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By Anonymous

   Compromise - Not Confrontation

by L. W., Derby, CT

People, do you remember that saying adults try feeding us? They say (and I quote), "The children are our future." We are the future. Well, let me ask you guys, how's the future lookin'? Pretty damn sad, don't you think?

Listen. I'm giving you all a little, no, a big piece of reasoning with a side order of reality. Brothers and sisters of the world, we've been conned by our beloved media. Instead of telling us the flat out truth about things, they've decided to brainwash us into thinking life's a beer commercial. We've just started to wake up but most of us are still asleep. In my case, I was born with my eyes wide open and so far I feel like I'm on the verge of insanity because I loathe what I've been seeing for 16 years. Men beating women. This so-called race war, AIDS, hatred, drugs, senseless murders, misused authority, madness, sexual violators of all kind, users, abusers. And what do these so called mature adults do or say about these problems they say it's all so and so's fault. As a matter of fact, that's what's going on now.

To me it sounds a lot like two kids complaining about who did what first and to whom. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, folks, but it really doesn't matter whose fault this mess is. If we don't fix it and fast, we are all going to hell in a handbasket with a little greeting card saying: "Sorry we took so long." Listen to what I'm saying.

US; we have to resolve our differences and save ourselves from this destruction. Our parents can't help us out of this one. They're the ones who got themselves in this situation and they were hoping we would be able to bail them out. But unknowingly, instead of teaching us to be better people, they turned us into carbon copies of themselves.

"We're the future indeed." We're making the same old mistakes they made but it's still early for us to change our ways. Because if we don't, our children will have to inherit the burden of changing the world, that is if any of them survive puberty. We are already saying our children are the future as well. How dare we pass along such a horrid chore to our children. I thought we wanted better lives for them. So you see it's all up to us to do this. It's our time now! Keep in mind, order always comes out of chaos. If you want change, if you want a revolution, you've got to work for it.

So if you really care, brothers and sisters of the world, join us enlightened people to reclaim our future and our home for our children. Remember this country was founded by rebels who wanted better lives for themselves and their kids, and if history really does repeat itself, then we should be just fine. People, it's your move.

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i love this so much!

on Aug. 1 2009 at 2:59 am
Nicoooooooole, Makay, Other
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agreed , though i live in Austrlia , i feel we have the same issues . I think issues are more publisized here though. We have a lot of advertisements on tv; men beating women; drug abuse; depression. Even though more people know about it and how wrong it is, its not stopping and, i can say for myself that we don't know how to deal with it if we witness these events. We need to be the future, we need to man up, we need to rebel. x.