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Media Cuts Weak Hearts

May 13, 2009
By iKissMyPen SILVER, Portsmouth, Virginia
iKissMyPen SILVER, Portsmouth, Virginia
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The media is a knife in the back of young girls like myself. Telling us we need to be 110, over 5’3, have d cups and wear as little clothes as possible. That’s so not me and I actually pray it will never be. I always believed that every woman is beautiful period because of the fact that their a woman. You don’t have to look like Pam Anderson or Beyonce to get noticed or to get a boyfriend. I love my huge thighs, thick waste and chubby fingers. Don’t allow television to mentally beat you any longer. If you waste your life worrying about how you look and what others think of you than how can you live? This is your life! You only got this one time. We as the nations youth already have enough problems with school, the social scene, puberty, work, relationships and our personal battles with peer pressure being a real punch-in-the-gut. I honestly don’t care what anyone has to say about me anymore! Compliments are always nice and I’m thankful but at the end of the day it’s always about what YOU thought. So you thought and felt your were very pretty yesterday than that means you were! It’s your mind and you shouldn’t let anyone else in it because that your own little escape. Embrace the power you have…the power to love yourself no matter what because if your unconditional for yourself who else will be?

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