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By Anonymous

   Getting permission from parents can often be a long, tedious battle, but with some help, it can be made easier. Always approach your parents in a cool and calm manner; maturity is the key to your success. Propose your question, and if the response is negative, stay calm. Yelling is a poor approach to the solution of the situation. If you ask your parents to hear you out, I'm sure they'll listen. Prepare your points beforehand and supply them in a weakest to strongest format; using the strongest for the climax. Constantly give examples of why your points are valid. Include how successful you are with present responsibilities, and the fact that you are a good kid can only help your chances. Never mention the "Well, Tommy's mother is letting him." This can only lead to boring lectures about how what Mrs. Smith allows her son to do has no effect on you. If the answer continues to be negative, respect that decision and ask them to think about it. Screaming at your parents will not make them change their minds, but will only get you in possible trouble. Asking permission can be simplified with three basic components: 1) maturity 2) the building of your points (strongest to weakest), and 3) your individual level of responsibility. Respect is the key to receiving; one can only expect respect if it is given to others. ?

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This was so useful. I love it!! I cant stress on how much i love it.

i love this so much!