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   I think this whole situation with Dan Quayle and Murphy Brown is ridiculous. There are a lot of television shows with single mothers and fathers, and even more people who I know who live in homes with only one parent. Those parents know it's hard to raise a child without help from a husband or wife. But they do their job well and love their children just as much as two parents would. I am a child who lives with both parents, and Murphy Brown doesn't make me want to go out and have a baby without a husband when I'm older. I saw the episode when Murphy had the baby and she definitely did not make being in her situation look easy or glamorous.

Dan Quayle was wrong to say that sit-coms are ruining American family values. If he was going to attack television, why didn't he attack the violence on television? That is much more corrupting than "Murphy Brown." Some single mothers might be harming their children, but there are many things more harmful to children on television today. n

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