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Vampire Goddess

June 18, 2011
By KristySparklez BRONZE, Sterling, Colorado
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KristySparklez BRONZE, Sterling, Colorado
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Time only numbs all pain, it does not heal the wounds created by, nor does it heal the pain

The hunger was always there. i hated it. I couldn't entirely make it go away, no matter how much I ate, or drank. Now, I was told I had to save the world! Well, my world. "The Creature world" Really, my mind kind. What you would call Monsters. Werewolves, vampires, ghost, zombies, mermaids, things like that. Our word i should. I had to save it, but I wanted to destroy so badly so I could eat and drink. i was hungry, so hungry. I couldn't hang on anymore.

'I sank my teeth into his neck and the sweet texture of the delicious liquid ran down his neck and into my watering mouth. A noise behind me made me let go of my prey and spin around. A cold laugh filtered through the night air. A snarl escaped my lips. The laugh was heard again. I scooted back and bent down to a crouching position. I let a growl escape my throat. i bared my teeth and the figure came towards me. Something sparked in his hand. I jumped up and launched at him. I knocked him into the wall. Pain seared in my stomach and I howled with pain and backed up. He let out a cold cackle.'

My eyes flew open and a snarl escaped my throat.It was raspy, my throat felt raw. My stomach clenched from hunger. I jumped up from my bed and dashed out of my room. I skidded to a stop, skidding on the carpet and slamming into my oldest brothers door. I feel back and scrambled up. The door flew open and I screamed and jumped back. If my heart was alive it'd be racing. Nick stood there, a dagger in his hand, glaring at me.
"Stevie!"He gasped.
I stepped back and eyed the dagger. He threw it back into the room and gave me a cold smile.
I took a deep breath and let it out slowly."Why do you have that?"I hissed.
He shrugged."You know why."
I glared at him. He smiled coldly. I spun around and dashed back into my room, slamming the door closed. I plopped down on my bed and growled silently. I stared across my room at the mirror. My pale face stared back at me. It was a myth that vampires couldn't see themselves in the mirror. A complete myth. Of course, I believed it was true until I got Changed. I looked away and sniffed the air. A wet dog smell, a smell of decaying flesh, and the smell of Magyck sifted in the air. I wrinkled my nose and slammed my hand over my nose to keep from smelling the smells. I got up and went to my door, I cracked it open. The smells were stronger here. I felt like gagging.
"She smells like Death, Joe! I know what Death smells like and she smells like it!"Nick hissed.
"Nick, quit it! She does not smell like Death! Why would you say that? She's our sister!"My oldest brother, Joe, hissed back.
"I know what Death smells like! I've dealt with Creatures of the Night for way to long to know what it smells like! Either shes a Creature of Night or she hasn't taken a shower in months!"
"Nicolas, quit accusing her of being that!"
"She's been acting weird lately, Joe. And when she saw my dagger she backed off from me. How do you explain that?"
"It probably surprised her, that's all."
"You mean frightened her! She's a Creature of Night! I will prove it! And let me tell you, if she does turn out to be a Creature of the Night, she will not be my sister anymore! I swear to it!"
I heard him spin around and pound down the stairs. I swallowed. I backed into my room and closed my door silently. This wasn't good. I turned towards my bed and let out a shriek. A snarl ripped from the werewolves throat, he bared his knife sharp yellow teeth. The smell emitting from his was horrible. I tried not to gag.
"Your a stupid vampire."The werewolf snarled.
I bared my teeth and crouched down, ready to launch if I had to.
"You're a stupid werewolf."I growled.
His yellow eyes glared at me and I narrowed my black eyes at him. I smelled blood. Animal blood. But it was blood none the less. I ran my teeth over my fangs, they were sharpened. I knew what was going to happen if I didn't get blood. I was hungry. I looked at his muzzle, it was covered in blood. I stifled back a groan. He snarled at me, his way of laughing. He started to stand on his hind legs and started to grow human legs and human arms. His features changed into a human. A human I knew to well. I stumbled back in surprise.
"Zach!"I hissed.
"Hey, Stevie. Sorry, I didn't want you finding out like this! I'm sorry."He mumbled, his voice raspy.
His shirt was coated in drying blood and it surrounded his mouth. I ran my tongue over my teeth again. That was looking really good at the moment.
"You OK?"He asked, curious.
I licked my lips and bared my teeth. I felt pain as my teeth slid over my bottom teeth and over my bottom lip. They stopped and inch under my bottom lip. I groaned in pain.
"I'm hungry."I panted.
He backed away slightly. I saw and narrowed my eyes.
"Don't worry, I'm not going to attack you! You smell like wet dog! That wouldn't be good for me."I hissed.
I groaned again in pain and doubled over.
"Oh. Well, then why don't you go and get something to quench your thirst?"
I snarled."Can't! Nick is the house!"
I stood up and went over to my mirror. My fangs were sharp, way to sharp for a Newbie like me. Then again, I had been told that I wasn't like any Newbie Vampire to be made. Well, that was a shock. Still was.
"So, you're a Vampire?"Zach said from behind me.
I could see his face pale at the question. I turned around and growled at him. His eyes widened in fright.
"Do the fangs not say it all?"I snapped at him.
I saw him swallow.
"I didn't want to be a Vampire in the first place. It was either this or Death. Trust me, I wasn't going to die."I told him, turning back to the mirror.
"So you picked to be a Vampire?"
I snarled."It wasn't really my choice."
"What do you mean?"
I turned back to him and shook my head."You should probably leave."I said, nodding to the door.
He let out a small growl and climbed off my bed and went to the door.
"Hey, Zach?"
He turned to me."Yeah?"
"Please, don't tell anyone what I am. Please?"
"As long as you don't tell anyone what I am."
I nodded."Got it."
He gave a slight nod and then left the room. I sniffed the air and gagged. It smelled like wet dog in here. I went to bed and sniffed my blanket. I wrinkled my nose and ripped the blankets off the bed. I stuffed them into the laundry basket by my door and closed the lid to it. The smell was less now. I opened the door and dashed out and down the stairs. I stopped at the threshold to the kitchen and peered in. It was empty. I quickly dashed to the fridge, threw the door open, and grabbed a pack of blood in the door. I paused to listen, no one. I sank my expose fangs into the packet and sucked deeply. The cool liquid ran into my mouth. It was out way to fast. I slammed the door shut and threw the empty packet into the trash. That was going to have to do for now. I couldn't drink anymore. If I ran out, I couldn't go get more. Not with Nick in the house. I could feel the blood running down my chin and I wiped it off. Pain in my mouth told me that my fangs were retreating back into my mouth. i sighed deeply.
I jumped and spun around. Joe stood there.
"What are you doing, Stevie? And what on your shirt?"
I looked down. Blood had spilled onto my shirt. I shrugged and eyed him carefully. I smelled Silver. And that kind of smell was strong. It was a tingling sensation in me, the smell was of rotting metal. I hated it and it was somewhere near.
"Hey, Stevie."Nick walked in behind Joe, holding a silver watch.
It was real silver since it smelled like that. I swallowed. I looked out at the crystal blue sky. The sun shone brightly. My eyes started to water and I had to look away. Right back at Nick and Joe.
"Hey, Stevie, wanna help us clean my tools?"Nick asked, sweetly.
I narrowed my eyes at him."Why?"
"Because, we want your help."
"OK."I choked.
He turned around and both he and Joe led me to the living room. Zach sat there and I could see fear in his eyes. He was staring at something. As I got closer I saw him trying not to hit the table where silver bullets sat. My eyes widened as I saw every silver thing in the living room. Silver bullets, crosses, daggers, plates, cups, watches, bracelets,jewelry of all kind, and anything you could imagine, silver. Real Silver. The smell was overwhelming. The brightness of how they shined hurt my eyes. I had to look away, but wherever I looked, more silver popped up. Nick sat down in a recliner and picked up a silver cross and started to wipe it with a wet cloth. It started to shine even more. I sat down next to Zach.
'Oh god! Oh god! Don't let the silver bullets touch me! Oh god!'I heard him panicking in his mind, his eyes never strayed from the silver bullets.
After about ten minutes Nick stood up and came to stand in front of me. I shifted my body so he wouldn't see the fear in Zach's eyes.
"Why aren't you helping?"He asked, frostily.
I shrugged."Don't want to anymore."
"To lazy."
I eyed the silver cross in his hand carefully. He stepped towards me, I backed up. I couldn't help it. It was just an instinct.
"Here."He held out the silver cross."Wipe this down."
I shook my head."Looks like you did a really good job on it."I said in a small voice.
"Clean it."He demanded.
Again, I shook my head. He grabbed my hand, I pulled back, but his grip tightened. The grip didn't hurt, but he was pretty strong. I snarled, trying not to bare my fangs at him. He laughed.
"You will clean it!"He hissed.
He pulled my hand to him and forced the silver cross into my hand. I screamed as pain seared in my hand. Burning flesh filled the air and I crumbled to my knees on the ground. I threw the cross across the room and looked at my hand. The palm was blistering, in the shape of a cross. I bared my teeth and launched myself at him. We knocked into the ground and I snarled at him. My hand was burning and searing with pain.
"What the Hell is wrong with you?"I growled.
He laughed again, but didn't respond. I bared my teeth and again, I felt pain as my fangs slid over my teeth and bottom lip. Nick's eyes widened. I saw him quickly reach into his pocket and draw out a silver bullet. I hissed and leapt back from. I crouched in the doorway. I heard Zach snarl and leap in front me. He went down on all fours, werewolf exposed. The wet dog smell was strong, but my burning hand overwhelmed it and the silver smell. And I would've taken the wet dog smell anytime of day over the burning flesh. Nick's jaw dropped open at the sight of Zach. I saw Joe's eyes widen. I heard pounding down the stairs and Cody ran into my back. I spun on my hell and snarled up at him. He yelped and jumped back. I stood up slowly and snarled, baring my teeth. I advanced on him, he backed up. I saw him fumbled in his back pocket and pull out a stick. Wait, that wasn't a stick. That was a wand. I snarled and crouched down. He smiled weakly and then screamed. Zach jumped in front of me and launched himself at Cody. Great. Just great. I shrieked and launched at Zach, knocking him away from Cody. I backed away from Zach and looked into the living room at Nick. He was staring wide eyed at the three of us. The front door opened and in sprinted our little brother Joshua. He froze at the sight of us. I growled between my teeth, my fangs were still out.
"Oh, cool! Stevie, a Vampire! That's so cool! Wait, so are we showing our real selves? goody, then I'll show myself!"He said, jumping up and down, clapping.
He reached and peeled his flesh off. I reeled backwards, the smell was revolting. Coughing behind me told me that I wasn't the only one who smelled him. I scooted towards the living room. I could smell my burning flesh, the wet dog smell, and the silver, but the rotting flesh overwhelmed it all. I wrinkled my nose and slammed into someone. I looked up, Nick glared down at me. I snarled at him.
"Alright, what the Hell is going on here?!?!"Joe asked, panic in his voice.
I stood up and looked at him. The panic in his eyes made me feel bad. I felt pain and my fangs slid back into my mouth.
"We're Creatures of the Night."I told him.
I saw him swallow and close his eyes. He swayed where he stood. I dashed to him and caught him before he fell. I led him to the recliner and sat him down. I bent down besides him.
"Joe? Are you OK?"I asked softly.
His eyes opened and he stared at me.
"You're a Vampire."He said weakly.
"I'm sorry."I mumbled.
He put his arm around me."Its OK. You're still my little sis."
I smiled at him and looked at Nick. His eyes flashed in anger.
"I stand by my word! You are no longer my sister! You boys are no longer my brothers! You are now my enemies! All of you! Especially, Stevie!"
I looked at him."Nick!"
"Leave me alone for good!"He snapped at me and left the room and the house. i heard the front door slam shut behind him and sighed. I stood up and stared towards the way he had just left. A revolting smell coming towards me brought me back and I backed up. Joshua was coming towards me. I wrinkled my nose and him, backed up, and held up my hands.
"Stay far from me, Joshua."I warned him.
"What's wrong?"He stopped.
"Your smell is revolting!"
"Stevie!"Joe scolded.
"Hey, if you could smell the way I do, then you would totally agree."I told him.
He shook his head, trying to hold back laughter. I smiled.
"You're the one who's revolting!"Joshua snapped.
I glared at him."How am I revolting?"
"You smell like Death!"
Zach let out a bark of a laugh."He's right, Stevie. You do smell like Death."
I stuck my tongue out at him."Look who's talking1 You smell like wet dog!"I told him.
Joshua started laughing and Zach glared at me. I smiled at him.
"OK, we get it! You all do smell like you say! So cool it!"Cody chimed in.
I sniffed.He smelled like Magyk. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.
"OK, everyone stop fighting now!"Joe demanded, standing up.
"Yeah, stop fighting!"I taunted.
He looked at me sternly. I smiled, baring my teeth at him. He grimaced.
"Those are going to have time to get used to."He said.
I frowned and ran my tongue over my teeth. I shrugged and blew my bangs out of my eyes. I shot Joe a smile again. He looked at Joshua. I looked at him to.
"What?"Joshua asked.
I Wrinkled my nose at his decaying flesh, put my hand over my nose to block the revolting smell, and just pointed at him.
"Oh, my flesh. Yeah, sorry about that."
"Gross! Why is it like decaying?"I said between my fingers.
He shrugged."I'm the Walking Undead."He smiled at his joke.
My growl was doubled by Zach. Joshua frowned and his eyes widened in fear. He stepped back, hands up.
"Sorry! I didn't mean it in a bad way."
"Yeah, sure you didn't, you little brat!"i snapped at him.
"What? I'm not a Monster anymore?"He laughed.
I snarled at him."That's nothing to joke about! Especially in your condition!"
He frowned at me."Hey!"
I smiled at him and folded my arms across my chest.
"Alright! I said that was enough!"Joe broke in."Stevie, go get that blood cleaned off you. Zach, same goes for you. And Joshua, is there any way you can hide that decaying flesh? It really is revolting."
I smiled triumphantly at Joshua, whose mouth dropped open."but they getta show who they are!"He whined, pointing at me and Zach.
"That's because our skin isn't peeling off of our bodies!"I told him.
Joe sighed."Fine! Just do something about that smell."
My mouth dropped open. Joe started towards the door and I fell in step with him.
"That's not cool! Now we have to see his decaying flesh all the time!"I whined, stomping my feet,
"Leave it Stevie."
"But its not fair!"
"I said leave it. Now go clean up."
I glared at his back and went up to my room. As I passed my little sister, Demi's, room a thud came from there. She was Joshua's twin. I wondered if she was just like him. I stopped and opened the door.
"Stevie, don't you know how to knock?"
My mouth dropped open at the sight. Scales, scales were everywhere. Well, on the fin that was protruding from Demi. I lifted a finger and pointed at it, gawking. She sighed.
"I know I have a tail, Stevie. Quit gawking at it."
"You're a-You're a-You're a."I stuttered.
"A mermaid?"She chimed in."Yeah, I am."
I brought my arm down to my side and spun around. I walked quickly to my room. I had seen enough to last me a lifetime. Oh, wait, I was going to live longer then a lifetime. I was going to live for eternity. That was, if Nick didn't kill me first. Thinking of nick my hand started to burn again. I sat down on my bare bed and stared at my hand. It was done blistering, but the shape of the silver cross was etched into my palm. I reached behind and my cell phone flew into my hand. I quickly dialed the number i wanted and put the phone to my ear. The phone on the other side rang three times, then was answered.
"Stevie? Stevie, you're only supposed to call for emergencies."
I rolled my eyes."This is an emergency!"I snapped.
"Well, what is it?"
"My hand is burned with shape of a cross."
A silence."Silver?"
"Yeah, it was silver."
"How was it silver?"
"What the hell is a slayer doing at your house?"
"He's kinda my brother."I said slowly.
"My brother Nick. You remember him? He's a Slayer now."
Another silence."Meet me at the cavern at midnight understand? We'll get your hand fixed and the Slayer situation situated."
He hung up without a goodbye. I hung up and threw my phone on the ground and laid back on my bed. I blew my bangs away from my eyes again. This day couldn't get any worse. I closed my eyes, I had to sleep before tonight. A screeching sound emitted from downstairs and my eyes flew open. I jumped up from my bed and dashed out of my room and down the stairs. I dashed into the kitchen where the noise had come from and froze. A man all in black stood there. A man I knew.I backed up and put my hands up to surrender. He smiled coldly at me. I glanced around and spotted Nick. I snarled at him, he smiled smugly.
"You're coming with me."The rough voice of the man broke my stare.
I hissed at him and pain seared in my mouth. My fangs slid out and I backed into the wall and bent down in a crouching position. He laughed.
"Quit playing! You're coming with me."
He whipped out a silver dagger and I hissed at him and scooted towards the door.
"Fine, have it your way little girl. Guess I'll have to just kill you then!"He snarled.
A deafening growl escaped my throat and I launched myself to the table. I stood on it and smiled coldly at him, fangs exposed.
"We'll see who kills first."I hissed softly, sounding like a snake.
He laughed lightly and launched himself at me. I spun and flipped to the ground. I spun and my fist connected with his body. I stopped, he came towards me. i jumped up and kicked him. The flew back, the dagger flying from his hand. He hit the wall, slid down, and scrambled up. He dashed at me, sending me flying. i spun my body to the side and landed on my feet, skidding across the floor. I smiled evilly at him, looking through my bangs. He roared with anger and lunged for me. I threw out a fist, he slammed into it and went down. He was knocked out cold. I turned to Nick and glared at him.
"Your boss, I'm presuming."I hissed.
He nodded slowly looking at his Boss. I snarled at him and advanced on him.
"So, you want me dead?"
He looked back at me, fear coated in his eyes.
"He's not dead."I said, reading his mind.
His eyebrows lifted and I smiled at him. He backed up and left the room, going down into the den. I watched him and turned back to his Boss. I bent over him and sniffed. His blood was tainted with silver. I wrinkled my nose and grabbed his arms. I picked him up. I opened the back door and threw him out of the house. I stared at his body and licked my lips. I was starving. I turned around and sped down to the den and paused right in front of Nick.
"What do you want, vampire?"He asked, coldly.
"Vampire? Did i miss something?"I heard my second oldest brother, Paul Jr., say from the recliner. i smiled at him.
"Hey, Paul."
Hey, Vampire sis. Joe texted me what happened."
I turned back to Nick and looked down at him.
"Please, just listen."
"Not with your fangs still out."
I snarled."I really have no control over them."
"Well, get control! Understand?"
I growled at him and he sat back deeper into his chair. I bent down so my face was right in front of his.
"Listen."I hissed."I want to make this work! I'm a Newbie, OK? I can't really control a lot of things I do. Especially my hunger, but I'm working on that, is that understood? I am trying my best here!"
I stood fully up and spun around and dashed out of the den.

I peered out the side of my bedroom door. No one was there, but my brothers lights were on. I dashed out of my bedroom and down the stairs. I stopped at the front door and opened the closet door and took out my cape. I threw it over my shoulders and pulled up the hood. It was dark out, I didn't need it, but I had no clue when I would be back. I opened the door and stepped off the front porch steps. I was getting fast. I smiled and dashed to the street. I started to walk at a humanly fast pace. It seemed slow compared to the speed I was getting used to.
Vampires were Creatures of the Night, yes, but we weren't dangerous like human made us out to be. Sure, when we were hungry, we were cranky and attacked, but didn't everyone get cranky when hungry? We could see ourselves in the mirror, that was a stereotype of we couldn't. I didn't get it. Why did humans believe we couldn't see ourselves? I guessed it would be easier for them to believe to be able to tell if anyone was a vampire or not. That would explain a lot. Like how some believed that our fangs were always exposed. That was pointless to believe. And what about the stake to our hearts? I mean, come on! We don't even have hearts, so how was it going to kill us? Only silver and fire could do the job. My hand twitched thinking of silver. The burning came back. I clenched my teeth together and sighed softly. You'd have to get us pinned to be able to set us on fire. But the silver, that was dangerous. Most humans didn't believe in that, nor did they know about silver. Most at least. The only ones who really knew were The Slayers. They were dangerous. Very dangerous to be around. And it was dangerous for me to live with one. I had to make it work though. I just had to.
I made it to the end of my street, now on main street. i crouched down and launched myself up. I flew over the houses, stores, and streetlamps, right on the other side by the alley I was shooting for. I sped into it and skidded to a stop in front of the wall at the end of the alley. I spun around and jumped up. I landed right in front a metal door half-way down the alley. This all took a second. I was getting really good at this. I smiled into the dark. I couldn't wait until I got hold of the rest of my powers. i backed up and my arm slammed into something cold and sharp. I cursed under my breath and looked at my arm. The skin started to fold over the slash. It healed itself. I looked down the alley, no one was there. I turned to the door and pushed it open. It creaked open, sliding over cement. I stepped in and slid the door shut. I slipped my shoes off, stepping on the cold cement. i unhooked my cape from around my neck and let it drop to the ground. I swiped my contents off the ground and threw them in a corner. I moved forward and crouched down in a corner across the room. I put both my palms to the cold cement floor and held them there. Our bodies could heal, not a problem. They could heal from anything that was not silver. The thought of silver burned my hand again. I stared at the door. I could see it perfectly. i could see in the dark perfectly. That reminded me that humans thought we couldn't go out in the sun or any light. As a matter of fact, we had no trouble whatsoever being out in bright sunlight. Sure, the sun hurt our eyes, but that was only when we were hungry. Deadly hungry. We didn't burn up or sparkle or anything of that nonsense. Nothing happened really. We just sometimes preferred not to go out in the day, the night was really our thing. Hence the name, Creature of the Night.
I watched the door carefully and groaned. The cool sidewalk was soothing my burning hand. I lifted it up and looked at it. It was stitched over with new skin. I drew in my eyebrows and put my palm back to the cement. A hissing sound came from under my hand. A soft burning sensation that felt good rippled through my hand. I saw smoke rise from my palm. i lifted my palm and the shape of the cross was gone. I stared at it. That was weird.But it felt good that my hand was no longer have a blistering symbol of a cross. I twisted my palm around and around. It didn't burn at all. Nice touch. I looked at the cement and snorted. The cross was now in the ground. Wow. I loved this place. I was glad I decided to come here instead of going to meet Boss at The Cavern. I stood up and looked down the hallway to my left. I started to walk down it, the air was cooling the farther I went down. I sniffed the air, it seemed like I was doing that a lot lately. The air was thick with cool water. I licked my lips, but kept my steady pace. I soon heard the trickling of soothing water. I sighed a sigh of relief. Then, the moon shone down on me and a pool of water lay before, heading somewhere deep beneath this cavern. I stepped towards it and the surface rippled. The Burnett hair of my little surface surface, followed in suit by her face. Her tail could be seen at the surface, she was smiling as she looked behind her.
"Come on up!"She trilled.
Another head popped up, another tail was viewed under the surface. A squeak of surprise escaped from the full lips of Demi's friend. Demi spun around and faced me. i smiled and waved at her.
"Stevie! What are you doing here!"She shrieked.
I dashed, bent down, and covered her mouth.
"Sh! These walls aren't as thick as you think!"I hissed."This is just my thinking place. I didn't know you came here."
She lifted a wet hand and removed my hand from her mouth.
"Yeah, we come here. Its our place."She motioned to the girl next to her, who staring at me.
i looked at her and smiled, I recognized.
"Hey, Sam."I greeted her.
"Hi, Stevie. Good to see you out of the house."
I smiled hugely, bearing my teeth, she gasped.
"I know. I'm a Vampire. Well, your mermaid, I guess it really doesn't matter, huh?"
She smiled at me and shook her head."Guess not. Was that why you've stuck to the house these past few months?"
I nodded."Yeah, but don't get me started on anything, OK? I'm to hungry at the moment and when I'm hungry I'm cranky and weak. So please don't."
A sharp pain seared in my mouth and my fangs slid down again. I groaned as the pain intensified as the angs slid farther then before.The top of my chin is where they stopped. I ran a finger over the edges. Sharper then before. This wasn't good. I stood up.
"I had better go."I hissed.
I turned around and dashed back up the hallway. I swept to my contents, scooped them back up, and quickly put them on. I left the room quickly and quietly and jumped over the building as soon as my feet hit the dirt in the alley. I flew over the buildings and landed on the end of main street. I pulled my cloak down so it wasn't wrinkled up and started swiftly down the road. My fangs were still out.
"Hey, sexy!"I heard a holler form across the street.
I was in no mood for this. I turned, crouched, launched, and landed right in front of the boys. They backed right into the wall they were standing on. I snarled at them, showing my teeth. Their eyes widened in fright and they both cowered under my gaze. I could smell their blood pumping faster as their adrenaline raced. I smiled coldly. I struck out at one of the boys, knocking him unconscious. The other one screamed and jumped up and started to run. I launched and landed in front of him, facing him.
"Going somewhere?"I hissed.
He stumbled backward and hit the ground hard. I lurched to him, grabbing his shoulders, and pinning him to the ground. I sat on him and laughed at the fright in his eyes. I bent down and sank my teeth into his delicious blood. He screamed in pain. The sweet texture of his blood seeped out. It ran down his neck, over my lips, and into my mouth. I drank to my hearts content, most likely draining him blood. I jumped up from him and advanced on the other boy who was still out cold on the wall. I sank my teeth into him and drank even more. Finally, I lurched back. He was most likely drained as well. I growled. I wanted more. I was still hungry. I turned and made my way swiftly home.

I slammed the door open and stomped inside. My fangs shot back into my mouth and I sighed with relief. I heard voices in the kitchen and stepped to the wall and slowly edged towards the kitchen door. I listened carefully, waiting for the voice I was for certain would come. I stopped in the shadow of the door and peered inside. He wasn't there. Neither was Nick. i smiled softly. I relaxed my aching muscles as best as I could. They ached from not only anxiety, but also from hunger. Hunger was the worst. And it hurt so badly. My insides ached for more blood, I was craving it so badly. The windows in the kitchen were open, but it didn't bother me. My brothers smell didn't bother me one bit, i was used to their smell. Well, the humans that was. I smiled at that. Funny how things ended up in the long run. I hadn't seen my twin brothers and my older brothers in eleven years. They show up on the doorstep and they're changed. Literally. the wind blew in and a delicious smell wafted over to me. I licked my lips and the wonderful smell, my mouth was watering. Another human was in there. A blood bank human. And i wanted his blood. This time, there was no pain, my fangs just slid out. All the way to the end of my chin. I growled softly. The wind blew again and again, there was the smell. I stepped into the kitchen and snarled, looking around for the source. I followed my nose and lay my eyes on the most handsome boy I had ever seen in my life. His baby-blue eyes sparkled, even in the dim light. His wavy jet-black hair ran down to his shoulders. And he didn't look startled at my fangs. On the contrary, he looked happy to see them. He smiled encouragingly at me. He stood up so quickly I slammed into the wall with the delicious scent overpowering me. I hissed and he smiled.
"Like my smell?"He purred.
My eyes widened at his tone and I crouched down. I looked him over and stopped at the cross emblazoned on his chest pocket. It was a gold cross that sat on water. "Holy water." I wrinkled my nose at that, but smiled to myself. He wasn't a Slayer. He was a Savior. A handsome one at that. I let out a small growl and narrowed my eyes at him. He was good, but after what had happened, I really didn't trust anyone.
"You're just a Kid, aren't you?"
I snarled.
"Well, then. I'll take that as a yes, but you mature faster then most, don't you?"He stated matter-of-factually eying my fangs with excitement.
I growled again and glared at him. He smiled widely at me.
"You know what you are, don't you?"
Of course I knew what I was! I was a Vampire for crying out out loud! I said nothing, I just kept glaring.
"She knows what she is. We all know what she is! She's a Vampire, James! Why would you ask a superb question?"Joe asked, incredulous.
He turned to Joe, a frown upon his face and shook his head.
"You really don't know what I mean do you?"He asked, sadness coated his voice.
My phone went off, I took it out nad glanced at the text message.
"What are you talking about, James?"Joe prompted.
'Don't listen to anyone if they tell you you are more then a Vampire...Boss.'
My eyes widened in surprise. I felt my fangs slid back up into my mouth and I looked at James curiously.My phone went off again.
'I mean it, Stevie!!!'
I frowned at my phone. He was keeping something from me and I was going to fine out what it was. No matter what it took. James turned back towards me and studied my face.
"What kind of powers do you have?"
"Powers?"I asked startled.
He raised his eyebrows."All Vampires have Powers. You have the most and the most powerful because of what you really are."
I frowned at him and shook my head."Not true. Vampires who are old have Powers. Newbies don't."I told him.
He shook his head violently."No. All Vampires have Powers."
I opened my mouth to argue back but was interrupted by Nick entering the kitchen.
"He's right Stevie. All Vampires have Powers. Even you."He told me.
I stood up from my crouch and looked at him, startled once again.
"You're talking to me?"I asked hotly.
He shrugged and sighed."May as well. I was wondering why you didn't use your Powers when you attacked my Boss."
My mouth dropped open.
"You didn't use your Powers fighting? How come?"James asked, incredulous.
I slammed my mouth shut and rounded on James, flaring up."How could I? I don't have Powers?"I screeched.
"Of course you do!!! All Vampires do! Even Kids."
I bared my teeth and a low snarl escaped my throat.
"I have no Powers!"I said between clenched teeth, my anger flaring with every word.
"You do though!"James persisted.
A vase on the wall flew forward, straight for James' face. He ducked and it smashed into the wall. The table upturned and flew forward. James jumped sideways, out of the way and it went crashing into the wall also. I roared and threw up my hands. Black fire emitted from them. i swung my palms towards James and the fire exploded towards him. He raised his hands and the fire exploded like fireworks. It sent sprays everywhere, but didn't make a harm to anything. He smiled widely. I stood, stunned. I looked at my palms and gawked at them.
"How did I...?"I started, but failed to get the words out.
"Like I said, all Vampires have Powers."
My phone went off. I looked down at the text message.
'Listen to no one.'
I snarled at my phone and stuffed it back in my pocket.
"OK, so what if I have Powers? Doesn't mean a damn thing!"I said icily to James.
"Aren't you always hungry? Aren't you always craving to eat? The hunger just gets worse and worse each and every day? Sometimes you go completely crazy and attack someone within your reach just to feed."
I stared at him."How'd you know that?"
"Because I know what you are."
I frowned at him."What the hell are you talking about?"I demanded.
"Your the Vampire Goddess."
I shook my head."No way. Boss would've told me if I was Her."
"You know about her?"
"Sure. The Vampire Goddess is a legend. She's really Powerful. The most Powerful Vampire ever to exist. Although, no one is sure what happened to her."
James twisted his palm, the table flew back into its rightful place, healed. He sat back down next to Joe. Nick left the room with a dark look at the crest on James's chest pocket.
"Sit. Why don't you tell us about Her?"James said, pointing at the seat across from him.
"I'd rather stand."I said frostily.
"Alright. Will you please tell us?"
I stared at him, studying his face carefully. I could tell them. Then again, i couldn't. Boss wouldn't appreciate me telling them. Then again, who cared about Boss. He lied about the Powers. About my Powers. And what about what James had just said? What if it was true? What if I did turn out to be the Vampire Goddess? I wouldn't be able to handle it. Then again, I might be able to. I looked down at my hands again, stalling for more time. I knew the legend by heart. I had heard it so many times. It wasn't a problem to repeat it. Or was it? What if I choked on my words when I told them? That would look horrible in front of James. What if i couldn't speak? What if my throat got blocked and I made choking noises? Or, what if this was some sick joke?! How could it be? The Powers turned out to be real. But then again, it still could be. I frowned deeply and burrowed my eyebrows. This couldn't be a joke. It just couldn't. I looked up at James, into those baby-blue eyes and knew that everything he had said wasn't a joke. I knew, looking into those baby-blue eyes, i could trust him completely.
"She was born, centuries ago. No one is sure how many centuries, but we're pretty sure it was around the time that Vampires were going out of control. The time of The Deaths. That's what humans called it at least. Time of The Deaths. Anyways, she was born. Much more Powerful then any Creature of Night. At first, no one understood why or how, but they were certain of one thing. She would rule our worlds in her days to come. And rule she did. She fought Slayers of all kind, fought them to their Deaths. She kept Vampires safe for all times, as long as she lived. Its said Vampires live for eternity, but that's not true. Not entirely. Certain ways are to kill a Vampire. And once they are found out, you can kill off even a whole clan of us. Without a problem. Slayers did all they could, they stopped fighting for awhile. She became suspicious, started looking for them herself. When she thought they had all gone, they attacked. New methods of attacking and she soon couldn't hold them off. Not all of them. They killed her off. They had thought She was forever gone, went after the rest of the Vampires. One thing they hadn't thought of, was she coming back. Stronger then ever before. She was reincarnated. No one knows how or why, just like with the first one, but all we are for sure of is that She rules over us. Each and every time. Slayers soon found out with the second one and went after her, new methods. More Powerful methods to kill her. More Powerful Methods to kill each and every new Goddess. Every time the Goddess is killed, a new one is born, more Powerful then the last, to a much more devastating world then the one before. Feared greatly, but still respected greatly."I stopped here and glanced at James's face.
His face was set in stone, or so it seemed.finally, he moved and spoked in a low voice.
"What about this centuries Goddess?"
I frowned, shook my head, and shrugged."No one knows. Most likely she hasn't been reincarnated. Which makes us all fear for our lives."
"Why fear?"
"The Goddess is gone, gone from this world. She hasn't been reincarnated, so we have no one to protect us. No one."
"Yes, you do. What is the Goddess' name?"
I cocked my head to the side and looked at him with wonder.
"Her name changes each and every time she's reincarnated. No one knows until she shows her full Power."
Silence followed this statement. Why did he make me tell him all this? Why was he making me go against the rules i had learned to abide by? Wait, why should I abide by them? Boss lied to me about my Powers. What else was he lying to me about? Maybe i was the Goddess. Wow, that'd be so cool if I was. Way to cool. But it'd also be dangerous. I froze at that thought and frowned, remembering when I had first been changed into a Vampire.

'I lay there, breathing deeply. I groaned in pain as the fangs slid out. The pain was incredible. i had never felt pain like this ever before. I shook with pain and fear. I slowly moved to crawl on my hands and knees. I slowly went into the alley not far on my left side. My stomach gave a huge growl and pain seared through me again and the hunger seethed inside me. I swallowed and put my hand to my heart, leaning against the brick wall. I couldn't feel my heart, it wasn't beating anymore. I groaned with exhaustion, pain, and surprise. I sighed softly and closed my eyes. A shuffling of feet caught my attention. My eyes flew open and I spun up and onto the roof.
"We know who are"A whisper filtered through the air.
I hissed.A cold laugh echoed around.
"We know who you are! You can't hide from us! We will find you and kill you!"The voice said softly.
I growled softly.'

"Stevie?"James jolted me out of my reverie.
I glanced at him."Yeah?"I asked tiredly.
"You OK?"
I nodded."Fine."I said softly.
"You sure?"
"Can you tell me one more thing?"
I looked skeptically at him."What?"
"Tell me, is there anymore Vampires in this town besides your Boss?"
I frowned and shook my head."If there was, Boss didn't tell me."
Thinking of that, I realized that Boss didn't really tell me anything about other Vampires. He didn't like talking about them. None at all. I frowned at that and burrowed my eyebrows.
"Stevie?"Joe this time, worry coated his voice.
"He never told me anything about any other Vampires. Switched the subject whenever I brought it up."I told James.
He frowned and shook his head."What's his name?"
"I don't know. All I know him by is Boss. That's it. Refuses to give any other information besides that."
James stared at me with such intensity that I started to feel a little uncomfortable from the glare, but held my gaze. Something wet was running down my cheeks and when I brought my hand up to wipe it I realized it was tears. I drew in a shaky breath and shook my head violently.
"He lied to me."I hissed, clenching my fists.
"Which is why he is not a real Vampire."James said.
"What are you talking about?"
"Vampires can't lie, no matter how much they try. You were able to tell us you didn't have Powers without a problem because that's what you thought was the truth. It wasn't a lie in your eyes."
Wasn't a lie in my eyes. Well, that did make sense. In a sort of weird way. Why would he lie about being a Vampire? And not tell me anything? Unless... I gasped and looked at James with wide eyes.
"You don't think...?"I started
He shrugged."He probably is, Stevie."He said softly.
My anger flared in me, seething through bloodstream that was cold with hatred. I bared my teeth and growled and my fangs slid out. I felt hands on my shoulder push me back against the wall, my vision blurred.
"Stevie, don't!"I heard Nick near and far."You'll regret it!"
I snarled and threw out a fist. It connected and sent whoever had been holding me sprawling on the floor, screaming in pain. A bark and I was held back with fur hands. i didn't want to be held back. I wanted to attack. I let out a roar of anger and lunged forward and pushed the werewolf away from me. I saw through my blurry vision that he was thrown across the room and slammed into the wall. An uproar started in the kitchen, the windows smashed open around me and men in black appeared, holding daggers in their hands.
"No! Don't hurt her!"I heard Nick shout out.
One came towards me, I recognized that prowl. I screamed in fury and launched towards him. He smiled coldly and threw out a fist, slamming it in my stomach, sending me flying backwards into the wall. I slid down the wall, jumped up, and snarled. The other men came towards me, ready for attack. I roared in frustration and launched at the nearest one. Silver tainted the air, but I didn't care. I was hungry. I knocked him against the floor and sank my fangs into his neck. He screamed in pain.
"Stevie, no! We can get you blood! Just don't attack them!"Joe yelled from a distance.
I drew in the blood, I didn't care what he said. I felt a sharp pain in my back and flew backwards. I hissed in pain, but my hunger increased immensely. I wanted more. i felt about to explode if i didn't get fed. The wind let in a soft breeze and the smell drifted towards me again. The delicious smell. I licked my bloodied lips and moved towards James.
"Stevie!"Joe yelled, panicking.
I ignored him and went towards James. His blood would heal me. Make my hunger go away for a little while. Make any pain and hurt disappear. Make me better at everything. Make me better. I wanted him. And only him. Something slammed into me, sending me flying into the wall. I roared with anger again and attack my attacker. I bit my fangs into the neck and tasted blood I had been smelling for months now. I drew back and looked at my attacker. Joe lay there. I gasped, blood dripped down my fangs, ran down my neck, and onto my shirt. I swallowed and tasted blood running down my throat.
"Joe!"I hissed in anger and frustration.
A cold laugh filtered through the silent air. I whipped around and snarled. I lunged for him and knocked him into the wall.
"He's losing breath!"Nick shouted.
I spun on my heel and darted to Joe's side. i bent down and covered his throat with my hand. A light emitted from my hand and shot into his throat. I felt the blood leak back in and the hold on his neck close up. Joe let out a strangled breath. I let him go and crouched on my heels. He groaned in pain and tried to sit up. I pushed down on him and knew exactly what to say.Although, I had no idea before then what to do let alone say.
"Stay. You don't want to move."I told him.
He lay still and stared up at me. I looked into his eyes and knew he forgave me even without an apology. I stood up and turned around. the Knights stood watching me carefully, my brothers and James stood behind them. Zach was full Werewolf, Cody had his wand out, and Joshua's smell was horrifyingly disgusting. Demi's hand was wrapped in water, ready to strike. They were all looking at me. I knew they were going to strike at me if I went after someone again. I had to control myself, no matter how badly I wanted to kill the Knights and Slayers. Except Nick. Nick tried to save me. Why would he do that? I felt immense relief at him. A great weight felt like it was lifted from my shoulders and my mind cleared. I knew what i had to do once again. I put my hands together in prayer form and started to slowly spin in a circle. Every new cycle brought me a faster spin and soon i was spinning furiously fast. It would've been uncontrollable if it was someone other then me and i had tried this yesterday of course. I brought my arms straight out on either side of me and water swirled around my hands. I lifted my palms towards the ceiling and stopped spinning. I threw my palms in their directions and sprayed at the Knights. They roared in anger and went down, trying to block their selves from the water. It became a massive wave at them and they were washed out. When I doused the water enough to look at them, they were knocked out. I groaned and my knees buckled. My fangs slid back into my mouth and I put my face in my hands. I drew in a shaky breath and my throat burned with leftover blood from Joe. I lifted my head up and looked back at him. His eyes were closed, he was breathing restfully.
"He needs to get in his bed. He needs rest."I said in a scratchy voice.
I stood up, weak. James stepped towards me. Amazement sparkled in his baby-blue eyes. I felt guilty.
"James..."I started, but he held up a hand to stop me.
He stepped over to me and smiled down at me."Its OK. I caused that wind. So its fine."
I scowled at him."What?"
"I caused the wind. I had to."
"WHY? YOU MADE ME ATTACK JOE!!!"I screeched at him.
"And Joe knew what would happen. You were attacking anyone who came near you or you got near to. Look, he can't afford to die and neither can any of the rest of us except those Knights. But you can't kill them now, otherwise you'll want to go on a killing spree. You need to learn to control yourself."
It wasn't a lie. Not a lie at all. I crouched down and breathed deeply and calmed my shaking body. I stood up and looked at the Knights with hardened eyes, then back at James. I gave a sharp nod and turned back to the Knights. Boss stirred and sat up, he looked right at me and smiled coldly. I glared at him and raised a palm, shutting his opening mouth up.
"You will not speak one bit. You will listen to me."I said in a deep voice.
His eyes widened in shock, but he sat there, quietly.
"You can go, but the minute you leave the premises of this land you will immediately forget everything that happened. You will go back to your life of killing off Vampires and not being their Boss. Is that understood?"The words flowed from my mouth, not even entering my mind."You will hunt down us again. Vampire after Vampire. You'll remember that I'm the Vampire Goddess, but that's all you'll and your little clan will remember about me. Is that understood?"
Silence followed and he nodded quickly. I flicked my wrists and raised my voice.
"Wake."I demanded and the Knights startled from their knocked out composures."Begone."I said in a much higher voice, but much deeper.
They stood up and filed out the kitchen back door and into the night. I snarled in their direction and I saw them start to run towards the end. I breathed deeply and leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes.
"Stevie, you alright?"Nick asked.
"Why did you try to save me?"I asked him.
"Because...because...because...."He faltered on the edge of words.
I opened my eyes and stared at him curiously. He stood there, the words on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't spit them out.
"Nick, just say what you want to tell your little sister."James said quietly, his eyes never left my face.
"You're my little sister. I'm sorry for how I treated you this past week.I am really sorry. Please forgive me."The words piled out of his mouth.
I stared blankly at him and nodded, showing I accepted his apology. I couldn't smile. I wanted to ask something, but I couldn't until Joe woke up. I turned towards him, Kevin and Cody were slowly carrying him to his room. I watched as they left and followed in their suit, stopping at the bottom of the steps. I watched as they preceded up slowly and then turned towards the living room and went into it. I sat down on the couch and moved Nick's silver cross away from me. It didn't burn one bit. I didn't expect it to. James and Nick entered a few minutes after me. They sat down in the armchairs, I kept staring at the blank screen of the t.v.. We sat in silence for awhile.
"Stevie, it wasn't your fault."Nick told me.
I didn't move. Sure, it wasn't my fault, but it sure felt like it. Something Boss had told me kept going through my mind. Something that always went through my mind, no matter what. It always just popped up when it could and wanted. It played in my mind, played with who I was. Boss had told me it so many times, yet he had told me it only once. It swam around in my mind forever and ever. It just swam in there. I wanted it to stop at sometimes, but then again, at sometimes, I had thought it was meant to be there. Stuck in my brain for just this day.
"The Vampire Goddess is half-human half-Vampire."I whispered the memory.
"Yes. That's true."James whispered.
I lifted my right hand and put it to my heart. A gentle beating under my hand told me my heart was back in motion, but my bloodstream was as cold as ever before. I kept staring at the blank t.v., my hand stayed on my newly beating heart. Was it new? I mean, it was just my heart. The one I had had before I turned into a vampire. So was it new? I closed my eyes and saw something I didn't want to see.

'Fangs protruded out of Her mouth and she smiled coldly at me. Her chocolate brown eyes were wide open as she looked at me.Her dark chocolate shoulder length hair framed her pale face and blood-red lips. She stared at me, blood dripping from her fangs, hunger and pain in her eyes. She licked her lips. I could hear her heart beating, but she was a Vampire. How was that possible?'

My eyes flew open. I was on the ground. James and Nick stood above me, concern on the faces. I was breathing deeply and panting.
"You OK, Stevie?"
I sat up quickly and nodded. I jumped up and looked carefully at James.
"Is there more then one Vampire Goddess a century?"I asked him slowly.
He shook his."No, why?"
"Well, then, the century of Vampire Goddess' have ended."
He raised his eyebrows."Sorry?"
"I just saw Ammi, my best friend, a 'Goddess' "
"Really?"James asked, amazed."Awesome! Its finally happening!"He said, amazement coated his voice, his eyes sparkling.
"The Century of No Lies. Legend goes for it that three Vampire Goddess' and Three Saviors gather together to defeat the most intolerable Vampire Slayer known to mankind history and the most Powerful Vampire Clan."
I raised my eyebrows at him."Most Powerful Vampire Clan? Whose that?"I asked, skeptically.
"No one knows until she is found, but you had better call your friend there and get her over here. If she just recently got changed, she'll be going through what you did in the beginning."
I nodded and pulled out my cell phone. It wasn't a lie. Not one bit of it and I knew this. I knew it without even wanting to know it. No lie. No lie whatsoever. It was the Century of no lies. Three rings, then Ammi picked up.
"Ammi? Ammi, can you come over?"i asked, my voice choked.
"I can't. I'm busy with something."She said slowly.
I rolled my eyes and sighed softly."I know what your going through, its why you need to come over."
"You don't know what I'm going through!"She scolded.
"I do! Your a Vampire!"I said quickly.
A small pause then, spoken softly."How did you know?"
"I am one also. Its why you need to come over! We need to talk."I paused and glanced at James."And you need to meet someone who can explain a lot better then myself. I have a lot to learn myself as well."
"OK, I'll be right over in about ten minutes top. My new speed is incredible!"
I smiled softly."It is great isn't it?"
"Sure is. See you when I get there."
"See you."

We just stared at each other. We'd been doing this since Ammi had showed up, an hour ago. We wouldn't let anyone speak, let alone, we wouldn't speak. This was my idea in the first place. i wasn't going to speak until Joe woke up, which should be anytime soon, and I wasn't going to let anyone speak until then. I stared into those chocolate brown eyes of Ammi's, keeping her stare. She kept mine, not once blinking. All of my brothers, except Joe of course, and James sat on the couches and armchairs, staring at us, scared to speak. Even James. Two Kid Vampires who mature fast was a pretty scary idea to piss off. Me and Ammi sat on the mantle, facing each other, Indian crossed legged, hands in our laps, staring at each other, unmoving. This was a good thing about being a Vampire. We could stay still for hours on end without any trouble whatsoever and not move and inch for days, months, weeks, years, or centuries. I was a little scared we would go for a long time. Well, we were going to do it until Joe woke up and came downstairs. My mind was on Joe. I hoped with all my newly beating heart that he was OK.
'Let him be OK.'I prayed silently.'Please, let him be OK. I didn't mean to do that! I really didn't! Please your Majesty, let him be OK!'I sent out the plea to the past Vampire Goddess', hoping they would hear and help heal him. I pleaded with every fiber in my being. I only hoped it would help.
Ammi turned her head and glared at James, hunger sparking in her eyes. I snarled at her and shook my head. She turned to glare at me. I could feel tension in the air, the boys were scared. It was all due to Ammi. She was spiking their fear even higher. i swiftly stood up and crouched down. I would attack her if I had to. i wasn't going to let anyone get hurt again. I smelt blood and pain shot through my mouth. I groaned and leaned my head back, closing my eyes. My fangs protruded from my mouth and hunger licked my stomach. I was weak from the hunger, but strong enough to attack if I had to.I looked down at Ammi and growled deeply. She glared at me, fangs extending from her mouth, she snarled at me. We were both weak and hungry. We both needed to feed. James' delicious smelling blood would cure us for the time being. My mouth watered at this thought. I wanted his blood. That's all that ran through my head. How I could even think that of my brothers friend, I had no clue, but i wanted it. I wanted the blood. I turned to gaze at James and snarled at him. I wanted the blood so damn badly. My started to shake from hunger. I ran my tongue over my fangs and moaned in hunger. I wanted his blood.
"Aphrodite?"A weak voice said from the doorway.
I turned to the door and my eyes widened. Joe stood there, face pale and sweaty.
"Don't do anything you'll regret. That even means attacking James. I know you'll regret it, Stevie."He said weakly.
I swallowed and closed my eyes. I drew in a deep breath, trying to calm my fast pacing heart.
"his blood smells so wonderful."I hissed, glaring enviously at James.
"It may smell wonderful, but you can't Stevie. Please."
I sat back down on the mantle and put my face in my hands and groaned in agony. I was weak and hungry. I wanted to feed. I had blood lust so deep that I couldn't handle it. I was pretty sure it was worse then Ammi's blood lust. I snarled and looked up at James. I jumped up, roared in anger, and launched myself at him. I was slammed into someone and thrown against the wall. I let out another roar. I kicked my attacker and they flew back into the opposite wall. I launched myself into a crouch and growled deeply. My attacker jumped up, it was Zach. He howled and launched himself back at me as I made my way to James. We slammed into the glass table, sending shards everywhere. It didn't effect either one of us. I threw out my palm and pushed him flying into the air. I stood up and twirled and smashed a fist into his stomach as he came down. He flew sideways, right into the couch. I turned to James and roared, red tinging my vision. I smelt his blood, the blood I wanted. I roared in frustration and launched myself at him. Again, I was attacked from the side. Burning flesh soared through the air and I screamed in pain. silver was being pressed against my palms again. I lurched back, away from it, and looked at my blistering palms. I snarled and looked up, Ammi stood there, gazing down at her blistering palms. She was the one who had attacked me. She whimpered in pain and I snarled at her in delight. My body was shaking with hunger and the red tinging my eyes deepened. All I was seeing was red. Deep red. Blood red. I lifted my hands, throwing them down, I screamed blood murder. I heard shattering behind me and pings of glass cascaded into my back. I still wasn't effected. A door slammed open and voices shouted from the hallway. I didn't care, I wanted James. I made my way slowly to him, my eyes on him. I heard shouting around me and movement in the corner of my eyes. I ignored it all and still went for James. I saw fear spark his eyes and he took a step backward. i smiled coldly at his fear, excitement flaring through my body.
"Stephany! Don't you dare! I'll ground you young lady!"
I froze at the threat and whipped my head around to see who had spoken. I blinked and saw my father standing there, bound back my Zach, whose chest was bleeding. I could see the effort it took him to restrain out father through the pain. I snarled, but didn't look away. I watched Zach's face. It went from pain to exhaust over and over. A pain shot through my mouth and my fangs slid back in my mouth. I watched Zach let go of Father and crumble to the floor in a heap. I could see his shallow breathing and the image of me pushing my palm into his chest sending him for the ceiling flashed through my mind. The blood red vision slowly cleared as I stared at him, my body stopped shaking and my heart ceased its racing. I dashed to Zach's side and fell to my knees. He looked up at me, his eyes dying.
"I'm so sorry."I groaned.
"Its OK."He whispered
I shook my head violently."No! NO!"I screeched.
I whirled around, standing up and threw out my arms. A blinding white light surrounded my body and swirled around me like a tornado. Its warmth filled me. I spun around and pointed my palms down at Zach. The white tornado flew to him and swirled around his weakening his body. It soared in and out of his body. I pushed harder on the Mist and it soared right into his chest, sending white sparks flying everywhere. Then, everything cleared, as fast as it had started. He lay there, panting. but not a single scratch on his body. He gazed, surprised, up at me. I smiled and twirled my palms. The mist appeared, twirling around my palms. I whipped them slightly and the Mist ceased. I let out a laugh that sounded like bells chiming through the air. I gave out a whoop of achievement. I spun around, my smile widened at the shocked face of my father. It was time to tel him, this wasn't going to be easy. I still smelled James' blood. I still had blood lust, but I would have to figure out how to control it. I hated that part. I was hungry for his blood, but I wouldn't attack again. I wouldn't.

"Well that was easier said then done."I muttered to Ammi the next day as we sat outside.
She was leaning against the house, eyes closed.
"Yeah, thought he would freak."
"Me to."I nodded in agreement, gazing across the field."Why does James' blood smell so delicious?"I whined.
I heard Ammi sigh."I know why."
I turned to her, she was gazing at me with chocolate brown eyes. Laughter sparked in them. I frowned at her.
"Why?"I demanded.
"James is like Joe to me."
I burrowed my eyebrows."Huh?"I asked confused.
"You know I have a crush on Joe."
I pretended to vomit slightly, but then turned serious."Yeah, so?"
"His blood smells delicious to me. My blood lust is for Joe. Like your blood lust is for James."
i shook my head, frowning."I'm not getting the jist."
"Your crushing on James."
My eyes widened and I jumped up quickly. I held my palms up and backed away.
"No way! No way! No way! I am not!"I pleaded with her.
"Sorry, Stevie, but you are."
I moaned and threw my hands over my face. I shook my head and groaned, sinking back to the ground. This was so not happening. Everything was going just fine, so why did this have to happen? My Father took the news of us kids being Creatures way better then any of us expected and he was perfectly fine with it. He extended all of our curfews and even looked proud of us all. It was creepy, but totally worked out to my advantage. But this? This? No it couldn't be true. But deep in my heart, I knew, just somehow. It was true. This was going to be trouble for me. I was crushing on the boy that I wanted to kill so I could drink his blood. Great, just my luck. I looked up at Ammi. she was watching me carefully.
"Its true."I moaned.
She nodded slowly, her eyes shifting behind me. I looked behind me and gasped. The delicious smell hit my nostrils, but the sight was incredible. He looked so handsome in the sunlight. His hair shone darkly and I could see laughter filling him. I could just see myself kissing those full lips, but as soon as that image popped into my mind, I saw myself drinking his luscious blood. I licked my lips, imaging the sweet texture running down my fangs and chin. I could just feel it streaming into my mouth. My mouth watered. I was so hungry, but I stayed put. I watched as he and my brothers messed around in the field. I wanted him. I wanted him so badly. I moaned in desperation and with some effort, I pulled my eyes away from him and back to Ammi. She was looking at me again, hunger lighting her eyes. i shook my head, she nodded hers, agreeing with me. We both had blood lust, but it would have to just stay like that. Blood lust.

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bri-br said...
on Nov. 5 2014 at 4:28 pm
the first sentence got me hooked

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Of course!!!! not a problem!! As soon as I am able, I will!!!!

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when your in jail a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to yours saying "Damn that was fun" - groucho marx

love the story could you write more chapters  

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Time only numbs all pain, it does not heal the wounds created by, nor does it heal the pain

Thank you so much! And I will definitey be wrting more as soon i get more inspiration(:

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Time only numbs all pain, it does not heal the wounds created by, nor does it heal the pain

I will definitey write more!!! as soon i possible can(: Thank you!!! just keep an eye out for more!!!

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when your in jail a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to yours saying "Damn that was fun" - groucho marx

you should write more i want to know what will happen next :)

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Time only numbs all pain, it does not heal the wounds created by, nor does it heal the pain

I'm glad to hear that! I'll be working on it more!

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Time only numbs all pain, it does not heal the wounds created by, nor does it heal the pain

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I really enjoyed it! I never been such a fan of vampire novels, but now I think I'm changed! :) Keep it up!

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I like your instinctive and imaginative work :D it had an atmosphere about it that keeps readers wanting more and more until they split into two :) keep going...I'll be keeping tabs on your work ahaa :D

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Time only numbs all pain, it does not heal the wounds created by, nor does it heal the pain

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i've only read the first chapter so far, and i think its sweet. only i think you might want to vary your word choice, and add a few more descriptions. but other than that keep up the good work!!