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News Media impacts

May 12, 2021
By Mobin_salimi_1384 SILVER, Bandar Abbas, Other
Mobin_salimi_1384 SILVER, Bandar Abbas, Other
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     News media impressed teenager's lives in
some ways. Now, to be responsible citizens,
teenagers need reliable and good quality
information, but news media is sometimes used
in negative ways during elections and at other
times. For example, fake news might influence
teenagers to believe false information about a
politician, public figure or celebrity. Second,
news media can influence the decisions that
teenagers make about their health and lifestyle.
For instance, news can make bad things look
healthy and good and make good things look
unhealthy and bad. However, good quality news
and stories in television and websites can help
teenagers explore aspects of identity like
relationship, gender, or ethics. All in all, it can
have both positive and negative effects on
teenager's lives, and often these effects are
dependent on how the news and media are
being used and consumed.

The author's comments:

We are under news media hands; positively and negatively. You ask how? You'll get a piece of your answer by reading my article!

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