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We, the Youth

August 10, 2008
By Jackie Katz PLATINUM, New York, New York
Jackie Katz PLATINUM, New York, New York
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Over the course of the election, it has been apparent that an overwhelming majority of the youthful population have come out and showed their support for candidate Senator Barack Obama. With the United State’s relatively recent fall from glory, it seems in particular that the youngest voting generation is most enthused about how to change the country’s downfall.

Current President George W. Bush has dug the country into a seemingly endless pit of demise, a combination of the war in Iraq, which has proved to have done nothing, yet soldiers still die every day there, and the under-stimulated economy, infamously including sky-high oil prices. The government has shown no signs of support for opting other forms of accelerating vehicles, and pushes the untrue fact that ‘global warming is a myth.’ The government also is fighting to take away Roe V. Wade, and force women to have their unwanted babies instead of giving them the choice for abortion, and has not allowed gay marriage to be legal. Well, this whirlwind of wrong political choices is forcing America’s youth to speak up, loud and clear for the one candidate who plans to change all that and more.

Senator Obama stands for more than cleaning up the country’s state of…well, essential disaster. He stands for giving the country back their status of being the world superpower, the world’s hero, and place where foreigners dream of living.

The author's comments:
My article is based on my own strong political beliefs. I am a supporter of the Democratic Party, and my article shows how the Democrats can change the country.

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HH222 said...
on Aug. 16 2008 at 5:03 pm
So true! Nice way of putting it.