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November 12, 2015
By EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
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Social Media has done a lot of good things for our society, but with all positives there are negatives. In this case there are more negatives.  When it comes to social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat there are chance for people to make fake accounts and fake emails so they can't be tracked. Also another site is the ultimate time waster, Youtube.

 Instagram is very popular, it was made so people could post images of themselves and objects. my mother always said Instagram is Twitter for people who can’t read. This site is like an open door for people to see more about you. Even on private they can see you're bio. So don't put anything in your bio that you wouldn’t tell a stranger.

There are many stories of people hacking an account and posting on it. This has happened to me. About a year ago on my first Instagram someone not only hacked me but also took a picture of me. It was just a regular selfie. They used this picture on a dating website. In the description it said I was Bisexual. The username made for it was one that seemed too ironic for it to be a stranger to have done it. 

Another story is one of a personal friend. She had been using Instagram like any other typical teenager. She was getting comments on all of her pictures to go kill herself. She looked at my friends list and noticed the page was one of my friends. So she never told me of it. How can someone say something like this and live with themselves. She didn’t do anything wrong, but it doesn't matter it could have happened to anyone. So because of Social Media like Instagram Has lead to cyberbullying and many suicides.

Everyone i know has a love for Youtube. A very addicting site full of videos people make. The most  famous is Pewdiepie. He although just a Commentator gets a lot of hateful comments. He has made a few videos called Mean Comments, and Reading hateful comments. Pewdiepie being the happy sarcastic man he is he turns the comments around and laughs at them. If you don't like it why do you watch it? Also i believe they should stick the old rule of if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Well in this case it's commenting.

In these comments There are a ton of put downs. Let's use Jacksepticeye as an example. If someone comments “Why do you talk so much, You're so annoying” Although it's a put down for Jacksepticeye Other people who are fans of him reply even more negatively than the original comment. This is basicly a hateful circle. Once one is out there many others follow. Sometime comments get so bad people shut their comments off, For example Pewdiepie did it when his comments were overflowing with bad comments. So remember it's more than just a comment.

Be careful what you post or comment on social media. It can lead to more than you expected it to. Or it can be twisted into a way that may be rude to someone else. There is good in social media, but also be aware of the bad.

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Tis is an essay written about Social media and how it has changed people also how it has a negative affect on others.

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