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April 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Many people say that the media has a huge influence on the public. Do you agree or disagree? Me, I agree and disagree. It depends on the person. Some music lyrics can be extremely vulgar, such as the one I am listing to as I write this. Certain movies and television shows depict things that are inappropriate. Some people do not realize the great influence the media has on people. I for one believe that just because the songs lyrics are inappropriate the song should still be listened to. I believe that people need to know right from wrong. As long as you know right from wrong, the lyrics in a song should make no difference. Should the people who write these lyrics be more careful with what they choose to write about? Of course they should. If a parent dose not instill the correct values in a child then they may have the right to change the station when this comes on, but in a situation where the child understands that it is just words, that theses things should not be taken literally, well then there is no problem in letting them listen to the radio station and music of their choice now is their?

The author's comments:
What made me think about this, was the fact that whenever I was in the car with my cousin and a song came on the radio with something she didn't like, she changed the station! Then i would get a whole speech on how the media influences people.

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on May. 3 2009 at 5:46 pm
I think media DOES influence society. If top models weren't wearing bikini's would we? No. We do what's cool. Period. Another thing: Just because you don't like what the media says or does doesn't mean you can just ignore it. Confront it! DO something about it! Don't JUST change the station: DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You don't like it: Change it.

The media is not our enemy. The media is us. WE need to decide what is important, what is shown, what is talked about. WE (as the media, as the people) need to change society.

I hope this made sense. My point is: Don't run. Charge.

on Apr. 29 2009 at 12:02 am
BellaLuna1 BRONZE, Ozone Park, New York
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i so agree! like my cuz will change the taition in MY ROOM because of the words! like like he beat gosh! and then i willl listen 2 m aipod loud, dnt it annoy u when ppl b like tun it down n u have 1 headphone in> my cuz rives me craz in the car ith the cristian station ugh!

Zack Knight said...
on Apr. 25 2009 at 7:48 pm
Zack Knight, Bellingham, Washington
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Why should people even care about lyrics in general? It's so sad to see that lyrics are gradually becoming more important rather then the music itself. I listen to a lot of "hardcore" music, but I don't listen to it for the words even though they relate to "negative images."

Another thing relating that parents do which is somewhat contradictory is they let the media raise their kids. Honestly, how many teenagers learned about sex from their parents or from TV shows/friends/music etc. Parents pick and choose what their children should learn from the media and more often then not the negative side seems to have more of an influence.

Just my two cents.......