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Blue eyes

February 16, 2011
By Lynn Saddoris BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
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Lynn Saddoris BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
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I remember running. Running as fast as I could. Rain beating down on my face, dripping off my nose. He was still faster than me. I never thought that I was going to be in this situation. I thought wrong. Why is it happening to me? What did I do, to deserve this? I was a good kid. Good grades, good manners. Like my mommy would say you are perfect. I love you with all of my heart!
I remember him grabbing me. His eyes were blue, like that an ocean. Suddenly his eyes turned red. Like a fire. So much anger just in his eyes. He wanted something. That was the beginning of his life and the end of mine.
Chapter 1
Blue Eyes
It was normal outside, the sun
was blinking through my window. Blinding
me like always. Waking me up for another
day of school. I thought in my head, today is
going to be a great day. I go down stairs.
“Good morning, Abby,” said my mom, Lynda.
“What do you want for breakfast?” “Um… I don’t know! How about donuts?” I said.

“Okay.” She agreed.

I stuff my face and run out side. Shoot! I missed the bus, again! Suddenly, a guy walked by with black hair and blue eyes. really blue eyes. He looked at me, and smiled. Suddenly, it got really windy outside and it started to rain. Before I knew it, he was gone. He just disappeared. Just like that. I went in side because it started to rain.

“Mom, can you give me a ride to school?” I said.
“Sure.” My mom said. She dropped me off and said,
“ You are perfect. I love you with all of my heart!”
“Love you too mom!”
“ Your dad would be proud.”
She doesn’t like to talk to him. She always says that he is a bad man. Whenever I ask something about him, she changes the subject.

Chapter 2
No name
I got to my first class, and Mrs. Hillcome wasn’t there, but another teacher was. He was the guy that walked by me this morning. That is creepy. He walked by me, and gave me a look. A look I have never seen before.
“Good morning, Abby.” He said.
“How do you know my name?”
“I know a lot about you Abby.” He said. At this point I was pretty creeped out. He recovered.
“I mean I’ve heard a lot about you from the teachers.”
“Okay?” I replied. He walks slowing to the front of the class, and I hear a mumbling.
“ I blew it!” The sub. Teacher said. I was wondering in my head, what did he mess up? He never said his name. When students asked, he would somehow change the subject. There is something suspicious about this teacher.

Chapter 3

Finally school is over! It was raining even more than this morning! The rain was spitting on me. Some one was following me in a car. The person slowly drove away. Driving passed me. I was getting scared because I saw the car come around again. The stranger rolled down the window, and I was a similar face. It was the sub teacher.
“Do you want a ride?” He said.
“No, but thanks.” I replied. “But we can get Ice cream!” He said with an angry voice. “Na, I am good.”
“Get in the car!” He screamed! I knew something was wrong so I ran. Although I got a head start, he caught up. I turned around, and he wasn’t there. I turned forward and he was standing there, smiling at me. He grabbed me and I looked at his eyes and they turned red. He put something over my mouth and I disappeared and went into my dreams. A place wear I was safe.

Chapter 4

I woke up in a dark place. It spelled musty. I was sitting in a puddle. I didn’t feel like water. It was thinker. I started to scream. Them I herd loud thumping. I tried to stop, but I couldn’t. He opened the door.
“SHUT UP!” he screamed.
“What do you want from me?” I shuttered.
Then I herd the door slam. I screamed even louder. I need to some answers. He ran down.
“If you haven’t realized, I am a vampire. He said.
“What?” I said with confusion
“I want your blood!” He said with an angered voice.
“Please let me go. I am begging you. Please. My family needs me. I need my family. I don’t deserve this. Please. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND. You don’t want my blood!” I replied.
“Yes I do. You are just not ready yet.”
He started to walk away and his last words were
“You are perfect. I love you with all my heart.”

Chapter 5
What’s wrong with me?
I need to get out. I need to get back to my family. I will find away. I got up. I am so hungry and thirsty. I walk around the room and look around. I see a glass a juice. I was nervous to drink it, but I was too hungry, I couldn’t resist. So I took a drink. It tasted horrible! I looked at it and it looked like blood. I stated to feel dizzy and I started to lose my sight. I lay down. What’s wrong with me? My eyes slowly closed.

I woke up with the stranger staring at me.
“Your ready” he said
“For what” I replied
“You’ll see”
He reached over and that was the last thing I remember….

The author's comments:
I am making another book, about Abby. She will be in heaven. It will tell you about everything. Her friend that she meets and her stories about her dying.

Chapter 6

I gently open my eyes to discover that I am a different person. I felt different. He sitting there, smiling at me.
“Why did you do this to me!” I said with anger.
“Payback for what your mom did to me!”
“ What did she do?”
“When you were born I told her I was a vampire. I told her that I was going to change you into a vampire with u were 13.
“But I am 12! Wait, you’re my dad.”
“Yes I am. I have been waiting for this forever.”
“You said you loved me! Why would you change me into this horrible creature? You didn’t even ask me. You’re a horrible person and I will never forgive you.
I searched around and my eyes caught something shinny. I grab the knife
I start running towards him. I stabbed him in the right arm. He grabbed me tight. This is it. He is going to kill me! He shoved me in to a corner, and he screamed
“You shouldn’t have done that!”
He ties me up, and leaves the basement

He comes back with a gun, and threatens me.
“Can I trust you?” he said.
“Yes you can.” I replied
I slowly untie the knots; I go
t up and start attacking him. He pulls out the gun and shoots…

To be continued….

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on Feb. 17 2011 at 7:50 pm
stickyfingers SILVER, Wake Forest, North Carolina
6 articles 0 photos 32 comments
This piece was written at a very fast pace; if you were going to edit it, stretch it out. Otherwise, it was TOTALLY ADDICTING! :) I loved it, nice O'Henry ending. Now I'm on edge to read what's next! :)