front of him and taking a pair of scissors I cut open his shirt front. Well let me just say even though he had 2 bruises on his chest…he was built with sculpted, mouthwatering Abs. I was about to wipe the dirt of his face when he came to. He bolted up on the sofa and grabbed my hand glaring at me…his eyes saying what he didn’t want to voice, and let me tell ya, it made me mad. I was so tired of trying to help people and all they do is glare at me unceremoniously like I was trying to kill them. “OK, first of all I don’t know why your f'ing glaring at me like I’m trying to kill you. I could have been some ignorant dummy and left you there, so that who ever beat you….could find and beat you some more….so I suggest you lay back down and let me take care of you. You WILL spend the night in the guest room get some rest and I don’t give a damn what you do tomorrow capisce?” The hand I had put on his chest to stop him from getting up pushed him back down into the sofa. I rubbed Bengay [lotion form pain reliever] into the 2 bruises on his chest, smirking in satisfaction when he flinched in pain. I made him sit up, remove his shirt and turn over on his stomach. I cleaned the two wounds on his lower back, put iodine on them, and bandaged them with butterfly strips after stitching them up. After I finished I stood up and beckoned for him to follow me which he did without saying a single word. I showed him the guest room and left a t-shirt and some jeans for him to wear in the morning. I locked up the house and changed into booty shorts and a tank for bed. 9:00 AM- Saturday Morning Alessandra’s POV: I was awoken from my fitful sleep when my doorbell rang. I got out of my bed, pounded on the mystery dude’s room door, bounded down the stairs, and disabled the alarms and unlocking the door letting my 2 friends in. ??? Guy’s POV: I awoke to a loud knock on the door and the sensual voice of that hot chick that took care of me yelling at me to get up. I got out of bed wincing slightly from the two cuts I had on my back and went to take a shower. As I took my shower I had plotted my revenge for her smart mouthing me last night. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. Damn! Payback was really going to be a b***h for her.

Alessandra POV:

I was sitting at the table eating pancakes I had made with Sam & Anne, when all of a sudden Anne cleared her throat and focused her attention to the stairs which was in her point of view. That’s when I heard the unmistakable voice of my surprise visitor.

I got up and followed Samantha and Anne around to the base of the stairs, to find him dripping wet, looking absolutely delicious wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

??? POV:

Now it was time for revenge!! I honestly didn’t really know why I wanted to do this but who cares!! In a seductive voice I called out to the girl who’s name I found out last night was Alessandra (in the room she put me in there was a picture of her with her name underneath) in the most seductive voice I could muster with out falling down on the stairs laughing.

“Alessandra, where are my clothes from last night?”
I could see shock register on the girls faces.

“You know, the ripped jeans, and tee you took off me last night? ‘Cause, this morning I woke up and couldn’t find them, but I did have a great time last night!”

Smothering laughter I threw Alessandra a wink and went back up the stairs to the room to get dressed.

Alessandra’s POV:

The moment the words came out of his mouth 2 questions came to mind, 1. How did he know my name? and 2. Why was he doing this, when nothing happened? Then all of a sudden I was ambushed by my 2 friends asking what happened. I knew they were going to give me hell but I kicked them out of my house telling them I’d get back to them later.

I stalked up to the dude’s room seething with anger, I grabbed him by his ear and dragged him down the stairs ignoring his painful cries. I pushed him into a seat and taking a deep breath to push the anger that was boiling up back down.
“OK dude, Where the hell did this morning’s episode come from and you’d better start explaining your self and telling me who you are!!!!”

“Iight, damn chick chill! My name is Blake Skylar, I’m 19. I got in a brawl last night and yea. I play soccer and basketball, and as for what happened last night, I was paying you back for last night!”
“Last night!?!?! I just told you to sit down and stop staring at me like I was trying to kill you, and you get MAD at me? Oh what has this DAMN world come to????”

“Alessandra the world is still the same and besides you know you liked seeing me shirtless, I saw the drool coming from you chin.”

Present Alessandra’s POV:

I stared at him and scoffed. There was an awkward silence that the shrill ring of my phone shattered. I got up and walked out into the hallway answering the phone.
“Hello Alessandra speaking, who is this?”

“Hey mum,” I replied quietly chuckling.
“Well dear we just called to alert you that we’ll be at your house in approximately 1 minute.”

“Umm….ok..” I whispered hanging up, while in my mind I was screaming NO NO NO!!!!

I ran back into the room to be met by a questioning glance from Blake.

“My parent are going to be here in a minute. Not a word of last night or this morning is to come out of your mouth while they are here. Am I clear?”
“Yea, but I got a question, why and how do you have your own house?!?! I’m 19 and I live in a apartment and your 17!!!”

Chapter 3

“Because I work for it, pay my bills, and my parents respect and trust me enough to have my own house.”

In that instant the doorbell rang alerting Blake and I of my parents arrival. It when pretty well with my parents except for my mom telling him how she thought he was a perfect match for me, a person seeming equally as bada** to match me lol.
After they left I was about to say thank you to Blake, when my phone started to ring, and it was from Chief. I ran up to my room and answered the phone.

“Agent Vetra, here.”
“Your needed at headquarters now.”
“Ok Chief be there soon.”
I changed into a pair of black skinnies, a tank top, leather bomber and my favorite pair of Christian Louboutins; my Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots. I grabbed my quick bag; a bag with my gun, knife and emergency clothes, and my car keys.

I caught sight of Blake walking towards the front door.
“Yo, Blake where are you going?”

“My boss called she needs to see me.”
“Oh, same here, I would drive you but I have to go now. Do you have transportation?”

“Ok Blake see you later I suppose.”

After he walked out the house I locked the doors and set the security system. I opened the garage and got into my platinum silver Lamborghini Revénton.

I arrived at headquarters in downtown West Palm Beach in about 25 min. My speed never dropping below 100mph. I parked my car, flashed my badge and walked into the office.

Blake POV:

As I walked into the office the Chief’s assistant told me to wait outside ‘til she called me in.
Alessandra POV:

Apparently I was getting a partner in this mission. Basically I along with my partner would be watching over Chanel Jacobs, daughter of Kelly and Daryll Jacobs without her thinking that we were stalking her. So we were going to enroll in her high school as juniors. We were assigned because the father was receiving death and kidnapping threats.

After briefing me she called in my partner. The door opened and when I turned around to greet him, my eyes widened in shock and a gasp escaped my mouth, while he just smirked.

Blake POV:

“Well..well…well…Alessandra, we meet again.”
“Oh shut up doorstep spy!”

“ENOUGH YOU TWO!” Chief barked, “You know each other?”

“Well Chief,” sneered Alessandra, “Let’s just say that last night I found him passed out on my driveway…hence the name doorstep spy.”

“Hmm, I see…Alessandra,” stated the Chief, “well get to know each other cause you shall be flying up to New York to settle down and get ready for school. School starts on Monday also.

I finally managed to ask Chief a question.
“Wait where are we staying?”
“Blake you and Alessandra will be sharing a penthouse, and a room.”
My eyes widened in shock. WHATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s no way I can share a room with her I won’t be able to control my urges and hormones!! Not to mention she is mouth-wateringly sexy!!!!!

Still Blake’s POV:

See I kind of envied her, and took her for one of those rich snobs. I had to work my way to get to where I am now, she was only 17 and had her own house, which might I add was HUGE, and was tricked out.

Chapter 4

But then again she probably disliked me also. I focused my attention back to the road, as I drove to my apartment to grab a small suitcase, my laptop, and my weapons bag.
Alessandra’s POV:

We arrived at JFK at 6:00pm. The flight was pretty uneventful, on the bright side we had first class, which was pretty cool, but the flight attendant was shoving her chest into my face trying to vie for Blake’s attention.

When we arrived at the penthouse my breath was taken away. It was GORGEOUS! I had a clear view of the New York Skyline and sunset from the bedroom.

The one problem was that I still didn’t get why Blake and I had to share a room more or less a bed. I left Blake in the living room and went to unpack and take a shower.

If the bedroom was gorgeous, the bathroom was HEAVEN!!!! There was a Jacuzzi, 3-headed shower, and a tub. I stripped down, and took a much needed, warm and soothing shower. I walked out of the bathroom changing into a pair of shorts and a tank, putting my wet hair up in a ponytail.

As I was about to walk out on the balcony Blake stuck his head in the door wanting to know what I want to eat. After replying he left. I stayed inside pack away my stuff in my closet and set up my laptop and weapons. After I finished I walked back out to the living room.
Normally I don’t let things bother me, because with the job I had the slightest distraction could mean death for me. But the song that was playing brought back memories to the two worst moments of my life. It was Love The Way You Lie by Eminem ft. Rihanna.

I could feel the tears that for 2 years I had managed to hold in fall down my face. It reminded me of the day that Jase a guy I dated from 12-16, 3 years broke my heart after telling me how much he loved me, and the day he cheated on me was the day I lost my brother to some a**whole who decided to kill him.

The sobs racked my body as I broke down after years of showing no emotion. I could barely see anything through the tears that blinded my vision, but I felt the warm, comforting arms of Blake wrap around my waist pulling me into him comforting me as I cried into his chest.

After the water works finished I was pretty embarrassed.
“I’m sorry Blake, I soaked your T-shirt.”
“It’s ok, Ale.”

He kept his arms around me as I ate my food and I decided to tell him why I cried I owed him that much. Besides he stuck by me and maybe this’ll help me. I had judged Blake to be a stuck up a**, but he was more than that, he was caring, kind and compassionate.
I took a deep breath and explained everything to him.
“ When I was 12 I met my first love his name was Jase. He was one year older than me, but I liked him, he was intelligent, played sports, and I could talk to him about everything. On my 16th B-day I was going to give IT up to him, instead I found him with another girl. Then I found out that he had been cheating on my for the last 2 years. He took my love and my heart smashed it and threw it away.

When I got home I found out from the police out side my door that my brother was shot and killed. That sealed the pain in my heart for 6 months I didn’t do anything, didn’t go anywhere I was a frozen statue. Then my parents signed me up for the agency and it lightened the load on my heart. I spent my free time finding the person who killed my brother, he was sentenced to a super-max for life but ended up getting the electric chair.”

Blake’s POV:

As she finished speaking she glanced up and I felt the wave of protectiveness and rage wash over me. Rage for Jase for breaking her heart and rage at the guy who killed her brother. Protectiveness for her, all of a sudden I felt the need to protect her, comfort her, and just be there for her.

Chapter 5

“Listen to me Ale, Jase,” I spat the name out with contempt and anger, “didn’t deserve you. You’re way better than that and deserve more. I know I’ve been a real ass to you and I’m sorry. I can’t say I know what your going through because it has never happened to me. But you are an amazing person, and never forget I will ALWAYS be there for you.”

In a low voice she whispered, “Thank you.”
I then did something that I didn’t even expect to do, planted a soft kiss on her forehead and walked to the room.
Alessandra POV:

I knew I shouldn’t be drinking for one major reason I was 17 but at that current moment I needed something strong, and I could hold my liquor. I mixed myself up a Mango Lime Mojito. I sat down on the couch and knocked back the drink. After cleaning up I walked into our bedroom and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Alessandra’s POV:

I awoke to the feel of someone’s strong arms around my waist and by the time I realized who it was, he was pinned to the ground with my foot pressed to his windpipe. When I saw it was Blake I quickly removed my foot from his neck and helped him up.

“Blake I’m so sorry! It was reflex you know.”
“It’s ok Ale.”

I stood there watching him as he stood up and rubbed his neck. I didn’t know it but I had been staring at him for quite a while taking in his gorgeous dark blue eyes, lush black hair, and the stubble that had grown over night on his face. At that moment when his mouth turned up in that sexy smirk of his, 2 things happened; I stopped ogling him, and I realized that I was beginning to like him.

I was hopelessly beginning to like the arrogant, stuck-up, yet caring and kind jerk. I shook my head and looked up into Blake’s eyes to see that infamous smirk grow wider. I stuck my tongue out at him and walked into the shower to get ready for my FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! Note the sarcasm!

Blake POV:

As she walked away from me my focus was drawn to her body and the graceful way she walked. Her hips moved in a seductive and sensuous motion a moan almost escaped my lips. The one thing I promised my self I wouldn’t do is consequentially the one thing I end up doing; feeling an attraction to my partner.

Because now I put her and myself in evitable danger. If the mark finds out about us, which they will, if they see any form of protectiveness from me towards Ale they will go after her. I walked out the kitchen and while waiting for Ale to finish showering made breakfast.

I began to think back to the day she saved my life, I didn’t get why I was mean to her at times and teased her. Now I saw just how arrogant I was to her.

She walked into the kitchen looking as sexy as hell; she was wearing black skinny jeans, a black and white striped shirt with a blazer, and these really high heels lol. I felt her hand connect with my cheek softly tapping it to get my attention.

And in a seductive and breathy voice she whispered into my ear, “If I knew you wanted me this bad I would have done this since we first met.”
She threw me a wink and grabbed the plate of food.

{*** means time has passed}
9:00am at the School: Alessandra’s POV:

There was a good and a bad side to this mission. The bad side is that it’s the same school I went to a while ago and there were A LOT of bad memories the good side is that Blake’s here with me, and that we got to keep our automobiles. Mine included my black and sliver Lamborghini Reventón Roadster and my Kawasaki Ninja 250r. Today we were going to school in the Lamborghini Reventón.

Chapter 6 I almost burst out laughing as I watched the eyes widen and mouths of the jocks drop. When we got out of the car we heard the whispers of the students out side. I took a deep breath and confidently walked into the school with Blake. Immediately we were bombarded Blake with a bunch of plastic Barbie’s, and me with an old friend of mine whom I knew before I went to the agency. I silently laughed at the look on Blake’s face as he pleaded with me to help him. I mouthed to my friend to give me one minute and I walked over to rescue Blake from the claws of the plastics. “Excuse me ladies, I going to take my man now,” I said to them in a sugary sweet voice. All of a sudden the two people who I truly hated walked up. Jase POV: There was a commotion in the middle of the hallway and me and my new “f**k buddie” Brittany walked up to check it out. When I saw what I saw I thought my eyes were deceiving me. Alessandra was standing there with some guy on her arm, and telling a group of girls how she was dating him. All of a sudden I felt a flash of rage at her. How dare she come back and not even say hi. It was then I spoke up. “Hahaha, Ale you dating a boy like that is about as unlikely as me not being popular.” I figured she’d you know runaway or keep her mouth shut, however I was totally not ready for what I got. I stood there checking her out as she and her “boy toy” walked up to me. She grew into a gorgeous person, quite the change from the lanky teenage I use to know. Blake’s POV: Right after Ale said that I heard a guys voice. I don’t know if it was by intuition or something like that but when I saw his face, I knew immediately that it was Jase. As agents we are taught to master our emotion and keep them in check. But the rage I had held in over the weekend after what Ale told me, finally came out... with a vengeance. I pulled her close and whispered in her hair, “OK, what I’m about to do to that stupid twit that I assume is Jase from your facial expression I may come to regret but right now..” As the words hung in the air I took long strides to Jase. He put out his hand as a way of greeting, and I raised my hand and socked him straight in the face. I picked him up and shoved him against the locker. “Listen you stupid little f****r,” I growled at him, “you don’t treat a woman like that and you sure as hell don’t treat Ale like that. Trust me your f***ing lucky this is all that is happening to you because if it was up to me you’d be hurting a lot more.” I shoved him up against the locker and walked away taking Ale with me. Ale POV: I watched as Blake punched Jase. I just stood there watching. That heavy unbearable weight from what had happen with me and Jase years ago was lifted, when for the first time instead of a guy I like or care about hurting me, stood up for me. As Blake and I walked down the hall I whispered thank you to him. Most people would have thought that we were exploring our new school when we were in fact casing the place. We were looking for good escape routes just in case. At that moment I found our target. I pointed her out. Not trying to be one of those people who “judge a book by its cover” but she looked like a real snobby b****. Alessandra’s POV: Blake burst out laughing after he saw the target. I mean I know I was taught to not judge a book by its cover but GEEZ plastic Barbie much?!?!?!? I sucked in a deep breath and walked over to her tapping her slightly on the shoulder to get her attention.

Chapter 7 Chanel’s POV: All of a sudden I was tapped on the shoulder I whipped around to see a VERY hot guy and some emo chick. At first I was about to like diss her cause I figured that the guy standing by her wasn’t he boyfriend. So BOY was I shocked when he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Uhhhgh WHAT DO YOU WANT???” “Excuse you but I can hear you fine, damn no need to yell.” Time for me to mark my territory. “Listen b**** I run this school. What I say goes so don’t mess with me.” “Wow. Nice to know considering all I wanted to ask you is where is B1 for French class. Never mind I can tell you’ve got a lot on your plate.” Blake and I walked to our first class it was AP French. I don’t know why we were taking it since we both already spoke about 10 languages fluently. As soon as we walked in the loud, boisterous conversations, changed to hushed quiet conversations, that I knew were centered around Blake and I. As we took our seats the teacher walked in, and she began to speak. “As you guys now know we have 2 new students. Blake Skylar and Alessandra Vetra. Why don’t you guys come up one by one and introduce yourselves.” I got up and slowly sauntered to the front of the room. “Ummm, lets see besides the obvious I’m 17, I play basketball, soccer, and volleyball. I am Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Oh! I hate stuck up people, and stupid people.” I walked off and Blake walked up smirking as he walked past me. “Ummm, lets see besides the obvious I’m 17, I play basketball, soccer, and volleyball. I am Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Oh! I hate stuck up people, and stupid people.” I walked off and Blake walked up smirking as he walked past me. I sat there taking in every detail about Blake as his sexy, deep voice rang out through the class room. “My names Blake Skylar. I’m also 17, I play soccer and basketball. I’m Italian and Spanish. Any questions?” I scowled immediately as 2 plastics raised there hands. “Are you single?” “Do you have a girlfriend?” “Does she go here if you do?” His sexy laugh rang out and he began to speak once again, “Ladies, ladies, ladies calm down. As to your questions; no I’m not single, quite taken actually, yes I have a girlfriend, and yes she goes here.” I could have sworn I saw a frown make itself onto the teachers face when he said he was taken. It was amazing only a couple of days ago Blake and I disliked each other. Now I’m seeing a sweet and caring, yet cocky guy that inevitably I was slowly beginning to like no matter how hard I tried not to. As the teacher began to speak I dozed off into my own land not paying attention to the teacher. I was jolted out of my daydream by Mrs. Frupe’s sharp voice, “Attention Ms.Vetra! Je ne vous aura pas de dosage hors de ma classe. Si je vous montre ce qui concerne je m'y attends le retour.” I slowly raised my head and replied in clear, fluent, and precise French, “Excusez-moi mademoiselle, mais la prochaine fois que vous voulez à s'en prendre à un élève ne font pas attention, assurez-vous que l'élève n'a pas des années de formation en français sous leur ceinture. Je ne veux pas vous embarrasser permet donc garder ce calme.” After that one scene the rest of the day went well except for the occasional jacka** who thought it’d be ok to grab my a**. Blake POV: Wow I really need to control my emotions, first I beat up a guy on the first day of school, now I want to hit another kid because he grabbed Ale’s a**. Gdamn! This girl has too much of an effect on me. They trailed Chanel as she left back to her house to ensure that she arrived home safely. When they got home, they found out someone had bugged the room with cameras and bugs. Before disabling them they traced the signal. They traced the signal to a house just outside the Upper East side. They came very close to kissing but a phone call from the Chief interrupted them. Ale needed to get some of those feeling off her chest so she went to talk to her friend Anne. Not realizing that Blake heard snippets of their conversation. Time passes and it’s the next day of school.

Chapter 8

Ale POV:

I woke up the next morning and my daily routine began. Take a shower, get dressed, make coffee and go to school with Blake. It was a bit awkward between us considering we had almost kissed last night. That day at school went pretty fast. There were a couple of run ins with Jase and some of the Barbie’s that followed Chanel like a puppy dog.
As Blake and I were leaving school, in high spirits might I add; regaining our previous relationship before the kiss we had the biggest shock of our lives. There was a loud screeching of tires and a black SUV careened into the parking lot. My eyes widened as 2 feelings ran through my body shock and realization of who these guys were.

Twisting out of Blake’s grasp I took off towards the car screaming.

I heard a steady pound of feet and through me peripheral vision saw Blake also sprinting besides me. He also yelled. I had taken down the license plate not that it would do any good really. I got there in time to take out one of the goon knocking them out with a swift roundhouse kick to the head, but the car roared off to soon.

The only thing I could really decipher about this was it was a 2 man job; 2 were to get her, obviously they weren’t the masterminds behind this. We were still at the school when one of the thugs regained consciousness. His name was Jeffrey Jacobs, and he was 28. Anger began coursing through my veins. I didn’t like Chanel but she had parents who loved her a lot and to have this stupid thug take a job to kidnap a 18 year old girl who could be his sister disgusted me.

I knelt down to face him and in a voice so lethal I could barely recognize as mine I began to speak to him.

“Listen to me and listen clearly you good for nothing son of a b****, how DARE you take a job that involves kidnapping a minor, now I’m going to give you 10 seconds to start talking-” I paused and took out my switchblade opening it an inch from his face, “or questa lama tesoro mio, io la chiamo la Carver, inizierà carving . Oh, e ho dimenticato di dire, io sono un maestro letale di tortura. So start talking.”

At first he looked at me defiantly but as I brought the blade to his cheek began blubbering and spewing trash, he was just along for the ride the stupid twit didn’t even know the full operation. By that time 2 of the chief’s operatives; the cleaners where here to take Jeffrey away and we would go hunt down any leads we had.

Chanel’s POV:

I was pulled out of unconsciousness by a loud clanging. I opened my eyes and blinked trying to focus my blurry vision. My head was throbbing and it was pitch dark. As my eye sight began to focus I could see the outline of a jail cell, there was no windows, and I could hear a dripping sound. I tried to lift my hands up only to find thing shackled to the chair. As fear over took me I began to rattle the chains screaming; at first with a hoarse voice I could barely recognize as my own then to a full high pitched screech as I realized I was most definitely not in my house.
I could hear the loud steps of some one coming next to me. The gate was wrenched open and the next sound I uttered was one of shock, disbelief.

“J-J-J-J-Jase? What are you doing here?”
A sinister laugh echoed throughout the room.

“Ah! Miss airhead finally figures it out! You really think I actually care about you? Darling your just a pretty face, and my leverage. Think about it if Daddy doesn’t pay, your dead.”

Chapter 9

“Well there two reasons, one to get the money from you darling dad, and the other for Ale.”

“Oh my F’ing god! How the hell is kidnapping me supposed to get you Ale?”

“Let’s just say Ale doesn’t like to see bad things happen to people, and when she sets her mind on doing something she does it. So if she finds you, your dad pays and I keep her.”


The last thing I remembered was Jase’s fist coming towards my face as I blacked out.
Ale POV:

When we got home Blake and I decided to split. As I was about to walk out, Blake grabbed my hand and pulled to me to his body. I could feel my heart begin to race as I looked into his deep blue eyes. His hands cupped my face as he leaned in close to me pressing his lips up to my forehead, then to my cheek.

The he began to speak, “Please Ale be careful, you know I care about you I don’t want to see you hurt, and keep that signal up, if you get snatched turn on the GPS so I can track you.”
After hugging me once more he let go of me and in a slight daze I walked out to door. It was hard to tell whether or not he liked me but, at times like this it solidified my belief that he has some amount of feelings for me.

(*** means time passed)

Blake’s POV:

While Ale was out in the field trying to get a lead, I regretfully was in the apt, with my back up agent Andre going over security feeds trying to find anything that would give us a lead to the whereabouts of Chanel.

About 45 minutes passed and we still could find anything so I decided to give Ale a call.
“Ale? What’s your location and status? Is everything alright? Did you find any leads?”

“Heyy Blake, was at the house, found the car the VIN number is VF3 3CRFNC 55986745. Also I need you to do a search and see if you come back with anyone; he’s about 6’3, well built, dirty blonde hair, prison tattoo of a eagle with a knife in its beak. I got a quick glance at the facial features he has pale blue eyes, and a scar running from his eyebrow down to the middle of his cheek.”

There was a scuffle as I shouted into the phone, “ALE ALE!”
I heard her voice seeming far away scream. Trying to reign in the panic rising in my body at an alarming rate I yelled out into the phone once more, “Ale accende il segnale GPS ora!!!!” ALE TURN ON THE GPS SIGNAL NOW!

I opened the other computer ready to track the GPS. Actually I was ready to jump in the car and follow them, but I knew I couldn’t risk it. I called Andre into the kitchen.

“Andre, watch this ok and when the red dot stops call me and grab the computer.”

“Yes, Blake.”
Leaving Andre to the computer I when into the weapons room, grabbing my USPSA/Todd Jarrett P16 40S&W and my M1911 .45 caliber handgun.

I sat down and began calculating a timeline:
3:00-Chanel is kidnapped
4:45-Get home create a plan
5:15-Part ways
6:00- I call Ale
6:15-Ale gets in a scuffle
6:25-Loses contact with Ale
10:25- 4 Hours pass, the GPS finally stops.
11:25- We leave to find Ale, and wherever they took her is far away.

Chapter 10 * * * (Still Blake’s POV) At about 1:20 we arrived at our destination. The place was pretty familiar when I was younger my dad use to take me here. It was an abandoned seaport near the East End Seaport and Marina Foundation near the near the Hampton’s. Obviously we got there a lot faster that the people that kidnapped Ale, probably because I was going 279 MPH on the open freeway. Quietly we got out of the car, my P16 .40 caliber handgun and Andre’s Glock drawn. I took lead and Andre covered me. Doing some quick observations I saw that there were 3 camera’s focused on the door to the warehouse, and that 2 guards patrolled the area. Quietly I whispered into my earpiece. “Andre, we need to get guards away from the door to take care of them without alerting anyone. Once they buzz in for there break create the distraction.” 5 minutes later, after they buzzed in. Andre slammed his fist into the dumpster. The two men walked in with guns raised. Hidden by the darkness, in one fluid motion, Andre and I raised our guns and emptied 2 bullets into the guys. Harsh I know, but effective. I took the EMP gun pointed it at the cameras and hit the trigger. The lights flicked and went out, in the cover of the darkness, stealthily we crept into the warehouse guns drawn. Ale POV: I rose from unconsciousness hearing a soft mumbling and sobbing. Blinking to clear my vision I glanced around the room and saw Chanel in a chair like mine in the corner tied up. There was rope around my wrists and around my legs. As I was trying to break off the handles of the chair to slip the ropes off the door to the cell opened and the person who walked in shock me and made me mad. In a voice so furious with venom dripping from each word I said I addressed him, “JASE? What the hell are you doing here?” He replied in a smug voice, “Yes, it’s me, as to what I’m doing here, getting what I want, YOU!” “F*** you! You lost that gdamn chance 3 years ago B****! When you cheated on me!!!” “Me CHEATING ON YOU ALE? Hah! You came back practically hanging off of that Blake guy’s arm.” That’s when I began to yell the pain and sorrow that he had caused me 3 years ago, compiled with the pain and anger he was causing now. “YOU KNOW WHAT WHY DON’T YOU JUST SHUT THE F*** UP! I’M TIRED OF YOU AND YOUR BULLS***! YOU BREAK MY FREAKING HEART AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE, THE GODDAMN NERVE TO TELL ME I’M THE ONE CHEATING ON YOU! WE WERE OVER 3 DAMN YEARS AGO!!! DON’T EVEN CONTEMPATE STARTING WITH ME! AND AS FOR BLAKE HE’S A BETTER MAN THAN YOU’LL EVER BE SO F*** OFF AND YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE BLAKE! I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART SO TAKE THAT.” The smug smirk on Jase’s face dropped to a hideous sinister grin. He stalked toward me with his fists clenched. I saw his hand rise and his fist connected with the side of my cheek, he did that about 5 times and I could withstand it to a point but my vision began to run and black spots began to dot my vision and I faded into unconsciousness. Blake’s POV: I could tell we were getting close because I could here yelling. I broke into a sprint running towards the sound. Andre covered my back as I took off through the ware house. This “job” seemed to be a small group of people, the 2 from the car, the two we took care of here and there was probably one more person. About half way to the door that would led downstairs to the basement the door opened and a spray of bullets came down the hall. Screaming at Andre, we dove for whatever cover we could find in the barren hallway. The gun was a machine gun; with 30 rounds every minute or so.

Chapter 11

Hopefully he only had that one cartridge.

I motioned for Andre to draw him towards him so I could take the shot. Andre raised his gun running across the hallway into the room diagonal from where I was. Quickly, I screwed on my silencer on my .40 caliber gun. In the shadows of the hallway no longer lit up by bullets I took the guy down execution style. I know what your probably thinking, no remorse. But tell me why should I have remorse for a group of thugs that find that the only way to get anything is to KIDNAPP two teenagers.

With Andre once again covering me, we went down stairs. Now the yelling grew louder I could here snippets of conversation, however the one thing that stood out was a voice, a voice I undeniably recognized as Ale’s screaming out, “YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE BLAKE! I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART SO TAKE THAT.”

I don’t know, but that just made me want to get there. For the second time I took off into the hallway, stopping about 10 ft, from the open doorway quietly I snuck up behind the guy, I could see Ale’s and Chanel’s eyes widen. I made a motion telling them not to do anything.

I tapped the guy on the shoulder and when he turned around slammed the butt of the gun into his temple knocking him out.

Before I could attend to Ale and Chanel I handcuffed the guy, turned out it was Jase and I may have punched him a couple of times to get my anger out. Andre walked in and cut the ropes off of Chanel while I took care of Ale.

Ale POV:

Blake’s face appeared in my line of vision and in a raspy voice I began to speak to him.

“B-B-Blake? You came, he tortured me, water boarding….h-h-h-he k-k-kidnapped Chanel to get me, c-cuz he knew I hated to see people hurt. He punched my 5 times….”

I could here the sirens from the ambulance, police, and I’m pretty sure the agency. The last thing I could remember is Blake lifting me up and walking out of the ware house as two men came in and took Jase.

When I regained consciousness I was in the Ambulance riding to Eastern Long Island Hospital. Blake was staring down at me stroking my hair, I could see care, worry, happiness, and an unknown emotion burning in his eyes.

“Ale, I need to tell you something. I love you, and I think I realized that when the kidnapped you. I realized that life without you is nothing to me if you’re not with me. I also heard you when you were yelling at Jase, I heard you tell him you love me. Baby, you mean the world to me.”

He leaned down and for the 2nd time kissed me. It was like he was my missing piece puzzle his lips fit perfectly with mine, and it was like an electric shock running through out my body, a lot thoughts I had, turned incoherent the only thing I could truly pay attention to was his lips against mine.


So Ale was in the hospital for a week and Chanel for 4 days.
Ale stayed longer, even though she was there shorter because she had been tortured and had a minor concussion, Chanel was there mostly for some cut and bruises and for therapy over the traumatic experience.

Blake stayed by Ale’s side all 7 days and after they debriefed, Blake took Ale on a trip to Europe to the places she wanted to go to; Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Ireland.
3 years later when Ale is 21 and Blake is 22 he proposes to her at the place where the first met. In the driveway of her Florida estate.

They got married at The Setai in South Beach, Miami, and honeymooned at the Hotel Gladiatori Palazzo Manfredi.

Even thought their married they still have many missions that take them all over the world, from Rome, Italy to Sydney, Australia, to Tokyo, Japan. As for Jase he learned his lesson, and is still learning his lesson at San Quentin Super Max prison in California. Chanel has learned to be more accepting, and has become a more real person true to herself.

About Me: My name is Nikki D. I was born in the Caribbean on a small island called Grenada. I began writing at the end of 6th grade. I’ve written many short stories and I have 3 other books. How Did I Fall For The Hot Jerk, When Famous Comes Home, and I’m Dating My Best Friend, Who’s A Hot Vampire?!?. I play basketball, and want to become a fashion designer and writer when I grow up.

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This was an amazing book! Great job! I would just suggest that when you change the pov of the characters, make it obvious by doing something like this


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It just makes it easier to read and understand, but that is the only suggestion I would make. Amazing work!

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