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   One Decision

by M. W., Clinton, MA

I am a sophomore at Assabet Valley Regional Vocational High School in Marlborough, Massachusetts and am writing on behalf of vocational schools. My decision to come to Assabet was difficult to make. Midway through eighth grade, I decided to apply to Assabet. I figured that I could see if I was accepted and then go from there. If I was, but later decided I didn't want to attend, I knew I didn't have to.

About a month after I applied, I received a letter of acceptance. The time had come for me to decide whether a public high school or a vocational school would prove to be more beneficial to my future. On one hand, a vocational school would help me to get ahead and give me a better chance of finding a job directly after high school. But on the other hand, I had heard stories that vocational schools were not the best academically.

I talked to my older brother who had graduated from Assabet. He told me that the stories about the academics were completely false and Assabet was an excellent school. He had graduated eleventh in his class and was able to find a job in his trade after graduation.

I was receiving a lot of pressure from my middle school guidance counselor who told me that my grades were too good and I would be throwing my life away if I went to a vocational school. My brother, at this time, was still trying to convince me to attend Assabet and my parents told me that it was my decision. They said they would support me regardless of what it was.

After much thinking, I made my choice. It was Assabet, although I was still not completely sure. It turned out that everything my brother told me was correct. The vocational instruction is excellent, as are the academics. Despite what others might think, I learn as much academically at Assabet as I would at a public high school. Students here have two periods of math and English on academic weeks to make up for what is missed on the weeks we are in our shops. We are in school longer than others and have no study periods. Vocational schools are as good as, if not better than, public high schools. We experience the best of both worlds.

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