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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

March 22, 2017
By AvaH121801 SILVER, Willard, Ohio
AvaH121801 SILVER, Willard, Ohio
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Should marijuana really be legalized? People think it’s bad, but is it really all that bad? Scientists have produced a lot of cannabinoids, (related to THC the mind altering ingredient of marijuana) some of them can be extremely powerful and have or can lead to serious health problems when it’s abused. Therefore, I think marijuana shouldn’t be legalized because of all the problems it causes people like making their heart rate increase and making their movements slower and less coordinated.

Too many people abuse marijuana causing them and other people problems. People go to parties and decide to get high on marijuana, well when it’s time to go home what happens? When you're stoned driving a car can be extremely dangerous since again your movements start to slow and you're less coordinated and may leave you sleepy. So let's say you are driving and a car is coming past you well since you are high and less coordinated, what might happen? Well, since you can start to feel sleepy when you are high you may not pay attention and get into an accident causing someone else damage because of you. If you get stoned before work at a factory imagine trying to work with the machines being sleepy and slow, you could really hurt yourself.

Marijuana can cause many problems health problems for your body and make school more difficult. Marijuana contains many different dangerous chemicals as does tobacco. Scientists have determined that smoking marijuana most like;y can cause precancerous cellular changes in the lungs. The tars that are in marijuana have been proved to produce tumors. Do you really want tumors in your body? Some drug dealers mix marijuana with other dangerous things making even more deadly to consume that you don’t know about and that has a great possibility of killing you. You really can’t know for sure what’s in marijuana sold on the streets, since you know it is produced illegally. Marijuana interferes with your ability to learn and retain information in school and can make you less likely to graduate high school.

Even though I think marijuana shouldn’t be legalized, there is another side to this argument. People think marijuana should be legalized because it is said to help treat many illnesses and symptoms. The THC in marijuana increases appetite and reduces nausea. However, if you are trying to treat something with marijuana like cancer the tar in this drug is said to create tumors, so you might end up making things worse then better.
Therefore, I think marijuana shouldn’t be legalized because of the many risks and health problems that it causes for people. I mean I prefer not to have health problems and risks that could possibly kill me.

The author's comments:

This is my opinion on the drug that I wrote in 8th grade. I believe in this strongly, but remember it is just one opinion.

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