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December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

First it was my friends and me walking down Overland Road when my friend, Darius, went behind a building and we found computers, monitors, fax machines and floppy disks. So we took the floppy disks and threw them at cars. We were basically trying to through them in back of trucks. And then my friend threw a computer right in the middle of the street! Cars just kept driving around the computer except for this one car that blasted right into the computer. After he did that we just ran as fast as we could.
We were walking down Hervey when and when I looked back and I saw a female officer in a police car. When I saw her, she saw me. Everyone knew we’re in big trouble and no dare to run except for one guy. The police woman made us sit us on the ground and took us one by one and asked us what happened. When she started to question me I got nervous it felt like my world was spinning the thought of going to jail for a hundred eighty days and maybe more.
“What happened?” she asked.
“We found the stuff in a dumpster and started throughing them,” I said.
“Who threw the computer?”
I hesitated. “Ali did.”
We decided to tell the truth other than lying and going to jail for the night. Since we couldn’t all fit in her car she made us walk to the place where the computer exploded and made us clean it up. Finally when all the trash was picked she let us go.
Then I saw my mom and boy was she mad.
But thankfully she only grounded me for a week.
“What were you doing?” she asked.
“We were just walking, and then Abdul found the computer and disks so we threw them,” I said.
“Since you get in that much. You’re grounded for a week. I’m going to need your phone.”
“Ok,” I mumbled as I gave her the phone.
This event has changed my life. Before this I thought that I was invincible and that I couldn’t get caught, but now I know that I am not invincible.

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