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Is Art a Necessity?

March 12, 2011
By HanleyGrace GOLD, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
HanleyGrace GOLD, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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The world has always thrived on art. Great civilizations always came with excellent artists to go along with it, those who believed in an outside of the box approach to the world. This creates the culture of a civilization, something to remember it by, something to mark its legacy. But in today's world, especially in this country, art is becoming low on the list of priorities, especially in schools. This is the problem. This is what has to change.
Art and music programs are being cut out of schools all over the country due to budget costs. I simply don't get that. I realize that in today's society, money rules. But would a school cut out math due to lack of money? What about history? Maybe they should dispose of P.E. Art is just as important as any of those subjects, if not more. It is as much and academic subject as literature and is vital to a students proper education. Still, many feel that there is simply no way to get around cutting this out, that it is either this or something required by law. But there are other ways. Having the fanciest buildings around or the most high tec computer lab is not a necessity. Art is. I'm not saying that nice buildings and computer labs should be cut out. Not at all! But I firmly believe that there is a balance. Cut out a little here and a little there, and make room for what is vital.
Art and music both have been proven to stretch the brain in ways nothing else can. It is incredible what such simple things can do, and the future would be so much brighter if this was incorporated in schools as much as it needs to be. The world would be a more beautiful place filled with more beautiful people. Art can change lives. Art can change the world. If only there was art left. But it's draining, and so will be the downfall of humans.
Maybe you think I'm crazy. Maybe I am crazy. But I know what I'm talking about. Art is a must, and can't live without. Art is one of the last things tying us to true beauty in a artificial world. It is dying. Don't let it die. Keep it and spread it and let it shine on. Let the light of imagination and boundaryless creativity blossom without limits. Art is infinity. Art is power. Art is spirit in it's purest form. Shine on.

The author's comments:
I love art. Art means everything to me and I feel like it's being ripped away from the world. This is a piece for all of you who believe that art is necessary for the world to continue thriving.

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