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Meant to Be

September 25, 2011
By UglyMushroom GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
UglyMushroom GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
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When Amber Wickley and her family move into their new home, Amber can tell something is not right. She knows she has never been here before, but the house and everything in it seem very familiar to Amber. She begins to see a ghostly girl roaming the house. But this isn’t just any spirit - the girl looks just like Amber. So what does this girl want? And how are her similar looks possible? When Amber discovers clues in the house hinting at this girl’s past, things only get more bewildering.

Meanwhile, Aaron Crow, Amber’s new neighbor, begins to have visions of a deamon-like man whom only he can see. But what this frightening man tells Aaron to do may be what unnerves him most of all.

Together, Amber and Aaron work to find out where these entities came from and what they want, and getting closer to each other along the way. But no matter how strong the love between them becomes, it could be the truth they uncover that will inevitably tear them apart.

Emily L.

Meant to Be

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on Dec. 19 2011 at 5:53 pm
Pretzel..Dream GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
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I love this its creepy but not in a bad way. I hope you will add to it soon.