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wats goin on

October 20, 2009
By Geisbengals GOLD, West Jefferson, Ohio
Geisbengals GOLD, West Jefferson, Ohio
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People try to tell there's no boogy man, nothing that goes bump in the nite, But deep down inside u always know that there is. people try to shelter you from the reality of lnowing that there's always sumthin evil around the next corner of ur life. Trying to shelter us from all of the bad in the world. Yet its always there. On ur tv, radio, home, school, and most of all ur heart and soul... many kids die every year because their parents have tried to shelter them to much. Either cuz of some alcoholic was speeding in a school zone or they just couldn't handle what has happened in the family or with their friends so they take their own life. So remeber this the next time u Think its safe to cross the street, that you have to watch out for everything cuz death comes quickly and u won't be expecting it u cant run from it for ever...

The author's comments:
You'll experiance many things in life dont fear everything try as many things as possible don't let anything get you down and love wat your doin cuz the best thing to do is treat everyday like its ur last.

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