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The Death Of A Princess MAG

By Anonymous

   As the world woke on that Sunday morning they learned of the death of a princess. Although Princess Diana was no longer a member of the royal family, she had become the "people's princess" to the world and world wide people mourned her death.

Her life was tragically ended as her car sped into a tunnel in Paris followed by the paparazzi, a group of photographers who hounded the princess as she lay dying and two other people lay dead. Almost immediately walls of flowers, candles, and cards surrounded her home, Buckingham Palace, and British embassies around the world. Now people are left to wonder what will the world do without their "queen of hearts" and what will her two young children do without a mother.

Princes William and Harry now have to deal with the loss of a mother and the spotlight of the world might now turn on them. In their eyes Princess Diana was their mother who spent her time in the role of goodwill ambassador to the world and whose every move was subject to the scrutiny of the tabloid press. In the eyes of people who never met the Princess but admired her strong will to fight the injustices of the world and her commitment to making the world a better place to live, she could do no wrong. People just wanted the Princess, who had been through so much, to be happy.

People's sorrow is now mixed with anger as more is learned about this tragic accident that could have been prevented. As more is learned about the seven paparazzi's role in the crash, there is international pressure for formal charges of involuntary homicide and failure to assist at the scene of an accident to be filed. Questions about the introduction of privacy laws are being considered in Germany, Great Britain and the United States. Also it was discovered that the driver had consumed more than three times the legal limit of alcohol, making this tragedy seem even worse with the knowledge that it could have been prevented.

As Princess Diana was laid to rest, she leaves behind a legacy of making countless people feel better regardless of their status in society, their color, religion and health. The world can now only hope to find someone who can carry on part of the work that she started. The woman who could never find any peace in life is now finally at peace, but at a tragic cost. ?

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