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Usher Limited Edition Fragrances

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

This Usher fragrance advertisement shows Usher himself, confidently and seductively wrapping his arms around a women’s legs. She is lying down in a dark room and Usher is well dressed in a suit, with a ring on his right hand. This suggests by wearing the fragrances you will have control, good looks, and premarital sex. The ad was found in the seductive pages of Cosmopolitan; however, it is unclear who created the ad. This magazine and ad are designed to lure in men and women from teens to late forties.

This advertisement presents a life of glamour. By wearing the fragrance you will attract money, the opposite sex, and possibly fame. The ad uses beautiful people, sex, and wealth to sell their product. Coincidentally, the 3 most common things valued in society: Beauty, sex, and money.
The story that is not communicated is how much the fragrance costs or what it smells like. The ad doesn’t say how much Usher is profiting when he is already a successful, rich music artist. Unfortunately, there are no healthy messages expressed in this ad. The idea that you can obtain beauty, sexiness, wealth, and control from a fragrance is created for one purpose. To sell their product.

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