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By Anonymous

   Some of my friends smoke. Some of them drink. And, I'm sorry to say, a few even take drugs. I have another set of friends, however, who are totally free from all of that. We are the "straightedge" kids.

I admit I've experimented with cigarettes and alcohol. Personally, I would rather have a Pepsi than a beer any day. And cigarettes are just plain gross. I've seen what drugs do to people, so I stay away from that.

Straightedge kids don't smoke, drink or take drugs. Some, like myself, take it as far as being partial vegetarians, and don't wear leather.

I will never drink anything containing alcohol again, and there is no way that I will smoke or take drugs.

Kids these days are faced with so many choices. Sometimes, too many. I'm glad that I chose to be straightedge. After all, I do live on the edge - the straightedge. n

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i love this so much!