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Why Video Games Are Addicting

October 30, 2018
By Anonymous

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According to the article”2018 parents guide for Video game addiction”, video games in fact have lead to people usually teenager to depression anxiety and suicide (Forever Recovery) Many adults and teens play video games to relax and get away from the society, but on the other hand video games are addicting because of level systems and online currency. Video games can be very addicting because of online currency and because it's allows kids to be whoever they would like to be.

One reason video games are addicting to certain people because they allow people to feel powerful, wealthy etc because of online currency. People are able to buy online currency by paying a small amount of real money and getting a lot of currency.  Online currency is money in the game, and just like in real life, once they get a little, they abuse it and want more to feel even more wealthy. This causes them to play the game even more and become addicted. They are able to buy anything they want to make them better at the game. They can upgrade their characters causing them to be more powerful in the game.  New upgrades come out and constantly want to buy them which causes them to become addicted.

Another reason video game are addicting is because they usually target the kids that dont have alot of friends and have bad communication skills. Video games give kids opportunity to be whoever they want to be and talk to whoever they want to talk to. This cause the kids to make friends online and want to play with them every day. This makes video games more addicting because it allows people to make friends and constantly play with them there able to play together and complete levels easier. Also, you are able to communicate all over the world. Some people will say video games are not addicting because its just all in your head; however, according to a article made by Romeo Vitelli “ in 2009, an ohio court sentenced 17 year- old Daniel Petric to 23 years in prison for the fatal shooting of his mother. Petric had shot both of his parents because they had took his halo 3 away from him.” This means people can get addicted and carried away.

Video games are addictive because they have level system and have online currency video games can be a problem to people with weak minds. If teenager arent getting addicted to video games then they will be more active and more social and grow up to be responsible adults. Wouldn't it be better if teens were not addicted to video games?  They already have enough to worry about.




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