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By Anonymous

   America does not want to grow up. Both teenagers and adults are trying to retain their childhood. Maybe it's a teddy bear on a teenage girl's bed or a model train set that's been in the basement "for years" and was just brought up last Sunday or perhaps it is all those adults in toy stores who are "just looking."

These are our ways of trying to keep our childhood alive so that we can stay "forever young" and never grow up. In each one of us is a tiny Peter Pan, a small voice there to keep our childhood alive until we realize that our childhood is not meant to be hidden away, but rather to be shown openly. Those who say that trying to retain our childhood is "childish" are correct, in a sense. But then again we should feel sorry for those people who are the Captain Hooks of the world, those who have lost their childhoods forever. And everyone knows that Captain Hook never wins. n

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i love this so much!