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Appreciating One's Education MAG

By Anonymous

   I appreciate being able to get an education. Some kids just don't know how great it is to be able to go to school. If I were still in Vietnam, I would only be able to go to school to the fifth grade. That would be the end of my education. After that I would either work in the rice paddies or sell fruit in the market for the rest of my life. I wouldn't be able to go on to any higher education unless I could save my money, which would be most unlikely, since we share money we make with our family. It is a sin if one doesn't share the money with family.

I don't see why most kids don't appreciate what they have, rather they take it for granted. In my country, having an education through the twelfth grade would be the most wonderful thing in the world. Although it's hard to believe, it's true, since my parents tell me this all the time, as do my cousins who have recently come to America.

All my mom ever wished for was to go back to school, but she couldn't. She, like many other women, stopped at the age of fourteen to help their families by working.

Whenever I do badly in class, I think what my parents have told me, and I try to do my best. But sometimes I cheat and don't put my best effort into my work, which results in a low grade.

But I always keep in mind when I get frustrated that I'm in America and I am given the privilege to go to school. And I ask myself the same question: "Would I rather be in Vietnam selling fruit?" I always answer with "I would rather be right where I am." ?

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