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Obama: The Red Flag

March 4, 2012
By Sunshine15 PLATINUM, Modi&#39in, Other
Sunshine15 PLATINUM, Modi&#39in, Other
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Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, nothing else ever has. ~Margaret Mead

We should have seen the red flags pop up long before Obama. Unless we act, and we must act quickly, America will crash and burn. This isn’t only bad for America, this is a tragedy for the entire world. The first time in the history of mankind where a moral, democratic country is the superpower of the world and what have we done? We’ve handed the power over to China.

The United States of America needs a wake-up call and frankly, I’m sick of politicians standing there telling the country “pick us, we’ll magically make all your problems go away” and swaying their opinions to match public opinion. There are a few politicians in the history of the world who have actually cared enough to change their countries for the better.
The problems didn’t begin with Obama, but Obama has shown us exactly how bad we’ve gotten. We elected a president that has socialist views (his healthcare program will back me up on that), that has cut back on helping our soldiers and veterans (he’s only cut back on the defense budget), and that has quite literally turned America into a laughingstock all over the Middle East. But I don’t blame Obama for any of this. Yes, he could have been smarter and helped the young, Iranian revolutionists when they attempted to overthrow their government, foreseeing that this may stop the Iranian nuclear plan. Yes, he could have cut back on government spending on imported goods instead of defense. And yes, he could have made more of an effort in actually doing the things he says he’s going to do instead of just saying it.

Obama is a representative of ALL OF US. You can’t blame the man who you elected into office! So, fellow Americans, let’s say it like it is: We need to step up our game. We need to stop being worried about make-up and parties and computer games and start being worried about our futures. We need to have fun, but at the same time realize the incredible responsibility we’ve been given and we need to turn America into the great country it once was! We have it in us to be the leaders of the world, but we’ve gotten lost and we’ve let ourselves believe that other people can solve our problems for us.

Obama is a red flag. Realize what has happened to our country, we’ve fallen and in our desperation we’ve elected someone like Obama. We, and only we, can change that.

The author's comments:
After I saw "the Iron Lady" I realized that there are actually politicans who want to change the world for the better. Why don't we try to find one of those for America?

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