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Cheaters Aren't Dumb, They'Re Just Lazy MAG

By Anonymous

   Cheaters Arent't Dumb,

They're Just Lazy

by D. P., Johnston, RI

"Psst ... What's the answer to number two?" asks a student in a hushed tone to one of his peers. How common is this occurrence in today's schools? Based on my high school experience, I would say it is omnipresent. I would estimate that 90-95% of high school students cheat on tests when the opportunity presents itself. Cheating, which emerges from a dearth of academic integrity, is the lazy man's means toward academic accomplishment. I find this pathetic. I may be given many unsavory titles for what I am about to say, but I will proceed undaunted.

I believe cheating is a manifestation of laziness. Many cheat not because they are not intelligent, but rather they cheat because they do not feel like doing the work. Soon this laziness leads to being forced to cheat out of necessity. After all, if you cheated your way through Algebra I, you obviously could not excel in Algebra II without cheating in that course, as well.

As one who prides himself on never jeopardizing his academic integrity, I sometimes wonder how people who constantly cheat feel about themselves. I mean how does it feel knowing that you earned none of your grades? How does it feel knowing that you couldn't pass the test on your merit? Or suppose you cheated but didn't pass the test? That must really make you feel STUPID!!

It would seem to me that all of the grades on a report card earned by cheating are worthless. And if you cheat your way through school, as some people I know do, do you want to know what I think your diplomas and degrees are worth? They are worth nothing!!! These may be strong words, but people who do not have the intestinal fortitude to put in the time and effort to study are going to come to a point in their lives when cheating will no longer be a viable means toward the end: success. And then what will these cheaters do?

Academic integrity definitely seems lacking in today's schools. If you, the reader of this article, fit the description of the student I have described, my humble advice is simple: Get off of your lazy derriAre and get to work!

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