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Color of My Skin

January 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Your palms are sweaty as you nervously shake the pencil in your hand and your mind is exploding with thoughts of anxiety. This is the average high school student breakdown before the SAT. What is so special about the SAT? Well all their lives, these students have been brainwashed that the SAT regulates what they will do with their lives and whether or not they will get into college. But what most of these students are oblivious of is that they are being deprived of their prospects of getting into college. How you may ask? Affirmative action is how. Affirmative action is a policy for colleges developed by the government used to undress the previous racism acquisition of the U.S. Colleges will give extra points to students that are of different minorities and female. This just proves that affirmative action is unjust because the point of getting into college was originally based on academic ability, not the color of your skin.

So what would happen to the world if college acceptance were only based on the color of your skin and the colleges wanted “diversity”? Well then no one who is white will get into college! College is for those who want to learn and have worked extremely hard in the past in hopes of a possibility of getting into college. Acceptance should be based on merits and not your race. “The fundamental unfairness and arbitrariness of preferences…has led supporters to shift rationales in recent years…”which is a sure sign of weaknesses in the affirmative action policy (David Sacks and Peter Thiel, 1) People are getting angered over the fact that these colleges accept students at random choice. So why on earth should these students study hard in school for college? Its not like grades can get them in college. They could be the worst student ever who just goes out and parties all the time and could not give a care about their grades and still get into college because they are black. So the less students care, the less they will study, and the less intelligent they will become. If we do not have an intelligent generation coming up, well where does that put our future? We might as well all become hobos and live on the streets because we didn’t care to learn in high school because you just have to be a different race than white or Asian to get into college.
Secondly, the affirmative action policy was originally passed to undress the previous acquisition of racism over the country. But instead it has promoted racism. “This…push for "diversity" also has led Stanford to create racially segregated dormitories, racially segregated freshman orientation programs, racially segregated graduation ceremonies and curricular requirements in race theory and gender studies…”and this is the government’s way of undressing racism (Sacks and Thiel, 1). What is it undressing? Nothing. Its just making racial issues worse. Segregation is now uprising again! What good has affirmative action done? Sure, some students that are from minorities and are poor have gotten into college. But what good does that do them? None because once they get into college they more than likely will not be able to afford it and will drop out. Then that leaves several students who studied hard and could afford college left out on the streets without a college degree to find a job.

Lastly, the government naturally assumes that if you are from a minority, you are poor and not intelligent and capable to get into college just based on your academic ability. In fact, one of the richest men in the world is Latino and would be considered from a “minority”. Would you want to give him extra points to get into college? Would you consider a network of $35 billon dollars poor? I think not. Just because someone has a different color skin does not mean they are dumb and poor. In fact my friend, Paige Hobbs, even says, “I’m black, and I’m against affirmative action. I find it very insulting to my race.” Exactly, the government is basically mocking its people. Now on some college campuses students naturally will assume that if you are from a different race, you only go into college by affirmative action, which is not true at all. The issue of racism will only get worse, unless affirmative action is taken out of place.

Though some may argue that affirmative action is necessary because in some areas the government will not support some cities’ schools. “Governor Thompson, however, tells the press that he will not pour money into East St. Louis to solve long term problems…” is an example of the government refuting help to some cities (Johnathan Kozol, 1). Also others might argue that a child’s education could be affected by bad family influence. Well first off, if the government is refusing to fund a city, one could transfer to a magnet school or save up enough money to move to a town were the education is better. Plus, not all cities are like East St. Louis and do not receive funding. Secondly, the child does not have to be influenced by their family nor give in to becoming like them. Children have a choice, they can choose to make good decisions and attempt to create a successful future or they may follow the crowd and not be successful. But nevertheless, affirmative action does not help these students because it does not provide any source of financial aid to the students; it just merely helps them get accepted into the college.

In conclusion, what is the purpose of affirmative action? What was really going through the politicians’ minds as the come up with this policy? Affirmative action is unjust because the point of getting into college is based on academic ability, not the color of your skin! It was established to undress racism; it promoted it.
It changed the factors that contribute to college acceptance; college acceptance should be based on what it originally was, academic ability. It discriminates the minorities as poor; not all minorities are poor. It all just comes the show that people should not judge each other by each other’s uncontrollable abilities such as gender and race, but rather judge on one another’s academic ability and character, because when it comes to an end we all look the same as old wrinkly bags that just mope around, and what is in the mind and heart. So what if that is the way you judge? Think about it from a someone else’s shoes. You are the one being discriminated and considered “poor” and “dumb” because of the color of your skin. So, one day I hope that colleges will go back to acceptance based on academic ability, and not the color of my skin.

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