Croak | Teen Ink


February 8, 2011
By Anonymous


The day Aria has been anticipating is finally here; frog dissection day in Biology. Unfortunately, she's in a group with James Montreal. The big-headed celebrity who has starred in two movies, and wants to see what it's like to be a normal teenager. He's physically perfect, but extremely vain. She and the rest in her group, Barry and Emma, begin the dissection. Unfortunately, James and Barry massacre the frog, ripping it apart and tearing it to shreds, earning themselves yells from the teacher.
That night, Aria wakes up to find James at her window. He's gathered up their whole science group to help him find something he lost in the school. Grumbling, she reluctantly joins him. However when they break into the school, strange things start happening.
Paranormal things.

Tags: School



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