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Are We the Dumbest Generation or Do We Hide the Truth?

March 27, 2009
By Babygirl09 BRONZE, Milltown, Montana
Babygirl09 BRONZE, Milltown, Montana
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Are we really the dumbest generation or do we just hide what we really know from our friends just to fit in? people say that we only read the books that other kids are reading to fit in, but has anyone looked deeper into that thought and realized that once we go home we may pick up a different book and read it or pick up our favorite book and re-read that? Has anyone sat down with a student longer that a minute to really get to know the kid and really get to know what type of books they really love to read or what they really do on their spare time?
Do the adults just look at the “cool” kids and say, ‘oh they don’t care about their grades they just care about video games and myspace’ and not recognize the other students actually do try their hardest, and do their best that they can do? do these so called adults that are from the past when all you did was read look at the world today and realize that maybe their students are having a bad life at home or having troubles with certain subjects or topics in class/school? Do they sit down with us and talk to us like we are human beings to and see if we need help or if something is going on at home that they need to talk about? NO they don’t. When I see a student down and really sad, I don’t see an adult around anywhere, not until the student is crying or comes up to the teacher and says I need to talk.
Yes myspace and youtube is a big thing, but who is really on it 24/7/365? Unless they keep themselves signed in because no one else is ever on that computer or website, but seriously who do you know that is on myspace or youtube all day and all night long? I don’t know many people around here that aren’t on it just long enough to check their emails and back off.
Video games are a big part of this world too, but the Wii gets kids up and active and off their butt because you can’t sit and play it like you can with Xbox, xbox360, ps2 and all those other game connection things.
Yes Harry Potter series sold a lot, and to be exact the sale of book copies sold is 487 million for all seven books. Which means a lot of people own the books but really was this survey taken all around the world or just in one state? Because I’m sure that if they asked everyone in the world that the answers wouldn’t be the same anymore. In my opinion I would rather read other books that interests me, I own the Harry Potter books but I have not read them yet, I have read a lot of other books that interest me, and most of my friends have read the series and yes they say “oh my gosh your joking, you haven’t read them yet” and I answer truthfully and one day I will read them but right now I’m not interested in reading them.

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Babygirl09 said...
on Oct. 4 2009 at 11:01 pm
do you kno where i could get the book from? im really into books like that. it is such a hard society to live in with us teens being put into a box and even some of my family still thinks we arent that smart and should be taught the way they were taught in school. which is rediculous. The Generations change every new generation will be taught and raised differently. the world changes everyday.

Thank you for the comment.

if u want to we can keep talking. just let me kno and ill give u my email address!

IndigoInk GOLD said...
on Sep. 5 2009 at 7:14 pm
IndigoInk GOLD, Pendleton, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.
~Angela Monet~

It's so true!! Teens are shoved into a box, we're endlessly oppressed by low expectations. Check out the book: Do Hard Things, Alex and Brett Harris (don't let the title turn you off, it totally addresses this. It's written by two teens.)