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Guantanamo Forsaken

March 30, 2009
By Bryce Dudzinski SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
Bryce Dudzinski SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
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Violence is the crooked incentive for Middle-Eastern terrorists to present hostile aggression towards the innocent cries of innocent people. Violence is the reason that motivates corrupt criminals’ minds to assail the compassionate hearts of caring people. However, violence is its own cure. To rid the world of violence’s perilous attacks, violence must first be fought. Just like the traditional proverb, “Fight fire with fire”, America needs to fight violence with violence. The one legal opportunity the United States has to fight back or even prevent violent behavior would be in Guantanamo Bay. The plan for the permanent closure of Guantanamo Bay should definitely be reconsidered and not followed through. Determining the new location for detainees would be too strenuous that the complete transformation would be irrationally extensive. In addition, if the government was to release a portion of the detainee population back to their home country, they would most likely face an unfriendly welcome. Furthermore, the entire process of trialing Guantanamo prisoners would take too long. Guantanamo Bay is the single piece of America that has immensely impacted the safety of our country’s entirety.

The new location for detainees is already undecided and completely unclear. Though Barack Obama has strikingly signed a document stating his goal to close Guantanamo Bay within the year, he and his advisors still have no clue where to place the prisoners. There are a few options so far; one option is that the United States set up prisons in America for the detainees. Obama has discussed some possible locations for repositioning the prisoners and two of those choices were in Colorado or Oklahoma. The new president of the United States is supposed to care for America and is now thinking about placing the very people that plotted 9/11 back inside the U.S! President Obama is assisting the Al-Qaeda terrorists in their plan to kill us! In addition, another idea was to give the prisoners back to their home country. However, most countries are sensible and don’t want the world’s worst criminals walking their streets. Therefore, the option for foreign aid is completely disregarded. Furthermore, in 2001, twenty men were scheduled for release but still remained inside the prison because America could not find an appropriate home. This proves the difficulty that will take place in a rearrangement of the prisoners. Moreover, there is also the decision of what level of security each prisoner should be held at. For example, there is the decision, still undecided, whether to imprison deputies in higher-risk detention centers or low-risk. Additionally, even with some criminals scheduled to resort back to their home countries, there are still many difficulties with their acceptance.

With some detainees returning to their home country, life is still no picnic. Many criminals that return back to their home country are either tortured or persecuted because that country wouldn’t allow that criminal to run loose again in their land. Only one country has previously accepted prisoners and that was the Balkan nation of Albania. John B. Bellinger, the legal advisor to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, says that, “In general most countries simply do not want to help. Countries believe this is not their problem. They think they didn’t contribute to Guantanamo, and therefore they don’t have to be part of the solution.” If America plans on closing Guantanamo, that decision should be made internationally because it should be a group effort, or else nothing could be accomplished. In addition, many prisoners have been begging for a renewal in their prison term because they wouldn’t dare face their home country. 17 Chinese Muslim prisoners were allowed to go back to China but declined because their fear against the Chinese government. Furthermore, a copious amount of prisoners have petitioned in U.S. courts to stay in Guantanamo prisons for the fear their homeland with kill them. However, the entire process for trial would take immensely long and would, without a doubt, need Barack Obama’s one year plan extended.

For example, trialing all the Guantanamo prisoners would take too long. America’s government still doesn’t have a clue of what rights to grant the detainees. Bellinger, State Department’s legal advisor, said that “It often takes us months and months, or even years to negotiate the human rights assurances that we are comfortable with before we will transfer someone to another country.” In addition, the United States also doesn’t know the capital punishment entitled to each prisoner for their crimes (terrorist to federal offenders). Furthermore, which criminals should be trialed? Out of the 800 prisoners, America has made a list of 80 detainees to have a trial (5 of those are suspects for 9/11). The process to assure the release of Guantanamo prisoners would take unreasonably long.

Because there are no crystal clear ideas or set decisions of the repositioning of the Guantanamo prisoners, the plan for the permanent closure of Guantanamo Bay should be eradicated. The inconclusive establishment for the location of detainees, unallied assistance from foreign nations, and time-consuming process of trial all prove that Guantanamo should remain open and running. Keeping all the twisted, corrupt criminals of the world away from the opportunity to construct chaos would allow more successful progression for America and the world.

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