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What Is It About Hate? MAG

By Anonymous

   What is it about HATE?

by S. V., Fall River, MA

Is is just me or do you notice it too? Notice what? you ask. Well, I'll tell you what: it's hate. People (myself included) never really notice the good things about other people, all that we notice are the bad things about everyone else. What does this accomplish? I must ask myself that a million times a day. A big problem (or at least I think it's a big problem) is racism. Do you ever stop to think that maybe if we didn't dwell on it so much, maybe people wouldn't dwell on it so much? Oh, of course, it will still be there, but maybe not at the magnitude that it is now.

It seems we only remember the good things about people after they're dead. Now you tell me what good is it going to do when the person's dead? Shouldn't we say nice things about people while they're alive so they can enjoy the good things we say?

But what can we do? Right? Well, maybe if we are more kind to the people around us, then maybe they'd do the same to the people around them, and so on. Maybe I'm just confused myself, but don't you think that it's time to do something about all the hatred that's around us? As one alone we can do nothng singificant, but as a group maybe, just maybe, we might be able to do something. Little as it may seem, it probably would do good.

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