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Honda. Bad Ad. Bad Products

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Honda created this ad in an effort to sell their newest line of four-wheelers. The main goal is to convince hunters that Honda’s new electric power steering is a necessity. Hunters are being targeted, mostly because it was found in Field and Stream, and also because it portrays a hunter that shot a twelve point buck. Specifically, younger hunters between the ages of twenty to forty years old are targeted. Honda wants them to think that a new ATV will bring them their desired success. Usually older hunters are not susceptible to this kind of ad, and young people are the ones who would have the money or the desire to buy such an expensive product. Younger people are more likely to take out loans to buy toys, as older people have already made the mistake of buying something they can’t pay for.

This ad literally shows a hunter holding the power steering system for a Honda four wheeler like a gun with a quote saying, “I brought down a twelve point buck with it.” His stance is strong and confident like he has no worries. But that is not what Honda is trying to say. They are sending subliminal messages that having a four wheeler with power steering is as important as having a good gun. If you have a Honda ATV you will shoot a big deer. Honda means success. Driving a four wheeler will not make you shoot deer. Scouting, knowledge, and time in the field are more important than an ATV.

The hunting lifestyle is glamorized. They make the man look tough, rough, and ready. The ad tries to make a tough hunter into the face of a real man.

Getting outdoors is good, but thinking you need expensive toys is bad. It doesn’t show the high cost of maintenance or what happens if the power steering breaks. It can’t attract or create deer. It is a good ad from Honda’s point of view. It will grab the attention of readers and persuade some to buy the product. But for new hunters who see the ad, it sends the wrong message. Having more stuff and gear will not make them a better hunter. Knowledge and skill will.

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