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bad ad

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

50% Man, 50% Horse, 100% Clean

This Old Spice Red Zone ad introduces their new product “Double Impact.” It cleanses and moisturizes your body. They are looking to sell the product to men between ages 18-30. The man in the ad is a healthy, strong man that looks about 24-years-old and single. The ad says, “IT’S TWO THINGS.” They mean it cleans and moisturizes your body.
The ad tries to tell you their product washes and moisturizes, but this ad wants you to think if you use their product, you will turn into a horse. Not only will this make you an exceptionally good runner, but you will also have four legs.
The lifestyle shown in this ad looks to be for the middle class people with a modern day house style. But the bathroom also looks very clean and taken care of, which people like to see.
The value coming from this ad looks like it says “this will make you strong like a horse soft and silky and keep your body moisturized.”
The ad uses a horse to persuade middle age men because horses are strong, fit, and have smooth skin. However, this is unhealthy, because the man in the ad may have two hearts, two stomachs, and because it’s false. But he may be healthy too because he looks fit and strong.
Overall, this ad is hiding the part where you turn into a horse. It does not state you will become half-man half-horse. It just says that the body wash does two things. Honestly though, who knows what it really does.

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on Dec. 29 2012 at 2:57 am
What are you trying to say, I know like almost all ads are keeping something secret about the product but what your trying to say is confusing. You should organize your thoughts better.