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By Anonymous

      A World Trade Center memorial does not need to be erected at this point. Worthier causes that will actually help people need support, including the Katrina Fund and countless other charities. September 11, 2001 was a tragic day but a memorial aids no living person’s basic needs. Many citizens of Louisiana remain homeless due to the hurricanes (despite FEMA’s promises of provisions, shelter, et cetera). Research that could cure diseases receives little funding yet the Memorial Fund has had only minor problems raising more than $130 million from 26,000 private donors. A sum like this could be used to support the homeless and impoverished of America.

One day, a full-fledged memorial to those who died at the World Trade Center will be appropriate, but only when our current problems have been resolved and a surplus of resources exists. If notable donors keep focusing their efforts on a memorial, countless civilians in appalling conditions will continue to suffer. The Memorial Fund’s considerable goal totals $1 billion. This amount could significantly help the living victims of disasters and tragedies across the United States. Backing the memorial is using an object to heal loss. Already, an everlasting flame has been lit at Ground Zero and the saying “It’s the thought that counts” applies well in this situation.

Reports by survivors of September 11 claim that many heroes died saving the lives of others that day. Surely such selfless people would care more about those who survived than a structure in their name. This memorial is supposed to be in remembrance of these people, “remember” being the key word. Helping the living trounces the materialistic need for immediate visitor centers to tell tales of heroic deeds. In the information age, an online museum with information, added by witnesses, volunteers, and families should be sufficient as a memorial for the time being.

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