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By Anonymous

   I do not think I will ever understand why we put ourselves through this killer quickened pace. This constant race to get the job done - only to begin a new one. I wonder "Has it always been this way?" It seems that only in recent years have we been running this ridiculously hectic course. Our fast pace is reflected in everything from the faster beat in our music, to the raised speed limit on the nation's highways. Every destination can always be reached more quickly. Every job completed could be done faster. This speedy tempo makes me jumpy, and I cannot concentrate on the job at hand because I have to be prepared to run off to my next destination. It is no longer important to do the quality job, but only the fastest one so no one will be inconvenienced for longer than necessary. This only results in shoddy work, but I suppose we are just too busy to take notice of that as well.

My school is a prime example of this ludicrous time management. The teachers talk from bell to bell with kids scribbling down notes. Then the bell sounds, and, like a gun, signals the start of another four-minute dash to the next class. Kids are complaining but with teachers too busy teaching and staff too busy administrating, there is no one with the time to listen or care.

Eating on the run and throwing it away before I'm done. This all-too-well describes my day. Activities are begun and dropped for lack of time to complete them. Doesn't anyone opt for the slower style of life anymore? I know that some must. I can't imagine that everyone loves the heart attacks and stress related ailments that result from our pace.

I want something different: I want to be able to stop and enjoy the day for all its worth. I want to be a teenager with unscheduled time to let my imagination run. I want time to talk to my friends and to those I love, saying more than just a passing hello. Most of all, I long for the day that I can awaken and say "This, this very moment is where I want to be, and it is not about to rush past me." ?

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i love this so much!