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"Why would I lead a military coup against my man, Frankie D?"

January 19, 2011
By mrose13 PLATINUM, Petoskey, Michigan
mrose13 PLATINUM, Petoskey, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Be yourself, unless you suck" -Joss Whedon

This won't make sense at first, but bare with me.

"So Hank, in today's video I thought I'd answer some of Google's auto-correct common questions, beginning with, 'Is B?'

"Okay let's start from the bottom. Is bearshare safe? No, but neither are ice-pick lobotomies which we don't use anymore either. Is Bob Harper gay? By the way, Bob Harper is a guy on the Biggest Loser. Let me answer your question with a question, Google. If we spent as much time thinking about Quantum Physics as we do thinking about whether celebrities are gay, do you think we'd have a unified theory yet? I do!"

If you were completely bamboozled by that quote you are too cool and not awesome enough. Are you still confused? I hope you aren't, but it is probable you are.

See, cool is associated with the non-nerdy but awesome is a term that can be used in every social status.

Dang, your eyes are still clouded with the terrible 'unknowing'. Let's see if that atrocity can't be rectified.

If you own a device that uses the Internet, you most likely know what Youtube is. I myself have spent lots of time trolling the videos, curser idly brushing along the photos associated with them. One of the best youtubers by far is the vlogbrothers.

Back in 2007, Hank and John Green began making videos. Sometime between now and then, a community sprang up around the brother's channel. They are called the Nerd Fighters.

Do not kid yourself, Nerd Fighters don't actually fight nerds. They are very pro-nerd. What they do battle is World Suck. World Suck is exactly what it sounds like.

As you may have guessed from the mention of Quantum Physics in the quote from one of their webcasts at the beginning, the vlogbrothers are interesting. Often, you will come across very enticing concepts that are fairly unique to their videos.

Yet, the vlogbrothers do not lack that key, youtube trait known as 'hilarity'. Yes, despite the depth of a fair few their videos, they are really funny. I laugh all the time, whether it's Hank going on about the proper way to Head Desk or John speaking for Willy (his adorable dog who has made several appearances).

The vlogbrother's videos are funny, brain stimulating and bringing a new form of vigilante justice to the world. Clearly, they are the Ultimate Entertainment Package.

The author's comments:
This review is most likely the first of it's kind, should be regarded as rare and thus not shot at. Yes, the white flower in the photo I chose has significance. DFTBA (look it up).

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