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by G. P., Portland, ME

There is no legitimate reason for gays not to be allowed in the military. If you would, give one good reason why gays should be banned from combat. When people go into the military, they don't go to find a boy or girlfriend, but rather to strengthen America or strengthen themselves. Some people say gays should be allowed in the military, but not in combat. Does sexual preference really matter when fighting for our country?

The common argument for the ban against gays is embarrassment. The embarrassment of being with a gay in the showers. The embarrassment of not knowing how to act or feel around a gay. Others say the military is doing fine without gays. What is the need for change? They say change can only hurt unit morale. The people who express these arguments are being ignorant snobs. These people need to look past their ignorances and accept gays for who they are and what they can do. There have been many incidents where highly-skilled and highly-ranked military people have been told to step down during their stay in the military for admitting to be gay.

The real issue here goes beyond the military and gays. Every day blacks, Jews, Hispanics and gays are labeled for what they are. Hasn't the world learned anything from World War II, Martin Luther King and many others? I want you to take a look at your best friend. Do you like him or her for what he or she looks like, or the god he or she believes in? Or do you like his or her kindness, friendliness, and personality? Ninety-five percent of you will probably say kindness, friendliness and personality. Why? Because you like your friends for who they are. But some of the very same people who say they like their friends for who they are, are prejudiced against others. The people of this great country need to look beyond race, religion and sexual preference. They need to look past ignorances to help stop prejudice in the military and in the world.

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i love this so much!

Emy3nerd said...
on Sep. 7 2011 at 9:57 am
I really like this peice and feel that a lot of people should read this and look between the lines.