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Yeah, We'Re The Smart Ones! MAG

By Anonymous

   We are the intelligent beings on this planet, the experts say. Yes, they say, we are smart; and animals, like lions and whales and dogs, are inferior. They are not smart enoungh to make an atomic bomb that killed over one hundred fifty thousand people. They are not smart enough to engage in a genocide and war in which six million Jew, three million other innocent civilians, and twenty-nine million Russians died. Yes, we are the smart ones - the ones who create nuclear power plants whose meltdown caused thousands of deaths and mutations. They are the dumb ones who do not throw their trash into the oceans, who do not use pesticides, firearms or missiles. They are not smart enough to come up with chemicals like Agent Orange to kill thousands of their own species. But we are smart, we are so smart that we create LSD, PCP, and steroids.

Yet still, we are smart and they are inferior. They hunt for food; some people kill for the fun of it. They roam the land as a habitat; we use it as a demolition ground, destroying everything in our way. We have created such a mess that we cannot turn back; and the inferior ones are suffering. They are stupid: they cannot build big cities creating so much smog that acid rain falls. Yet, they are paying the price. They are the ones facing extinction, and we become even smarter.

What will it take to make this world of five to six billion people realize that we are not too smart? What will it take to show that our knowledge is absurd? Will we need a global nuclear holocaust? We are so smart, yet we can't even live together in peace. Will we force ourselves to live in caves again or to create domes around us to make our environment safe? What will it take? If it takes the total destruction of this Earth to make us realize what is wrong, it will be too late. So what do we do now? Do we wait? And hope that somehow we can change our situation? And pray? We must pray that if we can't change things, at least this time bomb that we're sitting on doesn't explode while we're alive. Who would want to be around when that happens? ?

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i love this so much!