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...And Justice For Some MAG

By Anonymous

   Picture it, you're sitting at the lunch table; you hear it; you don't pay it much mind, but you hear it again, and then ... BAMM! It hits you. You suddenly realize that all around you there are acts and words of discrimination being expressed. Discrimination is everywhere and in today's society, many of us are so accustomed to it that we may not even realize we are being exposed to it or are doing it ourselves.

Take a moment to think about what you say; think about all those times you may have picked on that new kid because she was different, or teased someone about weight or height. Think about all those dumb blond jokes or jokes about someone's speech or accent. Discrimination is not merely making fun of or hating someone because of race, religion, color or sex, it is any time you separate people because of their differences.

Why do we do this? Why does a nation founded on freedom for all not act on this belief? Why in a country where everyone is supposed to be equal is there only justice for some? These and many questions have no real answers. People always want to know WHY? Why do people hate and discriminate against others? What are two possible reasons? Survey says ... Ignorance and Fear. So often in our society we fear what we don't understand or what we are not used to. Rather than learn about others, we stereotype and group all people with common traits into one category. It's not fair, yet to many, it is all they know. It is what they were taught and the only way they know how to deal with people who are different.

These people take the qualities that make each of us unique and turn them into something ugly. It is our differences that make us special. It is our diversity as a group that makes life enjoyable. A world where everyone is the same, where everything looks the same, isn't worth living in. We should be learning about others and celebrating our differences, not hurting each other because of them. You'll never know the friend you may be missing if you don't make the effort to get to know that person. Would you really want to live in a world with only one type of person? With one type of scenery? With only one type of bird? With only one type of food? You decide; it's your choice. ?

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i love this so much!