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We Won! MAG

By Anonymous

   Well, the war's over. High fives all around. Only seventy-nine dead. Heck, that's a slow year of homicides in Boston. So, 100,000 Iraqis were killed? 200,000? Ah, big deal. They're just Iraqis. They don't look at death the same way we do, anyway. Nah, they love watching their children die in enemy fire. And our quarrel's not with the Iraqi people anyway, remember? It's just with Saddam Hussein.

Oh sure, he's alive while all these innocent people have died, but we got him out of Kuwait, didn't we? So he destroyed their oil wells and tore up their country. The good ol' U.S. can always rebuild them. And Iraq too, as long as we're at it. Heck, we've got money to burn, don't we? I mean why help out our own poor and needy when we can ship all our resources halfway around the world to a country we bombed into a barren wasteland?

And to think we all complained Reagan and Bush spent too much money on weapons. We thought they'd go to waste. And now look at all the use we've gotten out of them. And ya know, if some of us had had our way that money probably would have been spent on human services or education.

Yup, with a man like George Bush in the driver's seat, we can all sleep safe tonight. In Sweden. n

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i love this so much!