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Kokichi Oma

September 20, 2018
By quietquiller BRONZE, Auburn, New York
quietquiller BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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The Danganronpa series, which is a series of visual novels where you observe the story through the eyes of a specific protagonist while they are trapped in a killing game, is known for having a diverse cast in each of its installments. Out of all sixteen completely unique students partaking in each of these killing games, some happen to stick out far more than others. In the third installment of the series, Danganronpa V3, Kokichi Oma is by far the most special character since he was extremely intelligent, a liar, but most importantly he was truly a hero that had good intentions. Without Kokichi, the story would have been drastically different.

While most people believe that Kokichi Oma was just a character thrown into the story to cause trouble and confuse the audience with nonsense, they would be completely wrong. What most people don’t ever realize is that Kokichi was a lot smarter than the short, pale boy looked to be. His childish appearance due to his small face and large, purple eyes and his silly speech patterns, such as throwing in “omigosh” or an elongated “totally” into his sentences, were all an act to lower the defense of all the other students taking part in the game. Whether it was to keep them from getting upset at him or to make them have more trust in him, his deceiving act definitely did work for the first chapter or two before everyone began to see past it.

Kokichi is best known for his lying skills. Almost every word that comes from his mouth seems to be lies, but they aren’t necessarily bad all of the time. While he certainly enjoys lying to the other students to throw them off, sometimes he uses his lying skills to progress them along with what they’re doing and to help them come to conclusions that he came to far before they ever would have. Another reason that he lies is to try to hide his true emotions, which he feels would just get in the way for him. However, there are times where even he lets out his true and honest emotions. The poor boy, though he doesn’t like to talk much about his past, obviously has gone through many terrible things. He hides behind a mask of lies and speaks in riddles to hide his true self, but it’s quite apparent that his poor innocent eyes and his over exaggerated facial expressions hide painful secrets and memories.

Another of the many things that most don’t understand about Kokichi is that he truly had good intentions. Though he was a liar, he’d try to help steer the other students on the right path to make sure that they succeeded with all of their goals. In his final moments before sadly meeting his end, he revealed that he truly was just a scared kid who wanted to help everyone. When his mask finally came off, the deceitful boy that everyone knew ceased to exist. He revealed that although he said that he was having fun in the killing game and that he never wanted it to end, that he was lying and that his only goal was to end the killing game in any way that he could.

For a character to cause so much trouble while still having such pure intentions of saving all of the judgemental students that refused to look past his rocky surface and chose to label him as a villain, Kokichi is truly a special character. Even just by glancing at him and observing his looks, there’s absolutely no way that a small boy with very dark purple hair and almost creepy grape colored eyes that wears solid white clothing, adorned with a giant black and white checkered scarf wouldn’t be interesting.

The author's comments:

I am a huge fan of the Danganronpa series, and recently Kokichi has become one of my favorite characters. It really bothers me when people don't exactly seem to understand or care for him though, since he's truly an outstanding and unique character that was extremely important to the story of Danganronpa V3. Even though this is short, I hope that it will help any fans of V3 understand him more or at least appreciate him as a character. 

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