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May 25, 2011
By walkingXonXclouds SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
walkingXonXclouds SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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Suicide is a very tricky subject to talk about. It doesn’t matter who actually kills themselves, someone else almost always feels to blame. No one understands why that person could actually do it, and they never will know the truth, even if they leave a note, because, truthfully, the only person who knows why, is the person who acted.

The following week, everyone’s in tears, drawing hearts, butterflies, etc on their hands in remembrance. Poems are written, Facebook statuses are updated, and people tell others how much they actually care about them. Suicide is a difficult thing to overcome, even if you weren’t close with the actual person.

A girl in my class killed herself over the weekend. We’re two weeks away from summer. She always had a smile on her face and she always would make everyone she talked to laugh. She was so caring and loving, but she didn’t feel that she was loved in return. I don’t know why she did it, but she killed herself.

Returning from her visitation was horrible. I was friends with her, sure, she was my classmate and I had classes with her. I sat next to her. But, I can’t imagine the pain that her closer friends and family are going through. Pictures were up everywhere and in every one of them; she had her smile on her face. She was my age. I’ve never seen someone my age in a casket and I hope to never have to see it again.

Death is hard enough to overcome, but the thought of suicide, of actually being the one that took your own life, I can’t imagine the pain you must be going through. So, please, if you do feel like you’re not loved, look around and realize how many people actually care. She didn’t take the time to open her eyes and see how much she actually impacted people’s lives, but I don’t want anyone else to make that mistake.

So, before you actually begin thinking about taking your life, I think you should open your eyes and realize that there will always be someone who cares about you. Don’t end your life. Live life to the fullest and make mistakes, everyone does. Life shouldn’t be cut short, so, don’t cut yours short.

The author's comments:
Watching a family have to deal through suicide is so difficult. She was my friend, but I met her mother for the first time at her funeral. It was clear that she was in shock. No mother or father should have to bury their child. It's not natural. It's not right. Putting them through that is so horrible and I just wish that she knew how much she was actually loved.

I don't normally cry in public. It's just something that I've never been able to do, but seeing her body made me cry the most I've cried in a while. She was my friend.

The worst part, was that in my religion class, we had to make a spiritual autobiography to show how much we've grown through the years and she was very thoughtful with all of her entries. It was on display at her funeral. It wasn't finished.

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Mr.Response said...
on Jan. 25 2012 at 4:02 pm
I really feel bad, and I'm not trying to pity you. It just pains me to read that someone so nice and caring would kill themselves. i agree with the author.

on Aug. 9 2011 at 7:40 pm
secrets_of_silence GOLD, Gisborne, Other
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i'm sorry you had to go through that. may god be with you