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Our Country is Messed Up (This Is Not FAKE News)

December 2, 2017
By 22rbhattacharyya GOLD, State College, Pennsylvania
22rbhattacharyya GOLD, State College, Pennsylvania
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Our country is messed up and it has been that way since a long time.

When did the public realize this? Maybe from the Hoovervilles in the Great Depression but probably from Watergate scandal.

The worst thing is that it is messed up in both sides of the aisle. Liberals and conservatives both know their and the other side is full of corruption. Along with that professional football players are being paid more that our armed forces members while they make sacrifices everyday. Even worse than that is when they decide to kneel and disrespect our flag. And who knew that you could be deported five times, murder a lady and get away with it?

On the other side a president is acting like a fifth grade bully while his cronies can’t get anything done to keep their behinds in their office.

Why did it become like this? Ever since we started voting for idiots who don’t care about the people and only worry about their jobs our country has fell back.

Now try this… call your local representative and see how long it takes for him to call or email you back. Now try this with your state Senator. Isn’t it sad when you don’t get a response (not even an automated email) after a month of waiting.

So why don’t you elect new government officials that actually listen to the needs of ALL people.
Ahh.... the problem of democracy… can you get everyone in your county to vote? No.
But if it is so hopeless than what are we supposed to do?

Become politically active and learn about our country and its rich history. Don’t vote for far left socialists who promise free healthcare and triple our debt. Don’t vote for alt right fascists who want to build walls and triple our debt.

This will just cause conflict in our government. Vote for a good bipartisan leader who listens to all people and gets work done. Everybody has different stances on different issues but that doesn’t mean we can’t cooperate and get work done.

That’s how we should start to get our country out of a crater we’ve already dug very deep.

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