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Education: The Only Solution MAG

By Anonymous

   One of the only ways to reduce problems like drugs and alcohol, crime and teen pregnancy is, in my opinion, through education. I recently watched an episode of "Dangerous Minds" in which the teacher took her students on a visit to a prison. The purpose was to show them what a life of crime would bring. Their reaction was one of fear. They were terrified at the idea of spending a long time in such a horrible place. I know it's only a TV show, but the moral was effectively conveyed.

If you want to prevent teens from doing drugs, show them people who have died from drug overdoses. If you want teens to stop abusing alcohol, show them people who died from drunk driving. If you want teens to stop having sex, show them people who are dying from sexually transmitted diseases. You can even show them women whose lives are totally ruined because they had babies while they were babies themselves. You have to show them people who are good role models that they can relate to. If you show them those who live in the so-called "fast life," teens will think it only happens to those types of people. Teenagers today think they are invulnerable, even invincible. You need to drill it into their heads that it can and will happen to them if they are not careful.

In today's society, teens do not look at the consequences of their actions. The only way to get the point across is to show them the consequences. Show them the pain; show them the hurt; show them the wasted lives. Scaring teens into not doing something may be the only way to deal with the situation. If it is, I say, "So be it." ?

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