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Combat Doctor

August 8, 2010
By Babygirl809 SILVER, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Babygirl809 SILVER, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
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I was on something that I don't do often when I came across a article on the combat who refused to be deployed. At first I was thinking okay so maybe he has family issues or something along those lines. As I read I discovered it wasn't anything like that. He was refusing to go because President Obama hadn't proven that he was born in the U.S. As a army brat I find this whole situation difficult to belief. There are soldiers dying to protect this country and you won't go help them because of a rumor going around. Maybe this rumor is true but so what. The facts remain the same: Obama is already president, the people chose him, there is no concrete evidence against him and people are dying... people that he could be helping. The court martial actually granted the doctors request to not be deployed and to see Obama's birth records. HELLO!!!!!! We are at war. If I could help I would be there in a second. I wonder how this doctor can live with the fact that he could be helping all those people dying but isn't. Many he wouldn't have been to safe many people's live but at less one person would be alive if he were deployed right now. That blood is now on him.

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