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By Anonymous

   Cellular phones, Ferraris, nose jobs Teenage reality? Yeah, right. Beverly Hills 90210 is not a reality for teenagers today. Who can relate to Kelly and her nose job, or Brenda and Brandon and all of their so-called "problems"? Yet, this show has been on for five years, while ABC's My So Called Life, whose season finale was January 26, has only been on for one season and in spite of the fact that it is one of the best shows on television in years, it may be on ABC's cancellation list.

ABC should really open its eyes and look at all the petitions, fan mail, and depressed faces of teens who fear they will cancel My So Called Life.

Sure, we don't stay in the bathroom all period, or talk in the halls for a half hour, but this show is reality. Critics say teenagers need a show to admire and characters to look up to, they claim that My So Called Life is fake and the characters are too negative! What do they know? Every single thought that Angela Chase has had on that show, I know I have thought before. Angela, who is played by Claire Danes, happens to be the same age as her character (15; she is not a 25-year-old portraying a high school student, like those on Beverly Hills 90210. The characters on My So Called Life wear the same clothes in many of the episodes, unlike the teens of 90210 who wear different miniskirts and halter tops to school every day.

"It's like I'm talking and something is coming out, but I have no idea what I'm saying," said Angela in an episode of My So Called Life. What teenage girl hasn't said something they don't even know they're talking about, when their crush walks by?

I sprinted home on Thursday nights just to tape the show and if I ever missed it (which was not often), I didn't bother worrying because I knew all my friends had it on tape. My So Called Life is in a tough time slot competing with Mad About You, and Friends, so why doesn't ABC change the time or day? Although it is a show for teens, my parents are starting to enjoy it. Who could bear missing Jordan Catelano every week leaning against lockers and mumbling his feelings for Angela? When I walk down the hall, I don't see pictures of 90210 hanging in lockers. I see Jordan Catelano, and even other cast members' pictures.

No one understands how much this show means to me, my friends, and teenagers in general. This show should not be canceled! Watching Angela and Rayanne and especially Jordan every week cannot be taken away. My So Called Life is a show that all teens can relate to. ?

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i love this so much!